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Latest reviews of reFX products

Reviewed By Cvader42
December 6th, 2022

I have been Downloading this plugin aLLLL day and I have no idea why???? Its up to over 60GB Downloaded and i have spooky fast internet it shoudl of been done hours ago...i dont understand why the heck its so damn big for .....

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Reviewed By Boy Wonder
December 5th, 2022

I'm not familiar with the first Vanguard, so I can't compare them. Taken for what it is, Vanguard 2 is a powerful softsynth with a plethora of filters and interesting sounds. Its gray-on-gray lettering makes reading the controls difficult, though. Also, the lack of a mod matrix limits which controls can be modulated as only a few controls are hard-wired to the envelopes and LFO's. Maybe I shouldn't compare it to Thorn, Diversion, Serum, etc and just accept its limitations as they are. Makes it a hard sell, though.

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Reviewed By markryder
November 25th, 2022

DONT BUY it as it super over priced old and outdated sampler all sounds come from other real virtual synths that are much cheeper and better to buy.

They take your money and give the worst dismissive support thanks to Alan in support who has a god complex.

You can never sell or transfer the licence and if you try they will deactivate your purchases making any investment in them dead having paid them your money and use of the product is gone and you are left helpless to ever use what you bought from them.

I have a long history in supporting developers but this people stop my money and renamed on their side of purchase.

The irony is I never actually used it on any of my music. You don't need it there is so much better out there now days.
They just repackaged the old GUI to reap more money from you to buy samples taken from other synths
I don't even advise running the crack but the way I have been treated by the after purchasing and feeling that they have stolen my money I know I have to warn others to Avoid giving them yours REFX lie about what they sell and wont reply to your requests to deliver on promises made during purchasing.

AVOID REFX you will be disappointed and fleeced.

Trust me don't invest in them you'll get burnt and my history in dance music should be enough for you to know my advice is sound. spend your money with a real developer that will help in your creativity rather than see you as easy pickings for their income.

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Reviewed By Oddest Noise
November 21st, 2022

Recently I bought Nexus 4 with a few extensions. The sound quality is very good and there are many possibilities with this rompler. The NKS coupling works well too. I was happy with it, until I contacted support for a user question: "Is it possible to do a MIDI program change to get different sounds?" Because I really miss this feature.

Instead of a helpful explanation why reFX doesn't support program change, I literally got the answer: "You seem to think we work in a vacuum and have zero contact with our users." But that was not my thought at all. I asked this question, because I own many VST instruments, where the program change feature is very common.

In my personal experience reFX has unfriendly staff. For the purchase price, I should have expected more helpful answers to my question. Too bad I feel like treated like an insignificant number as a customer so I'm disappointed.

I wonder if more people have this experience...?
Because I really hope this was an exception, so I could add a few more stars to my rating.

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Reviewed By Piraino
May 31st, 2022

This was one of my favorite VST instruments. It's a horrible shame that they did not port this to 64-bit. I would really love to bring this instrument back into my arsonal of sounds. Instead it appears that reFX is on the greedy train concentrating on Nexus 4 instead of servicing the customers that got them to where they are today. Shamefull reFX, you should be full of remorse.

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Reviewed By dkcalifornia
November 12th, 2020

I wanted to warn anyone who has a setup where they attach their laptop to a dock that includes a monitor in addition to using their DAW detached.

Since Nexus 3 does away with the USB dongle as its method of copy protection, it now tries to look at your computer hardware devices and come up with a "computer ID" as some sort of unique identifier. This causes a problem if your driver configuration changes when you are docked vs. not docked. Nexus 3 detects this as a violation of the registration and makes you login to reauthenticate every time you dock/undock.

I provided ReFx with very detailed steps on how to recreate this issue, but they haven't responded. Another warning, if they cannot "help" you in a single free remote session, they tell you they will charge you for subsequent sessions.

Although I can understand the hate for USB dongles, imho they have broken their product and don't care to address it even with detailed description. I am uninstalling and will not purchase from ReFx again.

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Reviewed By Innocent30102
August 30th, 2018

I really love this, it is so helpful in music production. The developer must keep up the good work.

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Reviewed By snadge
November 17th, 2011


This is a bit like Omnisphere in that it uses sample librarys and manipulates the sounds with effects, it has some great sounds but as they are sample based you cant really tweak them much, other than basics like reverb, delay and gate etc - you cant get right into the 'core' of the sound and change it liek you can on proper synths that create the sounds themselves.

it has a nice thick sound and most of its presets are great.

the user interface is nice and comes in white or black, its CPU usage is minimal but higher than average for sample based playback.

this synth can be bought as a hardware synth too.
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