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Comments & Discussion for Stagecraft Software Delay

Discussion: Active
3 September 2016 at 7:14pm

Just downloaded this VST for use on my Presonus Studio One Artist DAW and thought I would leave my 2-cents (you can keep the change). Hopefully, my opinion will help others who are considering to download this, as well.

I will start out with the pros... and there are many: this delay effect is so versatile that it can do pretty much everything, but pull a rabbit out of a hat... and it probably could do that, too, if I explore the possibilities a little longer. It can be used as a basic, mono delay, a stereo ping delay, and anywhere in between. If you play with the settings, a bit, it can take a line of music and warp it enough to make it sound like a counter rhythm played with a similar, but slightly different sounding instrument. Especially useful for rhythmic synth lines. And with the ease of snapping the LFO to match the tempo of your track, this effect is exceedingly easy to use. Not to mention that it is very easy on the eyes. The colorful graphs give you a nice-to-at visual feed of what your ears are hearing.

The one and only con that I have encountered is that it is extremely CPU-hungry. My recording box runs an Intel i7-4790K 8-core 4 GHz processor and with but two audio tracks active with nothing but an EQ, a compressor, and the DJ Delay running, my CPU was being throttled over 95%. The CPU fell back down to 10-15% once the DJ Delay activity finished.

I think with a little CPU handling tweaks, the DJ Delay has some serious potential. It has beautiful sound quality and has features to take your music to levels yet to be explored. Before you use it, though, make sure you have enough engine under your hood, because it's going to need every bit of horsepower it can find.

17 November 2016 at 3:11pm

I've got to agree with all the pros posted by nullfactor above. This thing is so much fun.

But I'm not sure about the CPU problem that nullfactor is having. I'm using it in Sonar X3 64-bit on Windows 7 with an Intel i5-3210m 2.5GHz processor and it barely tickles the CPU.


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