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Stagecraft Software
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Simple Stems

Reviewed By Yed [all]
March 20th, 2024
Version reviewed: 8.xx on Windows

It's a nightmare.

Twice their updates destroyed my Windows. Leaving such a violent bug is a complete lack of respect. They've made quite a few updates in recent weeks. Why send us to the fire? We can test but not at this level of risk for our PCs.

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Infinity Synth

Reviewed By Masta Hanksta [all]
April 6th, 2023
Version reviewed: 7.73 on Mac

terrible sounds quality sounds bad worth about ten bucks.

Some sounds don't even work at all.

thesis a low budget VST for beginners.

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Addiction Synth

Reviewed By tommyzai [all]
July 15th, 2015
Version reviewed: 2.7 on Mac


Addiction Synth by Stagecraft Software is a simple, super sounding subtractive virtual instrument. The interface is inviting, not intimidating. All the features are streamlined to deliver power without complication. It's easy to use, yet surprisingly versatile and sonically deep. Scanning the presets reveals a surprising tonal array, ranging from digital clarity to analog thickness. It gives a lot of sound for a little price.

• Clean Interface that is graphically pleasing and functional.
• Straightforward workflow for tweaking.
• Attractive, convenient spectrum display that reveals programming adjustments graphically in real-time.
• Shallow learning curve — user friendly — simple — intuitive.
• Usable presets.
• Small footprint.
• Stable.
• CPU friendly.
• Enthusiastic, responsive developer.
• Sweet Price.

• Naming a SUBtractive synth ADDiction may seem odd to some. I found a few interesting re-name suggestions on Synthtopia, including,"SUBiquitous" and "SUBmission."
• Not fully-featured, but isn't that part of its charm?
• More, more, more factory presets/patches. Hopefully a 3rd party develops a bank or two.
• Standalone version?

Addiction Synth by Stagecraft Software is simple, yet powerful virtual synth that is being sold at a bargain price. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking to learn subtractive synthesis — Yes, I think this would be an excellent "learner's synth." According to the developer,"This synth is designed to let you see exactly how a synth is built." Addiction Synth would also be useful for just about any eMusician, who needs a solid basic synth that is easy to program and sounds great. Tommy Zai gives Addiction Synth two handy thumbs up. Thank you, Stagecraft Software, for designing this little gem.

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