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Dubshox H8

Multiband Distortion Plugin by G-Sonique

Dubshox H8 has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Dubshox H8

Dubshox H8

Reviewed By Herakhless [all]
April 18th, 2014
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

If you are producing Drum and Bass, Neurofunk or Dubstep DUBSHOX H8 is a MUST!
There are many multiband distortions but ones have terrible sound, others are absolutelly difficult to control.

If you are producing other music styles like electro house, psytrance, electro, ebm, industrial Dubshox will be perfect helper for you too.

Firstly I though, just next classic distortion, but... It is really byg helper in my production.

I was always angry that my NI Massive basses and dubstep sounds has still ugly raw sound while my favourite producers had juicy, fat, massive analog sound, i was wandering how they made it using massive. Answer is additional procesing.

Dubshox split sound into 3 bands, you can very elegantly set frequency ranges and control volume level of each band, if bass is not fat enought just move slider up to add heavy bass low end. If there is lot of harshness move MID slider down.

Additionally you can control drive (amount of distortion) of every band, so if you want to have loud bass but with minimum distortion it is possible.

You can set overall input distortion level and individual distortion levels of all bands. This is very perfect and easy for controlling of sound.

Every band has different types of distortions, probably designed for bass, mid and treble because every one band has different types of distortions which you can choose. I think there is more than 50!! types of distortions, from fat gentle analog distortions to digital madness, also specialities like Fukushima, Chernobyl or Reactor distortions which really sound dark and scarry like radio signal from missing radio transmitter lost in fukushima reactor. Crazy but sounding perfect.

Some distortion algorithms add distortion and crazy sharp harshness and others vice versa clean sound!! If original NI Massive bass or synth is too sharp and digital with some distortion algorithms from dubshox h8 you can clean it, made it more creamy, fatty, analog sounding and mid-treble harshness will be removed! Try it. Some distortions add romantic vintage dust to signal.

Additionally if your synth/bass is missing fattnes ans space there is SPATIAL PROCESSING called 3D sound - you can add some 3D sound/space to Mid and Treble frequencies while bass frequencies remain mono which is ideal ehen playing at big party.

Last perfect thing is neurofunk unit - you can add sci-fi vibrato/detuning to your basses known from dark styles like neurofunk dnb, ebm, electro.. it also make your bass more smooth an analog sounding.

Overall rating: Dubshox H8 is best dubstep and drum and bass multiband distortion available at the market. Work with it is fastest and I alwey get perfect results within few seconds. But do not use presets, learn to work with it and set your own parameters - results will be fantastic, you can very fast create your own preset which works best to concrete bass.

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Comments & Discussion for G-Sonique Dubshox H8

Discussion: Active
3 May 2014 at 1:37pm

I saw the information videos.This guy is a great distortion. VS-206 is also thinking of buying together.
Do these correspond to the 64-bit? Do I have to use JBridge?

17 February 2017 at 7:15am

This one really looks like Ohmicide.

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