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Products by G-Sonique

Bi-Polar Analog Multifilter BFX24 FREEFilter
by G-Sonique
MyKVRFree for all people in waiting list, till end of 2022
Darkpsy FX466Dark Psy
by G-Sonique
MyKVR46 € (Introductory 24.90 € only for first 100 customers)
by G-Sonique
MyKVR14.90 € (introductory for first 100 customers: 9.90 €)
FX SamplepackSamples Bundle
by G-Sonique
MyKVRIntroductory 12.90 € (standard: 14.90€)
PA Club soundsystem emulatorMonitoring
by G-Sonique
MyKVR€29.9 (17.9 € Introductory for first 70 customers only)
Psytrance A.I. VoicesPsytrance
by G-Sonique
MyKVR14.90 € (9.90 € introductory for first 80 customers)
Psytrance Synths 8000 X1Psytrance
by G-Sonique
MyKVR49€ (Introductory for first 100customers 25.90€)

Latest reviews of G-Sonique products

Correct Key / Scale

Reviewed By Spikeypup [all]
September 16th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

While I have lots of tools for this, I like this one because it is the easiest to see quickly and make the correct key decisions while playing, others use tints that are hard to see, this is easy.

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Psychedelic Tunnel T1

Reviewed By Faydit [all]
January 22nd, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I like on G-Sonique, that they always do things a little different than others or present products, which have their own individual character or are a little off-maistream.

I found that Psychedelic Tunnel T1 finally is a fresh, creative, different approach to the reverb theme, which enables a wide range of more spacious, ambient, unusual sounding reverbs with a very interesting character.

Usually I'm mainly - if any - using some tape echo and / or spring reverb, but this one I only tested shortly and liked it. You can get some nice, pulsating reverbs due to 3 combined sets of LFO modulation, but what I like most on it is the dark energy control, some kind of detuned octaver, which gives a very special, great sound to the reverb.

Not only usable for Psytrance, Dub, ...

Just for fun I even tested it with the lead channel of high gain guitar amp sims, and although you usually don't use reverbs and high gain, as this doesn't sound very well, the T1 also in this combination sounds very interesting and nice, the guitar tone changes to some kind of doomy sounding organ/synthesizer-like tones, which sound and work great and unusual also in a heavier or even metal context.

Another nice and a little weird combination is using the T1 in combination with some phaser, Leslie or Univibe, or with one of my all-time favorite pedals, the Electric Kingdom (also from G-Sonique). Or eg. try it with a B3, Rhodes, Bass or some percussion to make them sound different, new and interesting.

A very good special reverb for people who are looking for some fresh, new sounds.

And - it really is not expensive.

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Reviewed By uksnowy [all]
January 29th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Picked this up the other day. Transaction was good and painless. The sounds are mostly pretty good. Very Techno and that is what I wanted. I had a lot of fun going through the sounds, many will be used in tracks to come. It even inspired me to start a new idea, So, can't be bad. On the downside, even though there are 1000s of sounds, I did find a lot of the kits very similar. However, for the money, it was a bargain. I can recommend this if you are a Techno head.

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Neurofunker XG6

Reviewed By Juciytriqs [all]
April 11th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Modern neurofunker drum and Bass like noisia, black sun Empire, eatbrain, methlab or RAM records style is usually made from Sample, samples of drums as Well as samples od Bass, these samples are additionally effected, cutted, etc. But to find perfect sounding drum and Bass samples is totally difficult, to make your own presets in serum is difficult much more, few hours just with one sound and it still doesnt sound like your want, sound is odften harsh, plastic and digital while your want that analog soundt..so your need to use tons of additionally effected distortions analog simulations to get that modern sound, and your are making sounds and experimentig instead of making music. This plugin Help your to produce profesional sounding drum and Bass right now. Perfect modulated basses, reeses, subs, hits .. everything. Perfect if your wanted to produce modern drum and Bass with Actual sound very fast, 5/5.

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Reviewed By Juciytriqs [all]
February 19th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac

Beautyfulll Psychedelicccccc and futuristicc sounds, works perfect in apple Mac OS X logic. Saves lot of time, im using it in intros and buildups, lot of fun and creativity. Can be used in almost all electtonic dance styles i think.

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VTD-42: Vintage psychedelic tape delay

Reviewed By Jhweinbe [all]
February 19th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Very underrated plugin. This is such a lush and musical tape delay that has a character of its own. Its lushness is comparable to Valhalla's Vintage Verb, and it doesn't sound bad on any type of track. The presets are pretty extreme and don't really show you how you'd be able to use this as a go-to plugin, so I recommend dialing in your own settings, .

Sound-wise, I see it working for practically any genre. It's clean enough to fit comfortably into modern electronic-sounding productions, yet has enough character to fit in real well with those going for more analog sounding vibes, like myself.

I think the only reason this plugin isn't more popular is because it's for Windows only. But if you a run your DAW on Windows, I highly recommend this plugin, especially for its low price.

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Reviewed By Turello [all]
February 14th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Just tried the demo and...

G-Sonique said this Synth/Rompler is good for: PSYTRANCE, DARKPSY, FULLON, HITECH, PSYCHILL AND PROGRESSIVE music...

I say this is a good tool and a must-have for any Industrial/Industrial Metal lovers!.

5 stars deserved.

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LM-2Z - Zener Diode Mix Limiter

Reviewed By Herakhless [all]
June 12th, 2014
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I have experiences with many classic brickwall limiters. They are ok, for mastering etc. But you should use limiter also for every mix channel to ensure no one channel will be in clip.

But... Digital brickwall limiters harden sound, make it more shart, distorted, ugly...

Finally somebody (my beloved G-Sonique :-) made emulation of analog limiter as VST. Zener diodes are analog electronic components that can work also as limiters, in special analog circuits they are used for transparent analog limiting.

G-Sonique Zener limiter is absolutely perfect for naturall, analog limiting of every channel during mix. It do not produce any distortion, harshness, hardness... try demo and compare it with classic digital brickwall limiter you will be wonder-struck. It can be used also as mastering compressor because while it has analog sound it has also brickwall function (do not allow peaks to clip over 0db but it dont have typicall brickwall sound) but it is better for mastering of live music, for mix it is perfect for all genres.

If you want to make your mixes modern, loud and analog (according to current music trends) witouth using harsh/distorted digital brickwall limiter, try this one zener analog tool, it is something totally different with different sound :-D.

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