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EAReverb 2


User Reviews by KVR Members for EAReverb 2

User Reviews of older versions

Reviewed By jam92189 [read all by] on May 12th, 2012
Version reviewed: 1.2.0 on Windows

multiband stereo made this this perfect

I have used this reverb for a while now and really liked it there are few reverbs. I like and only actually use reverbs from two companies, this is one of em :)

Alright to start out with this thing sounds sweet and warm. I mean that as in it never has the problem of having way to much high end building up when i use it. and actually very natural sounding the room sizes and the easy to use interface make it quick to work with. The CPU hit is very small for a reverb of this quality and all the cool effects you can do with all the extra control on the bottom really just make it the Swiss army knife of reverbs.

Those are all things that made me love the last version. Now what we have here is a added control that has found its way In at least 3 payed mixes I have had since its update on the site. The new multiband stereo control on this is amazing. it has added some depth and clean control to whatever you put it on. I put it on a aux for some drums and it really helped give the drums a nice room feel but with the solid control of where parts will go. In the mix this helps with many things including phase issues you might have with a reverb that might have been set to wide for some random reason. I have used this for songs in rock, metal and rap. I find when a song or part of a song might have to much edge on it the new muliband stereo mode on this things really helps add some almost organic life to a mix that is to dry. I use it when I have to master something that is to dry sounding and just needs some air and wet flavor. I find it mixed ever so slightly in there with the multiband control set to help keep the balance songs come together quicker and easier.

The only thing that you should be aware of is that when you lock the stereo control and save and close a session. I notice that when I open the session the controls stay where I set them but the lock button is no longer selected this is the only problem I have found and I reported it to the developer and Got a quick response so that will probably be fixed very soon.

Over all this thing is amazing and one of my VERY FEW go to reverbs. it is stable and never causes any problems on my computer and I am super happy with this thing I do not plan on ever removing it from my computer.

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