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Reviewed By thinman
November 8th, 2013

A fantastic channel strip with all the necessary components in an easy-to-use format. The compression and EQ sound great and are fast to dial in. The developer support has also proven to be great. I would highly recommend this.

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Reviewed By rank
May 23rd, 2013

So Far.....

BloXpander - Testing Stability and I'm Totally BLOWN AWAY!

First, I downloaded the Demo. checked it out a bit. (I use multiple instances of Kontakt 5 in my live setup).

Demo kept freezing. not good. Then Philippe suggested I disable the Multicore Processor Support button/ or experiment with disabling Kontakt's same through the Library panel.

I did. Seemed good...played around a bit, purchased the product.

MAN, this is a beast. I mean granted, I have a lot of horsepower under the hood (see my signature for some details of my system) but this program is able to unleash ALL of it. I have never been able to load all of this (below) and TRY to crash it and it WON'T.
And no, I'm not on the payroll, I know very little about this company. I actually stumbled upon.

I loaded all of this and everything is on and playing:

  • - 6 instances of Kontakt 5 (Big Libraries 16 channels each--all samples loaded utilizing only three or four channels each).
  • - 2 Omnisphere (8 ch each - all loaded, but using only 2 to 3 ch each).
  • - 1 Saurus (Tone 2).
  • - 2 SynthMaster 2.

I still have headroom. Amazing.

I have yet to scratch the surface as far as implementation (I wish it had an easier graphical keyboard split setup interface, for example--because i have to do a LOT of that).
But this program is feature packed and so far STABLE with all that I am throwing at it at once.

My Kontakt libraries include:
Session Strings
NeoSoul Keys
Various Piano libraries
MOJO Horns
Session Horns
Orange Tree Samples (various guitars, Mind Control,and Passion Flute)
etc, ect.....


Keybd Rig: Open Labs Neko, 15 in. tch-scrn. Presonus FireStudio card,
WIN 7 64-Bit 6-core Zeon5500 | 24gigs RAM | Novation Impulse 61 controller.
Plugins used in set: Kontakt 5(++ instances) NI Komplete 7, Omnisphere, SynthMaster2, Tone 2 Saurus & more.

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Reviewed By jam92189
December 23rd, 2012

I am a long time fan and owner of many eareckon plugins. I have a mac and a PC and on my mac i have ableton pro tools logic and reaper. pc basically the same except logic. now I don't do beats much and when i do i use my mac because of logic but often times i do do live performances or help friends with there live music setup. now as a guitar player i find bio expander a great way to work when im practicing or doing live sound stuff on my pc. I know lots of people say ableton for live but i kinda only have it because when I got into SAE it came with tuition.

I love how this is for windows both 32 and 64bit. The stability is fantastic and not to mention how I can choose to setup channels to mix life sound make a guitar emulation or even work with midi. Latency is not a issue with this program and the way it handles CPU load thanks to 64bit is great.

You can do many many things including saving your setup as a preset so when lets say you do one song need to move on to the next you can just load it up and away you got. the interface is maybe a little big and bulky if you like everything super tiny but for my bad eyes its perfect in the dark.

besides that I would say its pretty dope for those of us who dont like that flat weird look of ableton. dont get me wrong ableton is great for DJ's and stuff but im a pro tools guy and this works better for live sound for me. PS i mean real live sound instruments singers stuff like that for bands and stuff.


looks 10/10 because the way it looks makes my eyes not bleed in the dark

workflow 9/10 takes a quick minuet to get but once its got its got

stability 10/10 hasn't crashed on me once yet.

preset no need

compatibility 7/10 i give it a 7 because its both 32 and 64bit but no mac and that would make it just perfect for me"HINT"

manual all eareckon plugins have very nice manuals 10/10

overall 8.5 out of 10 because no mac but it works great and I love it.

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Reviewed By jam92189
May 1st, 2012

Smooth clean and very nice to look at.

this is a non colored eq plain and simple. The thing I find really nice about this eq is the built in lmiter is the same type of limiter that they use on there limiter plugin. It is perfect for when I am sweeping frequencies. The over all control and feel of this really just speak for themselves. smooth and clean. i find it really hard these days to find a eq that just does what it does and really well for a good price, this my friends is that eq. all i can really say is its clean easy to use sounds very natural, and i love the high and low filters built in, some times i just put it on a track to clean up the low end mud before they start building up.

the few things i would say could make this even better is a A/B function and maybe a mid side option if you are into that. Personally I try to get the song sounding the way i want without a bunch of super technical stuff like that. Whenever i get a chance to mix be it paying or just for fun, and I do get paid mixing gigs often i'm not just saying that to sound cool I'm poor like most people in America. This is my go to clean eq. I bought the whole bundle and have been nothing but happy with both the products and the customer service. I use this for mostly cutting small amounts to shape the sound and when i want a colored sound i go for one of my vintage emulation stuff i have a lot of those mostly from one or two small developers.

For your money you will not regret buying this or any Eareckon products I have there reverb to and i really like that to i use it on aux tracks often.

the thing to keep in mind when using anything from the ANALOG87 series is they are to be used in ways to help shape and enhance your mix. subtle compression to add snap, minor eq to help bring out the elements of the mix and a smooth clean limiter that actually does not destroy the dynamics of the song.

overall this is one of very few companies that has earned my life long loyalty.

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Reviewed By jam92189
March 17th, 2012

after using it for a good long day i must admit i feel like it is smoother when bypassing or adding a new instance. the range meter is awesome i actually needed it a lot today, one thing after i hit about -35 db on the range meter it gets really sensitive and makes it hard at times to dial in a low setting. on my computer holding shift helps a lot though it could be made to respond more smother throughout the whole knob.the knob as far as i can see goes from 0 to -60db than to about -150 when i hold shift then to infinity.

overall extremely pleased and Range knob is a good addition and i like having the new option that is not often needed for me but like today sometimes necessary when being sent tracks that where less than clean. great update on the developers part and overall the whole bundle is smoother when bypassing or adding new instances on my PC.

in my opinion maybe extending how much it can be reduced by could be something some people may need i don't but i might one day you never know. besides that the only gripe is that it gets over sensitive at low low levels but that is understandable considering usually at that point not many people are going for -56 db of gain reduction.

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Reviewed By jam92189
February 25th, 2012

this is all the best parts of the ANALOG87 series put into one great plugin. the high and low pass are smooth and clean the compressor can be gentle and transparent or can really flatten a signal out if you want but still never making things sound all distorted or harsh, and the eq's on this thing are very nice and clean for cutting or shaping a song or part to fit in better. the noise gate does not have the second nob or the extra configurable settings that the separate plugin has but is very smooth and quickly does what i need it to without much fuss if any. and the limiter is just like the separate one very clean and dynamic its perfect for taming transients that are to quick or spastic for the compressor to handle. or for getting a signal to its optimal level without adding any unwanted pumping or distortion to the signal. overall this channel strip has a great set of clean effects built in defiantly a great buy if you are looking for a channel strip that is not trying to emulate any specific hardware or sound.

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Reviewed By jam92189
February 22nd, 2012

first of this plug kicks the ass of higher priced limiters. if you want to pump and distort this is not for you the whole idea of the whole analog series is for clean colorless distortion free effects great for cleaning signals and really making things fit and sound natural. this limiter has never failed me it keeps the dynamics of the song while limiting never passes the set level. it never distorts on me or pumps i never get any loss of quality or clarity its perfect for pod casting and music making i do both and love this plug. don't be discouraged by low price this is the day and age of the small developer making a product with more care and higher quality than many big names out there.

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