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Electric Cowboy 3000

Guitar Plugin by Tobybear
No Longer Available

Electric Cowboy 3000 has an average user rating of 3.00 from 2 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Electric Cowboy 3000

Reviewed By Guckli [read all by] on June 2nd, 2002
Version reviewed: 0.5 on Windows
Very nice! Of course it's not a perfect guitar, but I really don't care... If I need a *real* guitar on a track, I got plenty here that I don't have any problem playing.
Physical modeling or otherwise, I have yet to come across any vst that sounds anywhere near the real thing - cause the trick isn't as much the sound as it is how you play it. I estimate that programming a realistical guitar track would take about as much time as it would to learn to play it on the real thing...
That said Toby's vst (and all the other attempts) does have it place, simply because it(they) sound different. My first thought was to use it in a cartoonish parody on a guitar, which does make it useful if not entirely in good taste. You'd want to use some effects on it though, as it has the boring, too-clean sound in common with all the other physical modeling stuff out there - take emagic's evp73 for example...
So far I've only used it making some fun "harp" gliss and weird picking on a track I'd better backup, stove away and forget about, but it'll stay in the arsenal.
Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [read all by] on April 18th, 2002
Version reviewed: ? on Windows
After a couple of good reviews from my hand a critical one. Many have tried to simulate the sound of guitar strings, and I have heard some nice sounds ... I have a beautiful nylon string on my kurzweil k2500s for instance. So one can make a guitar sound.

I normally hail everything Toby bear makes
As for this thing ... sorry Toby ... but its def. not a guitar strings sound. I tried it before when it was in a very early stadium ( the gui wasn’t there and I had clicks in the attack) I must say it developed very well from there on ..Maybe one day it will be a fantastic guitar simulation. You get my blessings :-)

I do give you credit for always being very creative in your interfaces and stuff! Therefore the simple and intuitive (as always in Toby bear plugins) interface gets a 10 from me.

Anyway ... it’s not a good guitar sound ... but it’s a sound! And maybe one can use it for something else
..It is a stable plugin and I hear no clipping in the sound or other strange side effects. It is a free plugin and all I can say is try it out!

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