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OverDubber 2

Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
September 21st, 2016
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

Its brilliant but dont take my word for it.

On a scale from 1 to 10? 11.

Why? Because.


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Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
March 5th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Put on your starscaped glasses and your neon coloured suit
Its time to rattle roll and funk the night away with SATYR
This beauty is the cream of the crop when it comes to simulation of crackling transistors in a old lo fi raw synth
I managed to squeeze out some of the funkiest sounds, and don't ask me how I did it because this beast is over packed with features.
Let me sum them up for you audiofreakz out here

3 mainsectionz : oscillators / envelopes / modulators

each section comes with its own features, for the oscillators o.c. all features to control these two great oscillators.
you can widen or narrow the field you can fine detune or rough detune the sound add depth / ring modulation / FM soften
set an internal clock bpm and use pitch / portamento

for the envelopes all the settings you possibly need to make the sound you have in mind ... attack / decay / release / velocity sensibility / etcetera. first for volume / amplitude and 2 other envelope sections with the same features as the first with the difference they are freely assignable for the purpose you have in mind for them.

In the modulation section we find the filters with lfo and resonance as most important (to me ) and further on freq cut off band filters and some features I haven't mastered yet because I lack time ;)

However .. this is one of the most flexible monophonic (4 voices polyphonic) synths that is very usefull for lead synth sounds

Use it.
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Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
February 19th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.21 on Windows

Howdy ... It's been a while since I did a review
but on this one I simply am under an obligation since they gave this (worth many dollars) one for free to me !
pro`s :

* easy programmable interface
* the possibility to draw envelopes ! (yep like adaptive synth but better)
* Its modular
* drawable frequency modulation
* tempo sync for delay and filters and modulators
* band splitter
* an astonishing row of effects

must I go on ? I could name a hundred uses for this beast and it would still be a thin review for
this multi-purpose mega cool work of art.
boundless possibilities for the use of this ... ranging from rhythmic effects to spread out pads
any self appreciating / respecting computer artist / vsti musician should have this !

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Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
May 3rd, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0? on Windows

Get ready for lift of

This plugin creates very odd test-tone like sounds
Use it for electro tunes or other space like futuristic creations.

overall rating a 7 ++

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Electric Cowboy 3000

Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
April 18th, 2002
Version reviewed: ? on Windows

After a couple of good reviews from my hand a critical one. Many have tried to simulate the sound of guitar strings, and I have heard some nice sounds ... I have a beautiful nylon string on my kurzweil k2500s for instance. So one can make a guitar sound.

I normally hail everything Toby bear makes
As for this thing ... sorry Toby ... but its def. not a guitar strings sound. I tried it before when it was in a very early stadium ( the gui wasn’t there and I had clicks in the attack) I must say it developed very well from there on ..Maybe one day it will be a fantastic guitar simulation. You get my blessings :-)

I do give you credit for always being very creative in your interfaces and stuff! Therefore the simple and intuitive (as always in Toby bear plugins) interface gets a 10 from me.

Anyway ... it’s not a good guitar sound ... but it’s a sound! And maybe one can use it for something else
..It is a stable plugin and I hear no clipping in the sound or other strange side effects. It is a free plugin and all I can say is try it out!
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Crazy Diamonds

Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
April 16th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Is it an organ ? or is it a string pad ?
NO ... it is an organ string pad.

This plugin comes with some nice pads
I find them good to use for sinister dark horror like sounds or new wave music

For a free plugin it offers a lot
check out the milk section ... some creamy buttons to make a very smooth pad.

The cpu usage on my PIII 100mhz is not very high

overall a good plugin that is worth the download.

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Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
April 15th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 ? on Windows

Ok not a very good rating ...but that could change if they make a second version
Is sounds a bit digital and clean
It surely looks very kewl

The early Rhodes had no output
It was recorded over microphone and was often distorted through a microphone ... therefor the hard sounds sounded grainy and the soft sounds misty ... when you listen to the old recordings the sound sings (you now in a way a detuned string would do) ... that is because they used tape for recordings... the distortion combined with the singing gave it a mistical sound.

They did the distortion part very well on the B4 but it seems they forgot about it in the evp73.
They probably did the distortion for the b4 because they new it had a lesley speaker that wasn`t connected to an output so the mic overdrive was always there on old records.

I once downloaded a sampled 30 MB rhodes for my kurzweil
that one sounds a 100 times better. Via vast i manipulated it to get the same sound as the rhodes on old stevie wonder records and some of the jazz stuf of herbie hancock and the legendary la woman record from the doors.

anyway ... not bad ... but you better buy a good sampled rhodes for giga sampler or battery or whatever sampler you use if that will cost you 99$ as well

Regards and good luck to all
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Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
April 15th, 2002
Version reviewed: dunno on Windows

I used to own a roland 101 once
this thing comes very close
simple and easy to use

I give it a big 10

and since it is a free plugin .... don`t be to critical on this one people


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Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
April 11th, 2002
Version reviewed: latest on Windows

** User Interface, easy to use? Can it be confusing?

life itself is confusing ... this thing lightens up my burdons

** What does it sound like?

It sounds like a drawbar organ :-)

** does it offer more than you'd expect?

I expected a drawbar organ

** does it even have a manual?

Dunno ... didn`t need one

** Does it come with presets? How many? Any good?

Yup ... all good

if you are a poor basterd like me use this one ...
if you have enough money ..use the NI B4
poor basterds will make better music anyway (with any sound) because they are not spoiled and they know making good music is doing hard work.

ALL Hail the affordable and free plugins makers !!!
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Triangle II

Reviewed By Emerald Tablet [all]
April 10th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Windows

Hi there

Ok i am being a bit generous in my reviews the last days
But this one deserves all the credits In one one word wow ...

The tuned noice generator can realy do good jobs in making atmospheric by-sounds The Hard drive / bass / and chorus knob can do great jobs ... however i use a different tool voor chorus on bass ... a toby bear plugin but forgot the name. This chorus makes the sound a bit blobby (dunno another word for it :-)) anyway ...adjustable freq. could do miracles but didn`t play with it yet. The hard drive was only clicked on once ...after that i never clicked it out :-)

This synth is very good for making bass sounds ... brasses and other low noises ....
I managed very easy and fast to make absolutely super grazy sounds ... i don`t know who made the presets ... but this thing can do 1000 more then what you hear in the middle of the road presets.

therefore all the features in it get a 10 from me besides the presets :-) Download it ...its free ..after that knock yourself out and never sleep before 2 o clock midnight anymore.

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