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Synth Plugin by Tone2 Audiosoftware

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Download FireBird for Windows from tone2.com

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Bank for FireBird
for FireBird [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 4 March 2020
Downloaded: 367 times
128 Presets: A little bit of everything, but playable ! ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
VELLTONE 3 Layered bass
for FireBird [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 27 April 2019
Downloaded: 345 times
3 layers for really fat bass
64 Hip Hop and Trap patches for Firebird
for FireBird [Show all for]
by Xenos [Show all by] on 29 January 2015
Downloaded: 1686 times
'Street Smart Sounds' contains 64 free presets for Tone2 Firebird, covering Hip Hop, Trap, Abstract/Broken Beat, and Oldschool Rap. The leads, plucks, basses, pads and keys were all tailor made to the unique sonic needs of hip hop producers.
for FireBird [Show all for]
by kurtjhorst [Show all by] on 3 June 2014
Downloaded: 1812 times
Here are (2 banks) 256 presets of synth, pad and fx named THUNDER SYNTH for the Tone2 Firebird2 freeware softsynth.
These are in .fxb format

This is in one of my Signature Series of freeware sound sets.
Nice one here!!!
SyntheticIllusion Firebird Bank
for FireBird [Show all for]
by syntheticillusion [Show all by] on 9 November 2013
Downloaded: 2181 times
i started a bank i will work on and leave the fxp's as is.
'Condemned': 70 Dark/Moody patches for Firebird.
for FireBird [Show all for]
by Xenos [Show all by] on 23 September 2013
Downloaded: 2116 times
Get more sounds here: http://xenossoundworks.com 'Condemned' is a bank of 70 dark and moody sounds inspired by urban exploration. Think decaying buildings, asbestos hazards, old machinery, used syringes laying on the ground, forgotten memories, shattered glass, and the paranoid adrenaline rush you get when you are snooping around someplace you aren't supposed to be. The sounds in the 'Condemned' soundset are fitting for musicians of all different tastes wishing to inject some creepy mojo into their tracks.
EternitySound - Firebird - CrashCourse Bank
for FireBird [Show all for]
by GeorgeZ [Show all by] on 13 August 2013
Downloaded: 2899 times
CrashCourse is a bank of 76 patches for Tone2's
Firebird Synth. It takes you from the timid to brutal in
seconds and back again with ease. This bank covers
a wide spectrum from glorified organs to howling
pads through to shimmering keys and entrancing

This soundset contains both individual .fxp files
and a .fxb bank file, all wrapped up in a single .zip

IW Firebird+ Synth Brass 1
for FireBird [Show all for]
by Ingonator [Show all by] on 29 December 2008
Downloaded: 2091 times
This bank contains 6 Synth Brass Patches for Firebird+. Version 1.9 is recommended since the patches use the \"LP Moog\" filter.
Bank 1
for FireBird [Show all for]
by liquidbrad [Show all by] on 13 October 2007
Downloaded: 3051 times
Part 1 of 2.
Johnny2 Terminal
for FireBird [Show all for]
by johnny2johnny [Show all by] on 12 October 2007
Downloaded: 3230 times
Classic cool vst synth. great plug in.

my crazy bank...
This is FireBird, Johnny2johnny
for FireBird [Show all for]
by johnny2johnny [Show all by] on 22 July 2007
Downloaded: 2591 times
I absolutely love this synth... I have so many presets I made for her, but I can only part with three, sorry :-)
Firebird Untarnced
for FireBird [Show all for]
by Juanjo [Show all by] on 19 June 2007
Downloaded: 2995 times
A pack of 24 presets for Tone2 Firebird with oddball athmospheres and rhythmic weirdness in mind.

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