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Free Alpha

Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by LinPlug
No Longer Available

Free Alpha has an average user rating of 4.30 from 10 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Free Alpha

Free Alpha

Reviewed By rvltion909@yahoo.com [all]
April 17th, 2007
Version reviewed: free on Windows

Simply said this little guy has some GREAT sound quality. Its got a very basic interface with all the standard controls.

The thing that stood out to me right away was its sound quality. The filter got my attention right away. Its something you learn to appreciate after downloading loads of "freeware" products.

It comes with some great sounding presets. Props to Linplug for this gem! Straight to the point reliability and quality, not ground breaking but great promo product and one of THE best freebies I have.
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By Rabid [all]
December 9th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.? on Windows

This is one of the better free VSTi’s. Quality wise it matches up with Triangle I and Triange II, both of which are mono. If you want that LinnPlug sound and don’t have the money, try this synth. If you are not sure how the LinnPlug sound will sit in your mix and don’t want to create a song with demos, try this synth. I like it best for the softer pads. The simple architecture does not have the modulation matrix of Delta III or Albino, but it still sounds good for simple part, and not every part in a song needs to be a complex pad. I also believe in using the most basic synth for the part as to help with CPU efficiency, along with the efficiency of the person writing the music.

Decent sound.
Good for basic pads.
Easy to use and learn.

None for a free synth that works well and sounds good.

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Free Alpha

Reviewed By Phaedo [all]
July 17th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

It's a crime that this thing is offered for free. You've got a polyphonic 2 oscillator synth with effects, LFOs, and more routing options than a MiniMoog. And they're using it just to promote their other products.

A warning: this review is critical. That's not to say it's a bad review. Actually, the product is great.

There's a couple of nastinesses about the user interface. The full waveform name isn't displayed. The knobs to my mind sit rather uneasily between a 2d and 3d look. The worst bit, though, is the preset manager, which fails to open in the correct directory. This is, of course, a matter of taste. I just don't much like it.
On the other hand, the interface is simple and easy to use (unlike plenty of other synths). In particular, the ability to octave-shift the oscillators is very easy to play with.

Is the sound that "classic analogue"? To my ears, not quite, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The presets don't necessarily jump out at you, but there's a lot of workman-like, usable stuff in there.

There are, however, a lot of waveforms, and the jewel in the crown: polyphonic note stealing. Human played pads sound wonderful with this (you can also achieve the effect through careful editing, obviously...) It's a pity none of the presets have limited polyphony to show this off immediately.

As you've probably gathered, I use this thing for pad sounds. Synth basses don't really interest me, and, good though it is, I think there are better free synths for leads.

Feature-wise, I'd say it was "just right". There's enough features to be useful and creative with it, but it doesn't have the kitchen sink and if you want more, you can go buy Albino...

Have to admit, I've never actually read the manual or used the technical support, so I've given them 10. I've never seen it crash either, so that's a genuine 10.

Value for money and value for time is excellent. I guarantee that if you download it and start messing around, it won't be an hour before you can find something to use on a tune. I wouldn't have Alpha dominate the tune but frankly, too many synths try to.

If you've got too many synths already, you really don't need another. On the other hand, if you're starting out, or you just want a different texture for one song, go get it, it won't disappoint you. This isn't one of those free synths where you get what you pay for. It's one of those that leaves you feeling like you've stolen from the developer.
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By Permanent4 [all]
May 23rd, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.03 on Windows

If you have never worked with analog synthesis and want to learn the basics, or if you have fond memories of those old Roland and Alesis hardware synths from the 80s, FreeAlpha should be the first VSTi you download.

This little gem offers warm analog sound, excellent filters, a wide variety of waveforms to play with, and a very simple layout that practically explains itself. It also offers room for growth with its modulation matrix, which can produce some interesting results with a little experimentation. Beginning sound designers can tweak to their hearts content and find much potential here.

FreeAlpha is usually my first call VSTi for synth bass sounds and saw leads, but It's also quite useful for pads and square leads. The sound is full and rich, and it's as rock-solid stable a synth as I've ever used. It doesn't come with a wide array of presets, but really, with a synth like this, you'll be making your own in no time. It's top-notch, it's easy to use, and its free. What more could you want from a VSTi? Go click that Download button.
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By x_bruce [all]
March 22nd, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.x on Windows

The freeAlpha is one of my favorite Juno/80's sounding synths. The feature set is actually substantially better than the Juno but it has a warm character that fits well in literally any type of timbre.

In particular synth strings, basses, synth swells and synth pianos are easy to program and have a certain 'rightness' to them. You have nothing to lose trying freeAlpha, it's free and a small download.

Although far from being a programming monster freeAlpha is fairly simple which is in it's favor. In a cluttered arena of analog-like synths and one synth does everything freeAlpha is refreshingly direct and highly effective for the style of sounds it was developed to create.

High marks because I turn to this over shareware and commercial synths.
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By kritikon [all]
February 28th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

I won't go into all the features on this little beauty, as it's already been said, so I'll say why I use it so much as a solid workhorse for stock analogue synth sounds.

a) it has an accuracy feature - turn it down from 100% and you get progressively more subtle instabilities in the sound - which gives a very analogue feel to it - it becomes far less sterile than many VSTi's out there.

b) it's warm sounding - no nasty bright high end (which many people like) but nevertheless wasn't a feature on most analogue synths. The blurb says they tried to get that warmth, and Linplug got this right. The filters lose some of their effectiveness on high notes, but I like that - so do most genuine analogue synths.

c) very easy to programme - it's laid out simply and sensibly - no menus and switching between pages.

d)The mod matrix - excellent for a freebie. Not as many options as I'd like, but it's free, so you can't expect the world. And it often surprises with it's gritty edge if you modulate the oscillator symmetry - sounds like a kind of oscillator sync (very useful) for leads.

e) the filters - maybe it's just me, but I actually prefer the Freealpha filters to the ones on their DeltaIII which is alot posher. DeltaIII filters sound a but white-noisey in high resonance to me, but the Freealpha ones self-oscillate comfortably and musically.

f) it's a workhorse - you can get all the standard analogue sounds you need and know that it will sit in a mix properly. The Roland Junos were popular for this - thay weren't amazing, but you can find a use in any track for it. Same with Freealpha - it maybe won't have your jaw dropping, but you come back to it again and again, for basses, pads, e-pianos, brasses etc.

It's one of my most used VSTi's. It won't sound like Darth Vader, no arp, no amazing character, but it's very well programmed and very musical and warm which is what makes a useable synth.
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By Funkybot [all]
January 24th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.01 on Windows

This is another fantastic bit of freeware, and definately a must have in any VST arsenal. It's fully featured and then some, with polyphony, glide, a mod matrix, a huge selection of waveforms, and four different filter types, not to mention a chorus! I mean really, as far as features go this is one of, if not the most fully featured freeware synths. The oscs are probably on the duller side, as they aren't as bright, or in your face as some other synths, but it's a nice break from things. On the flipside to that I'm not sure if the leads FreeAlpha produces would cut through a busy mix without some help from other plugs. Also it doesn't seem to alais very much at all at the higher frequencies, I suspect the dull nature of the oscs could have something to do with that though. The impressive thing here is really the mod matrix, which is very nice to have around on a freeware synth. The GUI is professional and very well laid out, featuring the stock Linplug look. The presets are actually some of the better ones on a freeware synth, especially the pad sounds, something about the seeming simplicity and mellowness of some of the preset pad sounds really had me excited. I really think FreeAlpha could really shine as a pad machine, for those times when you really need something cool, but subtle to just round out a mix. All in all this is an excellent analog synth, especially for newbies who can't afford some of the bigger stuff. Kudos to Linplug for giving it away for free.
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By warbug [all]
December 1st, 2002
Version reviewed: 2.03 on Windows

this synth has a very nice low end to it, which not many other synths have compared to the high priced "professional" models. if you want bread and butter type sounds this synth will deliver them. very stable never had a problem with it crashing.

free alpha was used in cubase 5.0
p4@1.5GHz with 512 rambus
and a MOTU 828
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By jzero [all]
July 24th, 2002
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

Not the sexiest synth out therem but extremely fat sounding analog sounds out of this freebie. Great for bass, tons of waveforms. Excellent on-board chorus. Modulation matrix is cool but the synth needs a second LFO and a mod-destination for the LFO rates. Clean interface and very stable. Presets are fine, but I prefer to program it.

Can't believe they don't charge for this one!
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Free Alpha

Reviewed By Crossinger [all]
August 26th, 2001
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

Well, after the Release of the 2.0 version, it's time to revamp my first review. FreeAlpha has become a wonderful, full featured and fat sounding little tool. I instantly found some unfinished tracks where I could use FreeAlpha. Next to my Everyday-Bass TauPro, this one seems to become my favourite Analog-Synth! :-)

(My former review: My first contact to VSTi's. Compared to Muon's Atom (for free, too) this one sounds thin & plastic. Very digital filters and even the complex modulation possibilities won't compensate for its "cheap" sound.)
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Comments & Discussion for LinPlug Free Alpha

Discussion: Active
27 September 2012 at 9:36pm

Hello Forum I'm newbie, I installed free alpha on my MacBook Pro and now Pro Tools wont work> Is there some setting I missed?

1 November 2013 at 4:23pm

The new page for Alpha and Free Alpha is this one :


The choice among both is made using the tabs at the bottom of the page.

3 November 2013 at 7:02pm

does anyone know if the alpha can work with other DAWs? So far in my research it appears Pro Tools is a requirement, but why would they limit it? I'm using Ableton Live 9.

3 November 2013 at 10:20pm

Here at home:

  • with Cantabile Lite: no problem.
  • With Band-In-A-Box 2013: no problem.
  • With Magix Samplitude Music Studio 17: no problem.
  • With Mutools Mulab: No problem.
  • With SAVIHost: no problem.
  • With VSTHost: No problem.
  • With BigTick Zen: No problem.

Beware! Like many VST's Free Alpha is provided to be installed as 32-bit but also to be installed as 64-bit (in the case of FreeAlpha you must launch the same installer twice and make your choice each time).

  • 32-bit VSTs must be used only with 32-bit DAWs.
  • 64-bit VSTs must be used only with 64-bit SAWs.

So... always the same recurrent question which in 95% of the cases resolve the problem: are you sure that you try to use FreeAlpha 32-bit (named "freealpha.dll") with Ableton Live Lite 32-bit and that you try to use FreeAlpha 64-bit (named "freealpha 64.dll") with Ableton Live Lite 64-bit?


3 November 2013 at 10:57pm

blackwinny, thanks very much for the reply. (I use Ableton Live 9 Suite, 32-bit, by the way.) I read the 'Read Me' system requirements for Alpha too quickly, misreading that ProTools was required for it to work. .. my bad - it works just fine. i'm trying out the free version as I'm keen to use its microtuning capabilities.

17 April 2014 at 4:33pm

I've just found an old (2007) but good review here, with a rather deep description of this free edition (with even audiogram curves of the filters).

chris 444
chris 444
4 September 2016 at 8:35am

unfortunately no recent link for download ?

19 September 2016 at 3:06pm

No So the company themselves are giving the plugin for free @.


for now...................

14 September 2017 at 3:18am

How to scroll the next Presets after "LD intrusive Lead 2 vv".

There is no scrollbar, cant drag and pull, mousewheel no function...

If i click the browser-button, in the wrapped alpha panel, in bitwig 2.1, i have more presets available...if i choose one of the not visible presets, the preset view in alpha itself jump to the first preset (Alpha !!! BT), but play sometimes the choosed preset not always. Its confusing.

29 November 2018 at 11:11pm

I accidentally deleted my set of original presets that come with this plug-in... could someone re-upload the original stock presets that come with this?

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