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Free Amp

Distortion / Overdrive / Amp Plugin by Fretted Synth Audio
No Longer Available
Free Amp
Free Amp by Fretted Synth Audio is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
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Free Amp is a multi guitar amp-sim, with built-in Guitar synth.


  • Includes Guitsyn, a built-in guitar synth (screenshot).
  • Seven different amp types.
  • Seven different EQs, all have there own controls for comparison.
  • Six speakers, plus bypass, adjustable by the mic placement.
  • Separate MIDI volume control, can be placed pre or post amp.
  • Host Sync and Tap Tempo for Tremolo and Delay.
  • Noise gate.
  • Tremolo, Triangle and square modulators.
  • Two compressors, pre and post amp.
  • Wah can operate by MIDI CC, plus has auto features.
  • Drive pedal, with a choice of seven overdrive types.
  • Chorus with added filter.
  • Flanger.
  • Phase Shifter.
  • Delay and Reverb.
  • 128 factory presets.
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Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.33 from 3 reviews

Free Amp
Reviewed By rcrath
October 5th, 2018

this is one of my top two go to free guitar amp plugins, along with the first version of Voxengo Boogex. It has a great and fully loaded Fx rack and pedalboard, lot's of tweakability on the amps. Recorded three rreplay albums with it and just did a video demo of how to get a freeamp instance running on any windows computer, no host required. (uses Herman Seib's excellent SaviHost).

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Free Amp
Reviewed By Jerry B Goode
March 1st, 2007

Free amp 2 is an amazing plug in. I was blown away by all the features it boasts. I particularly like the ability to switch speaker cabs and the eq settings, this shapes the sound immensely. This plug in is like having your own 300 dollar multi fx pre - amp hardware unit. Install was very easy and the program works very smoothly with cubase 3. Very stable. There are many presets included, broke out in four categories; clean, crunch, overdrive and synth. The clean sounds sounded the best with my Gibson L6. The crunch sounds were equally good.
The heavy sounds lacked a little bit of depth, but it was probably my guitar or eq settings needed tweaked a bit.
The GUI is absolutely gorgeous, I hate plug ins that dont look like real hardware. Each effect can be turned on and off like a stomp box. It appears to be midi controllable, I havent gotten that far into it yet. As far as free plug ins go, I was VERY IMPRESSED with this unit. There are so many boring "one trick ponies" freeware out there. This unit has enough presets,knobs and effects to keep you busy for hours. I plan on using it in my home studio for many recordings. I HIGHLY recommend this download, it is DEFINITLY worth the time.
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Free Amp
Reviewed By The_Cresta
December 17th, 2006

Free Amp 2 is a Guitar Amplifier Software Simulator, designed to be easy to use yet powerful.
And it is indeed quite easy: you download the zip archive, unzip it to find inside it just one .dll file, which
you have to put inside your VST folder in order to be read by your Host application (since FA2 doesn't run as a stand-alone).
Then you just have to launch your Host (which may be any VST capable sequencer) and activate FA2 as track insert, grab your axe, turn on the preamp and start playing....
The graphic interface is well organized, and all guitarist will feel completely at ease since each function is linked to knobs and pedals as the real thing so, if you want to activate the Chorus, just press the Chorus "pedal"... you wish then also to add a reverb?
Press the Reverb "pedal": this way you can activate all "pedals" you wish, then turn the knobs and modulate each
effects accoding to your ears.

When you press "Synth Setup", you also access to an interesting feature: a synth thought to work with the guitar signal input as a base for further calculations. If you select a different amp (let's remember you can pick the one you wish among seven of them), you can perfectly hear the change in the type of sound produced and combinating it with the "overdrive" function, it allows you to have a really wide range of sounds: for example, you may select a Cracktube amp while using a "Harmonic1" on the overdrive, getting a clean with really soft overdrive (like Marshall for example) or you may select a Smooth Amp and "Tube" on the overdrive "pedal" to get a mid/bass rich tone, giving you a cool blues sound. If you have a MIDI controller, you can use the Learn function to move knobs and faders through it, while if you have also a MIDI pedal, then you can fully enjoy the WahWah (if you don't have one, you can still use the Auto-Wah and adjusting its settings you can get some pretty results too). Each "time based function" can be synched manually, be it host based or with the magical tap-tempo feature (yes, there is this one, too...). The Overdrive set to "Drive" is a true earthquake: still, it is very flexible and you can get a smooth drive with chubby tones or more modern high frequencied ones.
Open your ears and eyes: it sounds STUNNING GOOD!!!! I really cannot believe to my ears, I've tested tons of software amp simulators, even those that are around the 500$ payware segment (and of course, you will not get the same amount of features or presets they sell, this is rather obvious, yet let me be precise on this) but this crushes them all when it comes to sound quality.

I've never noticed before any difference in the distorted "lead" sound while switching between bridge humbucker and bridge humbucker+ middle single coil or (this is absolutely amazing) between bridge humbucker and splitted bridge humbucker: if you have a good guitar you will DEFINITELY notice the difference with ANY change you made to the sound both before and after the jack input. The programmer really know his way, he created a solid software that apparentely never crashes, and allow me to underline again that this is FREEWARE. Does it has something that is not great? Well, nobody is perfect, then yes, there is a thing that is not so great: the Gate feature creates some noise, so I always turn it off, but I think this is almost irrelevant considering that you may add an external gate software on the signal chain and it is not hard to figure out how many choices are there. So let one final thing be very clear: so far, this is the best software amp simulator ever programmed, but I bet it can be surpassed by... FreeAmp3 :)
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Comments & Discussion for Fretted Synth Audio Free Amp

Discussion: Active
19 August 2013 at 1:15am

Since 2011 the web page for all the frettedsynth plugins is here :

- http://rekkerd.org/fretted-synth/

Among his tons of excellent plugins for guitars and drums take a look also at these awesome tools:

  • S2VA (a mono guitar/audio triggered synth with two virtual analog oscillators, see this screenshot). And don't fail to look at the other versions of SafFron, because they are each different in the choice of the sources of modulation (even mixing several soundfonts). Read also what I write about SafFronSE below... It is by far the best.
  • GCBS4 (a guitar controlled bass synth, see this screenshot).
  • GuitSyn SE (still better! A monstruous guitar controlled synth with 2 oscillators, 1 noise generator, 2 multiband filters, 2 envelop generators, chorus, flanger, phaser, BPM hostsync, 2 delays (one for left channel and one for right channel), etc, etc, etc, see this screenshot).
  • Phazosc (a phase distortion synth for guitar with 2 multiwave VCOs, a VCF, a multitype delay, a chorus... see this screenshot).
  • See all the versions of SoftDrums (all are different and wonderful).
  • StringSculptor2 (a synth for guitar with... 3 VCO ! (+ 1 noise gen), 3 VCF ! 3 VCA !, a chorus, a delay with pan control, a reverb... see this screenshot).

With this FreeAmp3Full my prefered are by far GuitSyn SE... and SafFronSE ("SE" for "SynthEdit"), the last SafFron version which fixes the issues of all the previous versions about multiple instances, loads sound fonts sf2 of whatever origin with layers and velocity splits, loads up to three sound fonts with separate controls for on/off, level, pan, course and fine tuning, uses brand new filter with separate envelopes for cutoff and resonance, provides a new five band equalizer and limiter, etc. This VST was created two years ago (2011, october) but is still today in 2013 august the BEST synth for guitarist! Though I love Native Instruments tools but I even have to affirm that Guitar Rig 5 remains far, far, far behind this version of SafFronSE and the other awesome FrettedSynth's plugins I've mentioned above! By the way I don't understand why SaFronSE has no entry in KVR but only SafFron2L which is way older (and buggy with multi-instances) and much less advanced.

All these plugins are really awesome ! In the comments on the web page (the upper comment at the top of the section), one has written "your effects sound just like the real thing, and are every bit as good a program/software as the expensive ones on the market like GuitarRIg..".

And I really agree! Indeed.

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