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MAutoEqualizer has an average user rating of 4.00 from 2 reviews

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Reviewed By elassi [all]
May 25th, 2010
Version reviewed: 2.09 on Windows

Though the review terms do not allow comparisons to other similar products one can't help to do so when it comes to Melda's AutoEQ. Afaik there are only two creations on the market that do what AutoEQ does: Automatic equalization (however, I'll try to focus on Melda's specific pro's and con's). It means that the software suggests EQ settings to adapt your sound to known and working productions. If you ever need to master a whole CD with several tracks it also supports you finding a common sound for all tracks - a typical mastering task which may not be typical for the ordinary KVR visitor (like me).

UI: If you're familiar with the constantly growing range of Melda's plugins you'll notice the 'corporate design' that profits from a resizable UI window. Values can't be typed in but this is possible in other Melda plugs so this should only be a question of time. The unique Multiparameter-options as well as 8 preset slots underline that the developer codes plugins 'with a twist'. In addition the possibility to submit presets from within the plugin is a nice idea found in every Melda plugin.

Sound: Well, it's an EQ (with additional linear phase option) therefore I leave this category to the reader's ears and imagination. (Rating=10)

Features: The main and rocking feature is the plugin purpose itself. If you work with comparison tracks while mixing/mastering (which should be common everywhere) you'll like that you really 'see' the difference instead of hearing it. This is where AutoEq becomes a real help for people not being skilled as Grammy-winners or suffer from a non-pro monitoring room. But AutoEq does more: It equalizes your target material according to the source file a.k.a. your comparison track with a single click. You may want to refine the result with the in-built 10-band-EQ (the most powerful EQ of the Melda-range) afterwards or simply use the dry/wet slider to come close to your wanted result. At this point AutoEQ is not only a tool but also a tutor helping you to find your way thru the frequency jungle: It shows the weak points and it makes suggestions. Great!

Documentation: Noone expects Melda to deliver Mixing&Mastering cookbooks with their plugs. On the other hand well done manuals do not hurt. Though every information is available upon pressing the "?"-button the developer will not earn awards for his implementation.

Presets: There are a few pre-recorded source files but every user will most likely use their own material. I think it's not necessary to provide or rate presets here. (Rating=10)

Customer support: Visitors of Melda's subforum on KVR are blown away by the speed of implementing changes and feature requests - and so I am.

Value for money: Mixed emotions... being part of the MTotal bundle AutoEQ can be cheap especially if you managed to grab the 'discount weeks'. As a single purchase it's still affordable but pricey compared to ...oops... I shouldn't say that. On the other hand it has strong advantages like VST-implementation and ease of use which makes it stand out compared to xxxxxx. Like always you have to decide yourself.

Stability: No issues noted.

Conclusion: I don't want to miss AutoEQ because it helps to improve my mixes day by day. It makes comparisons easier and much more comfortable. If you need to master a whole CD you'll love the assistance of AutoEQ, too.
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