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Compressor Plugin by Beatskillz
No Longer Available

MAX1 has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for MAX1


Reviewed By athank [all]
March 7th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Perfect on anything : Lead, vocals, a also use it as a mastering limiter...

5 Stars !!.

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Comments & Discussion for Beatskillz MAX1

Discussion: Active
23 May 2017 at 6:54pm

This is an extremely powerful and versatile limiter. Sound is very clean and punchy when you push it. It seems to have better control and clarity then the Waves L1 (my old go-to).

25 May 2017 at 4:51pm

Same as above.

+ clic on any knobs and you can see the value, héhé, very useful in FL .


7 June 2017 at 3:48pm

Free but has a Copy Protection - Online Activation (Challenge / Response) (Can't be activated Offline)



16 June 2017 at 8:54pm

Hey BlackWinny-

I'm lost on your casting of shame on the developer.

You also seem quite upset about it, which makes me I feel I must be missing something, and I want to understand.

Could you confirm that I'm understanding your points correctly?

These are the points that I'm getting from your comment, rephrased in my words to test my understanding:

• Beatskillz offers the product MAX1 as free.

• While the product is listed as free, IN FACT, in 15 days it will require a payment of an email address in order to continue using it.

• It follows that you would then make the assertion: the submission of an email address is a cost requiring payment.

• Because MAX1 requires the payment of an email address after 15 days, it is not free.

• Describing it as free is deceptive, and it was mischaracterized knowingly and with intent to deceive, resulting in your full rejection of this product and developer.

• FYI: The proper term for software offered under these terms is SHAREWARE.

OK Black Winny- How did I do? Did I lose anything in translation?

Your clarification is much appreciated!


26 June 2017 at 1:22am

Hello again BlackWinny-

It's been a bit more than a week without clarification from you, so I'm going to respond to your post AS:IS, as I feel strongly about the assertions in your post, and for the sake of other users, I feel the need to provide this counter-perspective to your claims.

First off - You said some very nasty, slanderous and potentially libelous things about this developer, their truthfulness, and encouraged a boycott. Why? At it's root, it's all because of a misunderstanding- a difference in the definitions and your interpretation of the terms being used.

By the nature of your complaint, you are asserting certain definitions, and based on them, believe;:

  1. You have been intentionally deceived by the developers of MAX1 in their use of the term free.
  2. MAX1 is actually SHAREWARE.
  3. Because of this egregious misrepresentation, you have made negative characterizations about the developer, feel compelled to boycott them yourself, and encourage others to join you in that boycott.

Responding to the points, derived from your initial post, it can easily, and perhaps more reasonably by common usage, be argued that;:

  • As an email address can easily be obtained from countless providers at zero cost and with negligible effort, it can not reasonably be considered as a cost or fee.
  • As the MAX1 software does not require or encourage any sort of payment, only the entry of an email address which can be obtained for free, the product is therefore, for all practical purposes, free.
  • It is not accurate to call it Shareware, as there is no fee. It is in fact freeWARE.

Based on these facts, I reject the assertion that the software is Shareware - by any of its common types, or primary definition; "software distributed without initial charge but for which the user is encouraged to pay a nominal fee to cover support for continued use."

There is no fee- even a nominal one, that users are being encouraged to pay; it requires that users provide an email address.

As an email address can easily be obtained at no charge and with minimal effort, it does not qualify as a fee.

In conclusion, this software is actually freeWARE, and therefore free.

Since MAX1 is actually freeWARE, the idea that there was an intentional attempt by Beatskillz to deceive users by calling MAX1 free is clearly baseless, false, and in fact, libelous.


I've made multiple purchases from Beatskillz and I've had nothing but outstanding dealings with them. I've interacted via email with them on both technical support and customer service issues and they are consistently responsive, helpful, friendly and thorough in their assistance. Most importantly, the quality of their work speaks for itself, as anyone who tries their products will soon find! In short;

Beatskillz' effects plugins and sample based instrument libraries are top notch,
instantly add polish and flavour to tracks, and sound fantastic in productions

​​​​​​​They are professional and courteous in their customer support, and I happily and highly recommend their products!

After all this, I hope that people do not hesitate to try the free MAX1 plugin - as it sounds remarkably transparent even at high levels of compression, and that a counter perspective to BW's slanderous rant is available to anyone reading.


26 June 2017 at 3:43am

Thank you for your kind support Rich :)

Yes the Max1 plugin is free, i stand by our statement and description of the product.

If Black Winny doesn't like it, he can delete it..., for others it is free to use it as you would like, there will never be any charge for the software.

Usually we require to register on our site for any product free or otherwise, with MAX1, we built the free registration within the product so a user doesn't have to go through the long process of first registering on our website before they can use it.

I hope that clarifies our intention.

Thank you :)

Regards, .

Gaurav Dayal.

CEO- Beatskillz.

7 June 2021 at 1:05pm


eu não consigo baixar o Plugin

podem me ajudar!!1.

3 July 2017 at 10:00pm

MAX1 by BAETSKILLZ is by far the freeist free plugin I ever DIDN'T pay for. I've used a lot of free plugins in my day, but this one is by far, more free than any free plugin that was ever free and didn't cost me anything. And believe you me, I know, because I have it, and it didn't cost me a cent. It is so free in fact, that not ONE cent of the money that I did NOT pay for it was ever even taken out of my pocket, because MAX1 is free as F**K, and that was a great reason not to pay for this free plugin. But don't just take the "MANUFACTURERS SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE" of "FREE" as proof, (no where on this page is there any claim of MAX1 actually BEING free), just download it for yourself, and see just how much you DON'T have to PAY for this free plugin. I guarantee, you will find it to be EXTREMELY free in every way, or I will *PERSONALLY DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.

Cheers also!!
-Another Rich.

*Offer valid now through 07/04/2017. Void where prohibited.

27 August 2017 at 3:56am

Unless you're a DJ, I wouldn't buy anything by Beatskillz. It's amateurish. No audio professional would buy software designed for DJ's. If you do you'll end up with underdeveloped software with bugs that should have been fixed before it was released. It's 3rd rate software hoping to capitalize on the gullible kids making EDM in their bedrooms. So unless you are highly gullible and/or a kid, STAY AWAY. There are far better tools available that accomplish the things that Beatskillz attempts to. Don't be fooled.

Russell Grand
Russell Grand
9 March 2018 at 2:24pm

^What an asinine comment.

9 March 2018 at 2:40pm

It is of course allowed to not like a product or a developer. But is it actually smart and fair to insult him and to pass him off as an amateur?

Beatskillz makes excellent tools for different kinds of music. If what it makes doesn't match your style of music or your tastes in sounds, you can just skip it, move along and simply go your own way without feeling the need to express such public insane words.

Russell Grand
Russell Grand
10 March 2018 at 12:16am

Well said, BlackWinny.

6 October 2020 at 9:15pm

Looks nice, but after a couple of dozens of attempts to register, no serial still. I wrote them, waiting for their reply. Hopefully will be solved soon...

12 October 2020 at 8:09am

Ah, I heard it's discontinued, too bad. Wouldn't be too hard I think still to provide a serial though as they still offer it as a download. Or take away the registering at all. Now it seems they just leave it up, to collect as much email addresses as possible to send newsletters to. Like giving a kid a candy he can't eat... Anyway... I am not very patient with failure of free stuff. Of course that also makes me sceptical and not returning to their site fast, plenty of other manufacturers that make free or paid candy.;-).

13 November 2020 at 8:28am

they have no intention to make this as a freeWARE, they turned into abandonware instead..just loose the copy protection if they want to make it real freeware.

14 June 2021 at 8:28am

it is not free.

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