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105 Straw, Irvine, CA 92618

We make Creative tools to inspire the modern Music Producer.

Our products look less technical and more fun to use, with a great visual response along with high quality audio.

*Beatskillz is a division of Beatfactory Academy & BollywoodSounds

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Slam Dawg
Reviewed By UrbanCulture
August 11, 2015

Had downloaded the Slam Dawg demo a day ago.. am damn curious about these kind of all in one plugins.. lol.

So the question is can it make my workflow better, and does it really even sound good ?

Okay, so i put it through the first test.. my drums..

ok.. the minute i inserted the plugin, there was a slight difference to my sound.. the image was slightly better in default mode..

The pop control was next.., this is very sensitive.. a little can get you hard compression, for the type of hiphop production that i do.. this was bang on.

The Airz knob brings some sharpeness to my snares and hats on the track..

Also tried the thump, boom and mud out, my track already had bass in it, so i didn't need to use these..

Maybe a cut filter would have been nice.., anycase, i used a low cut before slam dawg and re-boosted bass.., sounded really cool, i think they have some kind of bass enhancer going on there.

Ultimately i did buy it as its on sale at the moment.. cause i got what i wanted for my beat.., but maybe its not for more tech heads..

if you want to get a great sound quick, this is really useful, but if you want a lot of control etc.. then you are better of with ozone .

I'm keepin it ;)

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