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Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter) Plugin by MeldaProduction

MDynamicsMB has an average user rating of 4.50 from 2 reviews

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Reviewed By biomekk [read all by] on 4th November 2014
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows.
Last edited by biomekk on 9th January 2017.
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Originally written review in 2014 - today 2017 i increase Rating to 10 because it has saved me so much time cleaning up and "ironing out" vocal tracks. Best money I ever spent on software.

Being a happy owner MVocoder. I tried out the demo of the MultibandDynamic.

Not for masteringpurposes wich I'm sure it does well but for fix troublesome vocal recordings. I've tried lots of different vocal oriented plugins, the Waves vocal channel series and the Izoptope equivalent etc etc. There's A LOT of fancy graphics that sometimes is supposed to look like old Tube tech or Neve stuff. Sometimes I feel that they are throwing in a "cheap engine under a fancy hood" and put on a huge pricetag.

Ok, they're all nice but I found out that what I need is a multiband comp. Sometimes the recording is a bit to boomy sometimes to much highs etc etc. And even worse, differences within the track or even words itself. Or be able to control those mid frequencies without changing the lows or the highs. To have an invisible totally neutral compression.

Tried the built in in Cubase but it wasn't really "happening". Tried Waves C4, works great, but it's expensive. Tried Meldas version and i must say it works beautifully considering it's price and CPU usage. It cleans up the the vocals and irons out the peaks they way I want. And you have good control of whats happening. Coloration can be added afterwards if I want it to sound more vintage or whatever.

One thing though you can't just slam it onto a track, you need to build your own settings. There was one preset for vocals wich kind of gave me a starting point.I needed to make the settings so they fitted the vocalist and mike used at the time. After half an hours fiddling around I had finally achieved exactly what I wanted.

As I said it, didn't seem very CPU heavy - not if I compare to all the plugins I need to throw in on a vocal track just to achieve the same thing. Especially because sometimes I didn't have to use an eq or deesser at all. Alla that "tone" shaping could be done in the multibanddynamics.

Yup, keeping this one.

I give it an 8 cause I haven't tried it on mastering yet. If that works well I'll give it a 10.

Maybe I could use even use it in live situations ? (Feels a bit risky letting a mike run through a computer in live situation....others do it ..hm)

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