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Sequencer / Multitrack by Harrison

Mixbus32C has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed By Hindenburg [read all by] on 10th May 2017
Version reviewed: 4 on Mac.
Last edited by Hindenburg on 10th May 2017.
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My DAW has a sound and Mixbus 32C is it's name - O -

My name is Randy Rose from Rose studios, and Hindenburg Records.

One may ask, what does it take to turn a faithful Protools user into someone who leaves his workstation

after using it for over ten years... The sound - The Harrison Mixbus 32C has it's own sound, a true analog sound, .

the sound that many in the box engineers may not even know, or remember, oh how quickly we soon forget.

I am a vintage sound enthusiast especially when it comes to recording records, the sound I have always gone

for has been warm, fat, punchy, and familiar most things wonderful often remind of us something we once loved

or experienced, something familiar a matter of fact when we describe something to someone we usually say check

this out doesn't that remind you of this...

The Harrison Mixbus 32C does exactly that, it reminds me of what I originally fell in love with in the recording process

the sound, and the feel, the look of a genuine recording console, not a software engineers version of a console, but a

real console, well to get that sound into a DAW, it would help if for over forty years you engineered, and built the best

analog consoles out there, thats Harrison. The 32C is a real console, the one that ACDC recorded on, the one that

ABBA, and Queen recorded on, and the one that Michael Jacksons Thriller was recorded on. Well, I decided I want those minds

to get me into that sound, and they did. I was blown away with the look of this DAW they nailed it everything a real

console had, and everything available inline in one channel strip the way God intended it to be.

Check this out- it starts out with a beautiful fader with an attenuation gain trim on the top just like the real consoles

would have. You get to keep your faders at zero, where they belong and attenuate the gain with trim knob (ingenious)

and to the right of every fader is the coolest compressor I have heard in a long time. There's a LED showing you the

gain reduction of either a compressor, a limiter, or a leveler - the sound reminds me of a LA3 on the limiter selection

and a 1176 in the compression mode, as well as a killer leveler all at your finger tips all of this, and we haven't even moved

pass the fader. Then we move up to a beautiful pan knob with a mute, and solo, and this is where it gets crazy, you get twelve

mixbus sends all inline in the form of knobs simply add what ever you want to send to it, be it a drum sub, parallel compression

mixbus, reverb, delay, even parallel EQ if you want, once again you haven't pulled down or scrolled any menu's to get this it's all in

one "vintique"channel strip. The next most exciting part for me is the 32C EQ section, this is the best EQ I have ever heard- it's identical to the real

EQ. Harrison modeled this EQ right down to every component resistor, and transistor- it was this test that sent me over the edge...

I own easily ten grand in Universal Audio plug ins, and love them - I have found these to be the best analog modeled plug ins available, and most

people would agree. My very favorite EQ was Universal Audios Harrison 32C EQ, this was my go to EQ for everything

super fat, warm and gooey, and the high end was smooth as silk, I compared the onboard Harrison Mixbus 32C EQ to the UA 32C EQ

and Harrison nailed it. I actually prefer Harrison version, they may have modeled a better channel when they scoped it all out, the problem

would be this, I couldn't use, let's say 24 UA Eq's, and a few of there compressors without the UAD processor even though it's a quad reaching

it's limit, but I could use 24 plus Harrison onboard 32C Eq's on every channel also using there killer compressors on all of those channels

and I would still have a functioning computer after the fact. Remember this is about the music, the sound, and the inspiration - I could go on

forever, but you have to taste and see just how good the Harrison Mixbus 32C really is. Oh yeah, did I mention all twelve mixbus's have saturation

on it, completely variable from clean to Cu-Cu-Ca-Chew, and each of the twelve mixbus's have 3 bands of silky Harrison Eq too - Say what!

One last thing the master section has a modeled 2 track analog saturation that once again I truly prefer the Harrison Mixbus 32C, over

the UA ATR-102 two track model, the Mixbus 32C had a bit more of a glassy silky sheen to it. I will still use plug ins, but after getting the

sounds with the Mixbus 32's onboard compressor and EQ's, I found myself not even reaching for my much previously

needed plug ins. The Harrison Mixbus 32C has the sound of a real console, and it beautiful, the gain structure is unlike anything

I have seen in the digital realm, the ease of use and intuitive nature of the channel strips are so wonderful, and readable - I honestly

forget I'm mixing in the box now, and most of all it​​​​​​​ doesn't sound like I'm mixing in the box.

The Harrison Mixbus 32C has blown the box wide open - This is the DAW that doesn't look, or sound

like anything out there, Mixbus has been the best kept secret till now - but it's time for the world to hear exactly

what has been missing for so many years - The Harrison Mixbus 32C -

Randy Rose. Rose Studios/Hindenburg Records

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