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Sequencer / Multitrack by Harrison

Mixbus32C has an average user rating of 3.25 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Mixbus32C

Reviewed By stoman [read all by] on December 6th, 2021
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

It has a nice overall sound, but, frankly, nothing you cannot achieve with plugins in any other DAW.

Mixbus, which is actually the OpenSource software Ardour, just with a proprietary mixer, crashes or freezes very often. Lots of plugins are not recognized (e.g. the whole Waves portfolio).

I find the mixer GUI hard to work with, even on a huge monitor.

The feature set is extremely limited (which some may actually appreciate). The built-in channel strip compressor and EQ are good enough for a quick rough mix, but you will definitely need more tools for a real mix. Mixbus does not come with any of those tools, unlike all other DAWs, so you have to add that money to the total price.

MIDI support is pretty much non existant, so don't even try to use Mixbus for MIDI production. It is only suitable for audio jobs (recording an mixing).

Mixbus also does not support ARA.

I use Mixbus (very) occasionally on Windows and played around with it for fun on Linux for a while. Sometimes the lack of features can actually be a fun challenge. For serious projects, though, I stick with my primary DAWs.

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Comments & Discussion for Harrison Mixbus32C

Discussion: Active
19 August 2021 at 10:34am

I don't quite understand why anyone would expect a free or discounted plugin that's a separate product from Mixbuss.


20 August 2021 at 9:52am

"Expect" was not the word I used.
Mixbus was released as a full featured DAW, but unfortunately it was not. Instead (after sales) they gave me the advice to use it as an external summer. Why isn't that stated in the official product description? So in that regard the product always fell short regarding usability. Now they released a native plugin version of (only a part of) the same product. I just HOPED that it would be a discounted or free product for users who already spent hundreds on the same software (the code in the 32C plugin probably is the same or very similar as the channelstrip part in Mixbus 32C).

But now I don't care anymore because I'm more than happy with my current DAW that does everything I ever dreamed of, and way more (also sound-wise). Harrison pretends that 32C is the best sounding DAW ever. It probably is when you're specifically looking for only that specific Harrison console sound. (One of the many many colours.).

21 August 2021 at 10:59am

I totally agree. Users of the Mixbus 32C should be offered a discount price. Sure, the launch price is already discounted, but nevertheless, we have channel strips from Plugin Allianace which seem at least of comparable quality (better, IMO) that have been also on sale in nore than one occasion for 49,00. Harrison doesn't care pof their customers, and this will lead them to failure, sooner or later.

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