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Morphing Delay

Delay / Echo Plugin by NUSofting
No Longer Available

Morphing Delay has an average user rating of 4.00 from 2 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Morphing Delay

Reviewed By pw [read all by] on 1st June 2004
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows
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Like the previous reviewer, I too am a delay junkie. I am primarily interested in delay for dubbed out drums and creative guitar processing. I used to use Logic on PC and still mourn the loss of it's Tape Delay plug to this day. Morphing Delay is a very different beast to that plug, but its similarity for me lies in its simple, elegant, but very powerful and creative choice of controls.

I have tried all the free, and lower to mid range priced delays I can/could find as VST plugs. There are many great ones out there, with lots of tape emulation and a plethora of other options.

Morphing Delay is just on a different level. It has less controls to tweak, but I think this is a good thing. The available parameters are very dynamic and work well together. Don't be deceived by this simplicity, it is one of Morphing Delay's strong points IMO.

It's sound quality is exceptional, and I would call it quite warm. The morphing from one delay state to another, with randomisation, envelope sensitivity and panning options really has to be tried out to understand just how powerful and unique this can be.

I am now using Morphing delay for all my dubby type delay effects, even though it is not a strict tape delay emulator. Like other plug's Liqih designs, it nods to the history of the delay effect, but really also takes it forward in a new direction.

For this price, and with the type of support Liqih provides, it is a no brainer for those who like delays. Go try it out for yourself.

No stability problems whatsoever in version 2. I use Tracktion.
Reviewed By Muff Wiggler [read all by] on 1st February 2004
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows
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In my humble opinion, this delay is one of the biggest kept secrets in VST-land. I can't believe that it's under twenty bucks, and I can't believe that no-one has reviewed it.

I'm a delay junkie. I have twenty years of experience messing with delays, far more than any other type of fx. Morphing, along with MFM and OhmBoyz are the only VST delays I ever use (I'm a proud owner of all three), and when I want that special something that morphing delay provides, there's no other substitute.

Morphing Delay has a special trick up it's sleeve. It lets you create 2 different delay settings, each using the standard types of delay controls. Then when the plugin 'senses' audio input, it morphs from the first setting to the second. You can control the sensitivity of the detection and the length of the morph... sort of tough to explain, but very very cool, this is one plugin you just need to get your hands on and ears around to really feel what it's about. Perfect for creating spacey, evolving delay effects.

Of course you can not bother morphing, and use this as a more standard delay if you'd like, and still take advantage of MD's other handy little trick...

If you like the old school dub reggae's dirty delays and springy reverb sound, you must check out MD's other speciality, the 'pure dub fx' feature. this gives you controls for 'skimmer', a high pass filter, and 'dirty', a heavy tape saturation effect. These interact beautifully with the trippy delay effects that MD is capable of, creating a dubster's dream.

Anyway, this plug has a very smooth and unique sound to it. It's not going to be your bread n' butter workhorse delay, and it won't replace my OhmBoyz, but it's very fun and intuitive to use, creates some very unique effects, and has a sound all it's own. Honestly, I pull this one out all the time, I still can't believe that more people don't praise it in the forums, especially at this price!

Speaking of price, if you are looking for a 'workhorse delay', but the morphing delay also looks interesting to you, here's something to consider: NUSofting also sells Morphing Delay in a bundle with their Trimmetry Tapper delay plugin. Trimmetry could indeed be your workhorse delay, it has 3 serial delay lines, each with lfo's and feedback filters. It sounds killer and can do a very large amount of the things you can do with OhmBoyz. And it's dead cheap, like $20 or something, and if you buy it you can also have Morphing Delay for something like $9. Nine bucks, unbelieveable. I absolutely recommend that all of you buy this right now before the developer increases the prices, it's bound to happen, that's for sure.

Oh yeah, rock solid, never crashed, SUPER low CPU usage.

UI: 9 - pure dub fx could be bigger sliders

Sound: 10 - nothing else can sound like this

Features: 9 - pure dub adds value, randomization options exist too

docs - 9 simple to use

presets - never checked, I think it has a few

support - TOP

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