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Reviewed By Ambient Mechanics [read all by] on 20th September 2018
Version reviewed: 7.7.4 on Windows.
Last edited by Ambient Mechanics on 20th September 2018.
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I've tried many DAWs over the years, but MuLab is by far my favorite and the only one I now use. I love the intuitive design of its UI, which means it doesn't get in the way of me being creative..and its powerful tools enables me to be just that.

The thing I really love most about it is its ability to record music like any other DAW, as well as giving you the option of taking a modular approach to creating music, with it's built-in tools and included sounds and presets. From a user's point of view, it's like owning two great DAWs seamlessly merged into one..and combining and/or switching between both interfaces (the standard DAW interface and the Modular interface) during a project is as simple as clicking a button. This makes it a great "first" DAW for people just starting out in music / beat production, as well as a really powerful tool for any seasoned Pro.

The detailed help documents found on the MuTools site covers every aspect of the program and does a really good job of explaining and walking you through the program's features. I found it to be a well-written guide, that serves to get you up and running with MuLab right from the very start. There's also really good, solid support offered through the official MuTools forum here on KVR, which clearly shows how fast help is given and issues addressed in general..

All DAWs do the same basic job..but the best DAW for YOU is the one that compliments / enhances YOUR workflow in general. MuLab seems to take this into account, perhaps more than any other DAW, with the options it gives you and the powerful creative set of tools it puts in your hands..but, unlike other DAWS out there, it doesn't leave you feeling "over-whelmed" by the whole experience..

In short, MuLab sounds great, looks fantastic and is a real joy to use..plus it's great value for money, which is always a good thing, too! Thanks MuTools, for creating this gem and keeping its development moving forward all the time. MuLab is my "go-to" DAW and I'm going to be using it for many years to come.

Reviewed By Bady89 [read all by] on 30th July 2018
Version reviewed: 0 on Windows
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What a Beast.

I tested 20 DAW and decided to buy MuLab.

Why ?

- Best DAW Interface i found so far.

- Amazing Sound.

- Very Fast.

- Very Powerful.

- Much Fun.

- Fair Price.

First time i tryed mulab i created a small test Song just in an hour.

In that time i don't even find the Piano Roll in an overcomplicate FL Studio.

Reviewed By Protocol_b [read all by] on 7th November 2017
Version reviewed: 7 on Mac
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Absolutely top notch - specifically for MIDI management. Route anything to anything. I've tried every live host on Mac out there that I can find - they ALL had issues. I am heavily into arpeggiators & step seq's. NORA and NUMEROLOGY both have complex GUI's involving tabs and resizeable pages. I did not find a single live host that could successfully present those to me until I tried MULAB (except MainStage - but MIDI routing virtually non-existent). Like they say, everything just works, no surprises except happy amazement. Completely intuituitive - you can go a long ways before you need to crack a manual. AND it comes with MIDI tools that are essential for complex routing, such as a MIDI monitor. With Ableton they won't even give you that until you buy the most expensive edition - they sell you a carpentry kit and then withhold the hammer. And speaking of step-seq's, the one in MULAB is a monster.

This dev has mad coding skills and deep insight on what is necessary, what should be simple, and how to make it rock solid. Making it available as a VST on MAC changes Everything - MULAB inside LIVE is better than sex. OK, well, better than coffee.

Reviewed By Ramlee [read all by] on 7th November 2017
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows
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In the world of free sequencer/DAW platforms, there are many contenders and just as many pretenders. MULAB stands out as a platform that delivers and then some. Exceptionally light on system resources and yet lacking nothing in terms of essential functionality, MULAB has become my new best friend; well....new best composition platform. Believe me when I say, "I tried them all..". LMMS looked promising but baffled me with its less than intuitive external keyboard routing which seemed to trigger all channels simultaneously; even after assigning separate MIDI channels to every track! Sequitur was equally alluring with its sexy interface and stripped down simplicity but again external keyboard frustration seemed built into the system. MULAB just worked straight away and the learning curve was refreshingly quick...everything made sense. Moreover, MULAB shipped with a bunch of synths and effects that weren't Casio rejects; no...there was real quality and depth to the instruments - the Hammond B3 was simply gorgeous. Suffice to say that if MULAB doesn't get your juices flowing then nothing in the GPL DAW menagerie will do it for you. The best free composition platform currently available and did I mention that it can be installed on a thumb drive so you can jack your studio into any available hardware...brilliant. (9 out of 10 only because I anticipate that it's just gonna get better)

Reviewed By jelboss36s [read all by] on 20th December 2015
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows
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Absolutely the best DAW I have ever used. It is user frendly, Modular/MIDI, and so far to date not one singe bug, flaw, crash, or problem of any kind. And what can I say..? it has unlimited undu & redu =)

What is the bottom line in audio? "That sound". Many DAWS, amps, amd audio gear work the same, but if you play guitar and want "that sound", you get a Marshall. This DAW has "that sound".

I have tried just about all the workstations out there, and in my opinion Mulab is hands down the best digital AUDIO WORKSTATION/AUDIO PRODUCTION software on the market today.

Reviewed By Michael L [read all by] on 13th April 2015
Version reviewed: 10.8 on Mac.
Last edited by Michael L on 13th April 2015.
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In my experience, MuLab helps me stay focused on my musical ideas and keep in the flow. It is a DAW that responds quickly to ideas, like an instrument. For example, it takes only one second (true!) to click the MuLab program and begin making music using the pre-loaded Basic Synth. You can instantly sketch it out your idea, and then jump down the rabbit hole to do almost anything.

Today, I loaded one of my recorded samples, then picked the best LFOs to modulate its pitch and filter to bring it to life. I wanted to add echo but modulate 'only' the echo, with complex sine waves stacked in fifths, pitched down an octave, etc.... To do that, I just dragged an empty 'mux' module to one slot in a rack, connected the MuEcho to the Ring Mod Synth that contains an oscillator module with the above wave parameters, and mixed them with the Audio Balancer. This took only a minute to set up and I stay in the flowww.....

MuLab is full of Devices (subtractive, sample, granular, wavetable and drum synths, reverb and echo), with many instrument and effect Modules that you can easily modify, build and link. All the modules use the same design logic, so you can take a musical idea and make it happen quickly without losing track of your main idea. The user community (MuTools Forum) regularly designs and shares new synthesiser and effect modules, the most recent being a Triple Filter Trance Gate, and a Multi-Form (dual-oscillator/ wavetable/ granular/ sample) Synth. And the sound is very clear-- hugely important.

I switched to MuLab one year ago due to its great workflow and open design that doesn't constrain me to one way of working. MuLab includes entire demo projects in different musical styles that you can take apart to learn how others use MuLab. I found this a very useful way to learn! I use the OS X version, and it's quite stable as a program and as a VST host.

Reviewed By mgiambro [read all by] on 1st February 2015
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows.
Last edited by mgiambro on 2nd February 2015.
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If you're looking for a DAW which is light, intuitive and powerful you should definitely give MuLab a try. I've used many different DAWS over the years and have found the problem with a lot of them is that they are bloated with cluttered interfaces, which for me makes them cumbersome to use. As someone who creates electronic music with the focus on MIDI work and sound design using vsts I wanted a DAW with good MIDI and piano roll, is light on CPU, provides a nice smooth workflow but is capable of complex sound processing, routing and automation tasks. Of the products I demoed, MuLab instantly stood out. The interface looks simple, but this is deceptive, but a deliberate feature of the application. If you require complexity, it's available in the form of the MUX engine which underlies the application, but is not in your face and a distraction. The MUX is similar to, but more flexible than Reasons Combinator. In the MUX you can combine MuLabs own modules, but also third party vsts. For example, I have a MUX which combines a multi-out Microtonic drum VST and MuLabs own MuDrum for sample playback, effectively creating my own custom drum machine and achieving the same result as a drum map would in Cubase or Sonar, but more user-friendly. You can also create your own synths and effects with the MUX. The possibilities are limitless. The MUX is also available as a VST plugin if you already have a DAW. Of course MuLab comes with it's own set of synths, samplers and effects also. Other features I like are the dockable windows, drag and drop and nice touches like the ability to clear out unused audio files within the projects audio directory from within the daw. MuLab also has something called the 'Sequence Pool'. The idea behind this is that you can have two MuLab sessions open and use one as a kind of scratchpad for ideas. Clips created there are stored as sequences which are available in the other session in which you can build the track. A very nice touch and more evidence some serious thought has gone into this product. I've noticed that sound quality of daws differs. MuLabs is as good as any I have heard. Also, the interface is nice and responsive and not laggy, like some I have tried.

From using it for a few months now, if I've found a limitation, and it's only a minor gripe, it's that the effects don't have graphical visual feedback which can be useful for mixing/mastering. However, the obvious solution to this is to use third party plugins and there are plenty of good free ones if you don't have them already.

For the €69.00 for the full version, it's an absolute bargain. In terms of value, I'd compare it to Reaper, but where Reaper is more targeted at working with audio, MuLab is great for MIDI work and sound design, making it a great fit for what I was looking for. When it comes to software, I have learned that the higher the cost does not mean that the quality of the product will be better and the likes of MuLab/Reaper are testament to this.

Finally, I have to mention the support MuTools provides is second to none. Jo, the man behind MuTools is always on the Kvr MuTools forum and eager to help and answer questions.

Reviewed By tommyzai [read all by] on 28th April 2013
Version reviewed: 6 on Mac.
Last edited by tommyzai on 11th March 2015.
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Attention: I would like to share my initial impressions about a cool DAW that deserves much more attention.

MuLab from MuTools is a refreshing application that turns a Mac or PC into a "modular music production system." It does all the basic DAW things: records, plays, edits, masters, etc. It has an efficient, elegant interface and flexible routing, which helps to create an inspiring workflow. The word INTUITIVE comes to mind. The main screen contains most of the important stuff. It's not cluttered with tiny knobs, sliders, small print, drop down menus and so on. I read an online ad claiming this application to be "easy, flexible, and high quality." After spending several hours demoing it, I have to agree! It's EASY, yet powerful; FLEXIBLE, yet solid; HI QUALITY, yet CPU efficient. It loads fast, probably because there is no automatic VST scan upon launch. You must manually select and scan plugins, but I don't see this as a negative.


• Simple, fast download and install (download, unzip, and launch)
• Self contained and lightweight footprint
• Interface is nice to look at
• Smooth workflow
• Important stuff it easily accessible without hundreds of menus and pages
• Great browser
• High quality, flexible, and powerful modular routing system
• Strong signal-flow control
• CPU efficient
• Streamline and simple on surface
• Deep when needed
• Modular system is highly addictive (is this a pro or con?)
• Great sound engine
• Audio (WAV+AIFF) drag n' drop
• MIDI drag n' drop
• Easy MIDI control and editing
• Event record punching
• Good automation
• ReWire (no problem linking with Numerology Pro)
• Easy audio editing
• Easy MIDI value editing and sweet piano roll feature
• Plug and play with most controllers
• MUX seems like a powerful tool to build and manipulate sounds, but haven't gotten to it yet
• Send and multi-out management is excellent
• Big fan base/user support
• Responsive developer
• Frequent updates.


• Time-stretching is a common feature-request. I usually adjust sample lengths manually, but a little help would be nice. I contacted developer regarding this feature and it is on the future update "wish list"
• Audio punch in/punch out.

The Pros clearly overshadow the Cons. MuLab has so many fantastic specifications and features, but most importantly — it's fun to use and sounds great! At last, there is a workstation that inspires musicians to make music and doesn't get in the way of creativity. You won't get lost in endless menus and pages; however, if you need to go deeper, it's all there for you! To quote another user, "There's a hell of a lot more going on under the hood than first meets the eye." MuLab is an amazing audio tool that is being offered at a bargain price. I highly recommend MuLab to any electronic musician looking to write, record, and master his/her music, whether it is old school, new school, or used in school, like me. Tommy Zai gives MuLab two thumbs up. Thank you MuTools for creating such a super music production system.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with MuTools, but I tend to write like I'm in marketing and doing an ad. I sincerely dig what MuTools created.

Update on Update: Version 6 includes many excellent improvements and additions. My favorites are the MIDI enhancements, i.e., :

  • Import and export function for sequences.
  • Dropping a MIDI file directly on the browser while it's sequencing.
  • Drag-drop a MIDI file onto the sequence editor that will merge the MIDI file.

I also dig the on/off switch that was added to the sequence player module.

Reviewed By dakkra [read all by] on 31st December 2012
Version reviewed: 5.0.41 on Windows.
Last edited by dakkra on 26th March 2013.
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My favorite DAW! It has great audio quality when you put your hand into it. The MUX wich has been integrated in Mulab gives you an amazing amount if flexibility. It works on the spirit of building our sound. You can create anything thing from an analog lead to a digital bass. Mulab handles vsts' very well. Haven't had any issues other than dealing with vsts that never worked. You can also use the vsts in the MUX giving it a whole new sound source. MIDI is also easily managed.

Pros: Easy to navigate interface, easy to make sounds, and superb audio quality, user support is amazing.

Cons: The MUX needs some more modules (easily worked around with vst).

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3 October 2014 at 2:10pm

It's a question to ask not here but on the Mulab forums, there:


1 February 2015 at 9:42pm

A formidable DAW I agree.

I own most of them but I use MuLab all the time.

Modularity: what Live is achieving with M4L and Bitwig "will try" with v2 has been in MuLab for years! Way ahead in the Modular-DAW world race.

4 January 2017 at 5:56pm

I have a problem: every time that i export the composition as an audio file the file that i find in the folder has some interferences or it flickers about every 30 seconds, plz help me.

4 January 2017 at 8:15pm

"...every 30 seconds..."

A little birdie tells me that you haven't entered your serial code, have you ?


24 January 2017 at 3:40pm

A really nice program made even more impressive by a small development team.

5 March 2018 at 8:05pm

A beautiful idea that seems to work for some people. I wish to use MuLab but It appears to me to be missing some crucial features. The documentation is very poor not to mention incomplete. I have yet to find a review from a known site such as sonic state. I am unable to sync this software to anything and unable to get support. J'apprécie les clowns au cirque que je les renvois dans l'entreprise.

22 July 2018 at 8:38pm

I agree with you. There are little to no videos which are voice lead, they are mostly silent. Imagine, you pay for a course and you discover the instructor never says anything, just points to the black board or shows you his screen and points to an object. this describes the MU-Tools culture. You can have magic in your hands but if you access just a part of it, how can enjoy the benefits? Several MU-Tools users have left MU-Tools and have moved to FL or other DAWs. One was a MU-Tools instructor on Youtube who went the way of FL. His reason was that FL had many more functions and good video tutorials.

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