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Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter) Plugin by DDMF
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NYCompressor has an average user rating of 4.00 from 2 reviews

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Reviewed By Mario-C. [read all by] on November 6th, 2013
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Mac.
Last edited by Mario-C. on 1st December 2013.

NYCompressor by DDMF is a GREAT sounding compressor plug in at a great price, lets review it .

The good stuff:

- Mix control (hence the NYComp name) for parallel compression effects.

- Great sounding compressor curve.

- Predictable behaviour.

- It won't squash all your low end unlike many other compressor plug ins.

- Clean sound. Can handle different sources, sounds great on vocals, guitars, drums, etc.

- Very fast attack.

- Stereo Mid / Side operation.

- Works great on individual tracks and busses, even full masters.

- Very flexible side-chain filters add more functionality, you can really dial in the perfect compression sound with this function, extremely cool if you ask me.

- Won't eat all your CPU power.

The not so good stuff:

- GUI looks hmm ... ugly ? dunno, I know it's about the sound but a better looking GUI can't hurt, just my opinion.

- Buggy metering.

- External Sidechaining has bugs. As it is I can't use external sidechain, everytime i touch a knob with the mouse the external sidechain dis engages itself, very annoying.

- You can't mute / solo when in M/S mode.

My wish list :

- An even lower thereshold : some compressors have a -50 db thereshold or -60 db and even -70 db, NYComp goes to -40 db, why go so low you ask ? when using the side chain hi pass filter is its very useful to be able to go that low, if you want to compress cymbal or hi hat bleed it is very handy to have that feature.

- An input gain control.

- A sidechain gain control for both the filter and external sidechain.

- The ability to run the external sidechain thru the filters, that would be great.

- Faster release times.

- When working in stereo or M/S it would be of great help to be able to mute/solo the Mid and Side channels to be able to tweak them to perfection and listen to either channel separately.

- A better looking GUI.

To me this is a great bang for the buck plug in, I have many different compressor plug ins, some belong to the more expensive categories and the NYComp sounds as good as anything out there, it is super flexible and sounds great, hard to go wrong with this one at this price point, I recommend it .

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