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Since the early beginnings 2006 back in Amsterdam, DDMF strives to deliver nothing but the highest quality in audio software currently available to mankind. With a unique mix of a solid mathematical background and great musical intuition, DDMF plugins are being handbuilt in Freiburg, Southern Germany, using only the finest ingredients. All algorithms are thouroughly tested before they are allowed to become part of a DDMF plugin.
DDMF creates VST, Audio Unit, AAX and RTAS plugins for all major hosts like Cubase, Protools, Logic, Reaper, Fruityloops, Ableton Live, ..., and sells them at the user-friendliest prices on the planet. Their best sellers are certainly the state-of-the-art equalizers and Metaplugin, a plugin chainer/VST-AU wrapper/VST-AAX or AU-AAX wrapper which can be used in so many ways it's just not funny any more. A nice set of freeware plugins are also available. All sales are handled by Fastspring, one of the biggest online payment solution providers trusted by thousands of customers every day.

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Latest reviews of DDMF products

Reviewed By Dynabee
November 3rd, 2020

Sounds good, Looks good, good price.

There is a very clean sound to it, a great mastering eq.

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October 28th, 2020

Great standalone piece of software, the only thing that could make it better is if it could somehow one day be uploaded as a VST insert inside a daw and work while you are actually using a plugin being fed some audio in your mix but show changes that are being made in real time.

But for now i make changes, save the VST preset and upload straight into my daw vst.

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Reviewed By superfirak
September 14th, 2020

Smooth compression and gate section, I like it so much. It is a quality and cheap plugin. Enjoy use it.

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Reviewed By Analogue_addict
June 16th, 2020

MDE is a great bus compressor that gives "a feel of Movement". I was using a lot of other comps and very rare got those feelings...

With proper match of atack and release for your material it does the job making the sound "move" which is pretty musical and cool thing.

In my opinion, it is one of the "must have" plugins.

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Reviewed By dissofiddle
May 26th, 2020

My favorite Digital EQ so far !

It's my go to digital EQ. I use it mainly for surgical EQ (tame resonances/noise in a track or surgically.

correct the mix) and sometimes for tone shaping (Only when I wanna be quick. Otherwise, my taste is to 4 bands analog EQ with no graphical display and rely on my ears only).

There are 2 main reasons I love it :

1°) High quality with low CPU usage : Better than basic daw EQ (soft sounding in the high frequency) with less CPU usage than most external Digital EQ. I found that only Fabfilter Pro-Q beats it when considering quality over CPU usage. This EQ cost less than 50 bucks ! that's amazing.

2°) ease of use : Click to create a band and depending where you click the nature of the band is different (in the lows or high, you got a filter, in the medium you got a bell, and in between a shelf).

Other than this : stereo operation, mid-side, AB and serial/parallel processing ! There is also a feature that allows to control all the instances of IIEQ from a window. It can be convenient for quick mixing, but be careful not to mix with your eyes .

There only downside for me is the stability of the graphical interface, that can be buggy on some daws/software (doesn't work on maschine, works pretty well in reaper) or laggy (multi-window feature can become laggy with a lot of instances)....But at that price I still rate it 5 stars .

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Reviewed By komoro
September 15th, 2019

The IIEQ has a M/S EQ with Analyser for each - the Mid and the Side. You can visualize and work with them both in one Window. That is a feature I haven't seen before and might be useful for Mastering, although it is recommended as a track-EQ. The Sound of the EQ is fantastic and you get a good workflow. Negative is the point that (in Reason10) the presets load not until you move a knob on the EQ. But it works and doesn't need much ressources of the CPU.

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6144 EQ
Reviewed By komoro
September 15th, 2019

I recently bought the Midnight EQ but I wanted another great EQ for sound experiments. Here you have one. The EQ sounds nice and has Lo/Hi-Cut possibilities and you will get good results in low time. Even the shittiest samples sounded good after using it. I dont't know if typical neve but good sound with more clarity. A good complement at all.

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Hands down the best free parametric eq you can get. The limtations in the free version are not crippling. It has a range of great options and six bands which is more than enough for me on most sources, It reminds me of the waves renaissance eq but the gui is much easier to use. It also has a band solo button. I actually dont know why i have not bought the full version yet but i think its probaly because this is very good. I am however taking of a star as it says it comes with a frequncy analyser but it does not, I think its actually a mistake.

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