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OB-X Plugin by Aly James Lab
15.00 €
OB-XTREME by Aly James Lab is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
System Requirements
Windows XP/7/8
Multi-core compatible VST host.
Copy Protection
Customized Per Customer
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OB-XTREME (stripped down Virtual OB-X 8 Voices with Extended functions) is based on the character and internal circuitry of the legendary Oberheim Polyphonic Synthesizer - the OB-X. It adds among other things, two virtual analog saturation stages before and after the filter.

What happens when you take 8 separate monophonic synths and use them together? Huge analog sound! Mainly caused by the slight imperfections between each voice card fine tuning. The OB-X synthesizer has been used by Herbie Hancock, Prince, Chick Corea, Cirrus, Depeche Mode, Queen, Supertramp, Kenny Kirkland, Jean-Michel Jarre, Van Halen, Tangerine Dream, Rush, Simple Minds, Chicago, Styx, Ultravox and dozens more! it is an 80s classic.
OB-XTREME started out as a simple goto VST for that classic OB Brass sound stripped down to the minimum, then I thought about how I could bring more "warm" into a digital VA synth and what features I could add to the original design. Based on an original OB-X architecture, I have crafted some controllable diode clipping stage before and after the filter, which really bring some body and harmonics for a beffy result, especially in conjunction with the VCF...It can be soft and warm or scream in a good way.


Contrary to all my others VSTis, OB-Xtreme is not an exact recreation of an OB-X, it is rather a "closely inspired by" approach, stripped down to the minimum for easy sound design of OB Brass, Pads, Leads, FX and Percussions, trying to approach a real "analog warm". However some extended features like an optional FAT mode and Multiple DAW outputs per voice opens up to experimentation like different FX treatments per voice.

OB-Xtreme uses a custom C++ core and 3r party licensed code where nothing fancy was needed.

Runs on Windows 32/64-bit Systems and is multi-core compatible with 32-bit DAW/Host (works on x64 DAW via bridging). OS X will be available next year.

OB-XTREME is Donationware with a minimum of 15.00 €.

OB-XTREME Features:

  1. Analog modeled saturation: This is the main feature here, Analog warm...One of those real world analog technique is for example a Diode Clipping that will generate mostly third harmonic with a smaller amount of fifth, and lesser amounts of each additional higher odd-order harmonic. If a sound containing rich harmonic content like a digital saw oscillator is feeding a filter with a slightly saturated content it really gives the bass a nastier pleasant sound. Basically the XTREME knob will turn a sawtooth into an almost square wave at middle setting and goes crazy at full. A second stage is also present AFTER the filter stage so the filter resonance can really overload at higher settings. The second stage can be disabled for more headroom and cleaner sounding filter if needed.
  2. Classic OB-X functions & design: Each voices slight detuning is controlled by the SPREAD knob, this really gives the characteristic OB sound, with phase masking around the stereo field and panning, when used in conjunction with the FAT mode it can almost sound like a "supersaw" at max detuning...The iconic SYNC oscillators sound can be activated and by only modulating the OSC 2 pitch with the LFO you are in cutting lead solo territory. Although OB-XTREME do not feature a noise source nor the pulse OSC (which might be added later) some square sounding harmonics can be achieved with the XTREME saturation.You can trigger the 8 voices in polyphony or in mono (8 voices unison), the FAT mode is basically a huge polyphonic unison which gives the digital VSTi an even warmer analog feel.
  3. SEM Filters: A classic resonant 12Db/Oct State Variable filter is used with its own ADSR, the LOW end is absolutely not filtered which means that it is up to you to decide if you want the huge bottom or not. The sound of an overdriven filter is really different than a clean digital sounding one, OB-XTREME gives you the choice.
  4. LFO Vibrato and FX modulation: The LFO is rather simple in its routing, it modulate OSC2 or OSC2 + OSC1 pitch. However it features a SYNC option and many shapes including NOISE which opens up to some interesting sounds, some presets like analog claps or gunshots are possible..
  5. Separate outputs: The OB-XTREME have separate outputs for every voices before the filter stage.You can choose from ALL to 1 Stereo Channel or Separate Channels for each voice in your DAW.
  6. Velocity: Even if the design is simple and stripped down, velocity can also be assigned to the VCF cutoff frequency..
  7. GUI & automation: The GUI features all the OB-XTREME controls, most of the parameters can be MIDI learned and controlled by an external MIDI hardware or automation which gives you far more control and expression.

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 5.00 from 2 reviews

Reviewed By Kayster82
December 3, 2014

This synthesizer sounds huge while being a cinch to operate!
It is based on (means inspired by rather than full featured emulation) the 80s legend OB-X Synth.
A lot of information has already been provided on the website of Aly James Lab, so I will not dwell on the subject.
My point is the emulation of the analog sound, and it was impressive how he manages to reproduce the particular character of the vintage machines.
Whether at the VCA or oscillators stage, the sound is present and can seriously growl.
It is simply a dirty little synth that fits perfectly in my toolbox.
The ability to go out on a separate channel for each voice is brilliant.

I hope this will be ported to OS X in the future.

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Reviewed By BrockHardcastle
October 3, 2014

The developer has been pretty clear on this not being a direct emulation of the OB-X and OB series synths, but that doesn't mean it lacks in any area or doesn't sound real. This definitely has the life of a great emulation, but with a few tweaks and upgrades making it something new all together.

One of the first and only soft synths (even to this day) that had me floored by its sound was the OP-X Pro ii by Sonic Projects. The OB-Xtreme isn't designed to replace it. It doesn't sound the same, but it does sound incredible. It feels tighter, more responsive, and not as "drifty" or bulbous as the OP-X Pro ii does (and therefore not like a real OB-X). The brass-iness that makes the OP-X Pro ii so great is there with this one, but it's different and stands on its own. The drive saturation really makes this synth standout and capable of huge basslines and screaming leads. Dialed back it works excellently for pads.

The OB-Xtreme is an all in one great analog-style synth. Like the freeware classic Synth1, it's pretty swiss-army and there is a lot more than what you see and hear at first glance - Even then the default patches give a pretty great idea of what it is capable of.

The separate outs for all 8 voices is also pretty insane. You can add a reverb to one voice, a delay to another; bitcrush one; and chorus the next. It's crazy.

Aly James Lab consistently puts out really high quality plugins that are either true to their source unlike anything else out there (VLINN for example), or impressive originals based on something from the past like this synth here.

Anyone looking for a great analog-style synth with a ton of great features that can cover all your needs from pads, basses, FX, leads, and more should look no further. Ultimately, it's about the sound and this thing sounds as good if not better than a lot of the synths out there from the big developers.

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