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Reviewed By BrockHardcastle [read all by] on 15th October 2014
Version reviewed: 7 64 bit on Windows
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Decimort is impressive. I have tried several other bitcrushers and none of them have the depth of features or sound that Decimort has.

I have read some reviews that it's a CPU hit, but I don't see it. I have had 5 instances running in a project and hadn't seen it add more that 1% use.

On drums it can add warmth and harmonics, or it can completely destroy them. I bought it primarily for drum processing, but have used it on synths and basses to great effect. I don't think I'll go a single project without using it. Definitely essential and replaces every freeware crusher I have.

Reviewed By BrockHardcastle [read all by] on 3rd October 2014
Version reviewed: 7 64x on Windows
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The developer has been pretty clear on this not being a direct emulation of the OB-X and OB series synths, but that doesn't mean it lacks in any area or doesn't sound real. This definitely has the life of a great emulation, but with a few tweaks and upgrades making it something new all together.

One of the first and only soft synths (even to this day) that had me floored by its sound was the OP-X Pro ii by Sonic Projects. The OB-Xtreme isn't designed to replace it. It doesn't sound the same, but it does sound incredible. It feels tighter, more responsive, and not as "drifty" or bulbous as the OP-X Pro ii does (and therefore not like a real OB-X). The brass-iness that makes the OP-X Pro ii so great is there with this one, but it's different and stands on its own. The drive saturation really makes this synth standout and capable of huge basslines and screaming leads. Dialed back it works excellently for pads.

The OB-Xtreme is an all in one great analog-style synth. Like the freeware classic Synth1, it's pretty swiss-army and there is a lot more than what you see and hear at first glance - Even then the default patches give a pretty great idea of what it is capable of.

The separate outs for all 8 voices is also pretty insane. You can add a reverb to one voice, a delay to another; bitcrush one; and chorus the next. It's crazy.

Aly James Lab consistently puts out really high quality plugins that are either true to their source unlike anything else out there (VLINN for example), or impressive originals based on something from the past like this synth here.

Anyone looking for a great analog-style synth with a ton of great features that can cover all your needs from pads, basses, FX, leads, and more should look no further. Ultimately, it's about the sound and this thing sounds as good if not better than a lot of the synths out there from the big developers.

Reviewed By BrockHardcastle [read all by] on 7th July 2014
Version reviewed: 7 64x on Windows.
Last edited by BrockHardcastle on 7th July 2014.
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This along with the VLINN from Aly James Lab make two of the most unique and incredibly detailed drum machine emulations on the market.

Like I mentioned in my VLINN review, I've now garbaged all my samples for Simmons drums. This is it. Some quick highlights:

Every perameter is editable and can be automated.

This thing can make HUGE 808 style kicks, or knocking little taps like a TR-606. The snares are surprisingly useful, and can stand on their own or be layered under other samples for depth. The toms are what the Simmons drums were all about and there is nothing to miss here. They are gigantic, and again - every piece of the sound you could conceive of is editable and customizable. The hi-hats were shockingly useful to me. They sound great if tweaked well. They have a realness to them, and sound like the Linndrum sample (which I believe they were originally cribbed from on the SDSV)

It has individual outs so mixing is super easy inside your DAW.

There are selectable levels of output which can really add the grit and definition of analog drums.

You can custom-load PROMS in it. So adding a clap or another snare, or whatever is easy. It then runs through the circuitry and comes out the other end sounding appropriately degraded.

Aly is on a roll with these plugins, and he's doing something NONE of the other developers are doing. Furthermore, he's doing it at 1/4 the price.

If you love the sound of the 80s. You need this kit.

If you have samples of a Simmons kit, throw them out and get this.

Reviewed By BrockHardcastle [read all by] on 22nd May 2014
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows
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The VLINN by Aly James Lab is without a doubt the best VST drum machine out there for drum machine sounds. Period. Wave Alchemy, UVI, and others make emulations, but they don't touch the sound or features available here.

The LM-1 is a classic, and it's instantly recognizable for its punch, heft, and clarity and it's all recaptured here. The VLINN doesn't use samples, it uses the actual EPROM data and reads it in real time. Every sample I've paid for over the years are now useless because this thing does it all. You can alter the pitch of the samples; you can edit the cutoff/decay of the hi hats; you can route each channel to its own individual channel in your DAW for further processing. The best part about that is that it's automatically setup that way when opening the program.

BUT The most exciting feature of this program is the ability to load 4K, 8K, and 16K EPROM BIN files in to it. So that means that the DMX, DX, Drumtraks, and more are all instantly ready to pop in. Further to that, you can sample whatever other machine you want; convert the WAV to a BIN; then load it in to the machine. It's then run through all the modeled circuitry.

I can't say enough good things about the VLINN. It's absolutely essential for any fans of drum machines, the 80s sound, the Minnesota funk sound, and more.

Aly James knows what he's doing and doesn't cut corners or omit features. The big guys should take notes from his work and ear for authenticity.