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Vintage Analogue Emulation Plugin by Synapse Audio

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64 Patches of Basses,Leads,Noises,and pads from an Industrial and Synthwave slant .
This is an entirely free sampler pack of 20 patches from my latest 200 patch bank which can be found at. https://www.produktrecords.com These 20 presets are totally free for personal, commercial, and any other use but not for resale. Includes patches of very commercial and professional quality for uptempo sounds which work well with a beat, which can be used in 80s or 90s style records or any other style. Includes several basses, leads, keys, pads, plucks, strings, fx, chords, don't forget to touch the mod wheel also :) You can check out the audio demo on the website as well.
Velltone mode
for Obsession [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 16 August 2020
Downloaded: 198 times
Delta bass in Velltone mode :)
NOVAkILL - OBSession Patch Bank
for Obsession [Show all for]
by BONES [Show all by] on 23 June 2020
Downloaded: 472 times
80 patches made for Synapse Audio's OBSession during beta testing. Includes the paltry handful chosen for the factory bank, with enhancements. Whilst the leads and drones are in the heavy/dark style you might expect of NOVAkILL, there are plenty of other patches to suit other style of music. Patches are labelled by category. Open the zip file and drag the folder into OBSession's Soundbanks folder, which should be in C:\\Documents\Synapse Audio\OBSession\ on your PC and who knows where on a Mac.
122 free patches for OBsession where 72 were created during the Beta testing and 50 are new ones created after the official release. The download includes 4 folders with the fxp files (unsorted and sorted in catefgory sub-folders), NKS Presets (for the Komplete Kontrol and Maschine 2 software) and *.Repatch files for the OBsession RE plugin. To install the fxp files in Windows please copy the "Ingo Weidner" folder to the Soundbanks folder found at: C:\Users\*your name*\Documents\Synape Audio\Obsession\Soundbanks I have no Mac but AFAIK at OSX it should be located at: \Library\Application Support\Synape Audio\Obsession\Soundbanks. The plugin has to be re-loaded and/or re-inserted to make the new folder appaear in the browser. If you use the download with the category sub-folders (the "sorted" one) the sub-folders wil lappear in the browser like the main folders do.

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