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Delay / Echo Plugin by Ohm Force

OhmBoyz has an average user rating of 4.50 from 2 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for OhmBoyz

Reviewed By kritikon [read all by] on November 21st, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
Probably the fullest-featured delay plugin around.

2 delay lines, each with up to 4 taps. Almost all parameters assignable to its own LFO with a full choice of LFO wave types and speed. A fully resonant filter on each channel which will self oscillate and basically blow your monitors if you don't have a limiter in place! Auto tempo sync or free-running. Lowpass filter separate from the resonant filter. Distortion filter. Full midi with the pro version but VST automatable with the Standard. (But with a delay, how often are you going to edit most parameters anyway?)

Sound - top notch. Very very flexible - it can do quite full phasing and flanging due to the complete excess of LFOs available. It will even do multi-tone drones. It will do your basic echoes, slapbacks, multitap delays (up to 8 taps), tape echoes and all-out resonating dub megadelays, and it does them all well with good sonic reproduction of the delays, or destruction of the delays if you want it to.

Features - because of the distortion filter, you can make subtly deteriorating echoes, which when used with the Eq filter can make some highly realistic analogue style tape echoes. On top of that you can also LFO in some slight delay time changes to give you the wow and flutter effect.
The resonant filter is ideal for the dub delays - set to high resonace it screams - and you can use it exactly as you would with a mixing desk because of the automation. You simply flick the sustain button and the feedback is set to maximum on both channels - if you have a mild resonance, it will gently increase into the dub self-oscillating echo swell and carry on until you turn it off - the same effect as using a send FX on the same FX return channel. Mad Professor all in one button press! Other delays can resonate, but very few sound as pleasing to the ear as Ohmboyz. And even if you don't have the midi version, VST automation can control the sustain. You can automate the panning, which enables you to create pingpong delays in time with the tempo to whatever beatsync you want, or gently sweep the panning from side to side to get those circular-sounding delays (and of course you can do this on top of all the other stuff too) Or just have the panning completely random.
The LFOs are also good to stop delay-fatigue which can happen if you use long delays all temposynced - you put a very very light LFO onto the delay or tap tempos so that it subtly runs ahead and then behind the delay beat - excellent for moving hats to create a more humanised feel with slight timimng variations

Interface - I advise the standard version - you can get a "funky" skin, which is certainly artistic, but you won't have a clue what does what. With the standard one, everything is obvious, and it won't take long to get creative with it. A small but good feature is that when you don't turn on the 2nd delay line, it disappears off the screen, making it alot less cluttered.

Nobody should be without Ohmboyz.
Reviewed By casio hardcore [read all by] on August 18th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
This has got to be one of the coolest delay plugins ever designed. Also, the original GUI was super-crazy looking with it's Superhero and Mad-Cat images. The only probelm was that the GUI itself took up damn near the whole screen and it made editing a bit of a pain...no worries though. A smaller version came out shortly thereafter.

As far as the sounds...it's lush, multiplying delays will spin around within the realm of your head and leave you lusting for more. It's not you're basic multi-tap delay...it's more like a multi-tap delay on acid...yeah!

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