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Ohm Force

Ohm Force has been making some of the most acclaimed creative FX of the last decade (check the "testimonial" section) and is now offering the first full featured DAW build in with cloud based collaboration at its core : Ohm Studio.


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Reviewed By ratskins2
December 22nd, 2021

Some reviews say the interface is difficult to figure out. In my view, that is the best feature of the plugin. This forces you to listen to the sound you are creating. I find it a powerful creative tool that really is inspirational. The automation implementation is very good as well. One welcome feature is the ability to change the time it takes to morph from one preset to another. My comments about the general structure apply to their other plugins as well. Most of them allow you to choose between a funky skin or a "normal" looking interface. Unfortunately, you have to choose one of the other. It would be nice to be able to alternate between them easily. Their documentation is superb and with the funky interfaces it will pay great dividends to work through them.

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Reviewed By hani93523
March 7th, 2018


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Reviewed By Greg Houston
February 16th, 2014

It gets a 9 out of 10 only because of the seriously ugly UI with controls that are not labeled.

This free little plugin blows my mind. I am basically using a single preset, "The Raf smooth", with minor tweaking per use. It takes any flat, boring, 2D sound and makes it 3D. It is great on a lead guitar. It takes the flat sounds of Padshop Pro and transforms them into worlds only found in dreams and movies. I can get lost in Padshop Pro with this plugin. It's almost too good because I don't want to make anything, but instead just zone out in the landscapes arising out of the pads. Haha. I love it.

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Ohm Studio
Reviewed By Feng
October 9th, 2012

Ohmstudio is a collaborative DAW. This means that, using Ohmstudio, you'll be able to share your projects with musicians allover the world and invite them to contribute to it all "inside the box", download and upload of tracks is a background process that happens while you continue to make music. If you need a guitar track you have not to look for some "strum" plugin, you simply invite a good guitarist and hopefully he'll play his part. After nearly three months of Ohmstudio I know drummers, bass players, guitarists, singers and I can invite them to participate to my tracks. Some great features that make online collaboration easy and effective in Ohmstudio are:

1. All the people collaborating to a project can simultaneously record, edit, apply FX, so you don't have to wait your turn. You may even take your part secret (not audible by others) until you are satisfied with it

2. the changes are automatically uploaded in the background. First a 45 kbit/s version is uploaded and shared with all other users (usually this happens in a few seconds, depending obviously on the duration of the audio file), then a 128 kbit/s, than a loseless one.

3. People participating to a same project don't have to share the same vsts. Let's make an example: I have the XXX vsti and I record a MIDI part for it. If you have XXX in your library you hear it right after I stopped recording. If you don't have XXX I have to freeze it in order for the audio to be uploaded on the servers and downloaded by your computer.

4. All tracks are "cloud" stored, on Amazon servers. So you may access and work at every project in your account from every computer (mac or pc) that has Ohmstudio installed, by entering your login and password and you don't have to be afraid when you have to reinstall OS, all is stored remotely.

5. A same project can be shared by mac and pc users !!!!!

Ohmstudio comes bundled with all Ohmforce FX plus GForce Minimonsta and Oddity, but that's not all. It has also a very musical parametric eq, a good compressor, a basic limiter, a flanger, a vocoder and a nice sounding filter. I want to underline that these plugins make a great value by themselves. (Ohmforce plugins + Minimonsta + Oddity retail for nearly 550 Euro!). Anyway they are in a proprietary VST format, so you won't be able to use them outside Ohmstudio, unless you buy them in standard VST format.

If you need more instruments and FX, Ohmstudio can host VST plugins and instruments. It has a full featured mixer and very very smart and intuitive routing possibilities (sidechain, vocoders are no longer a routing nightmare) based on a modular architecture in which you simply draw virtual cables.

Obviously you have not to expect to find in Ohmstudio all the features you can find in Cubase or Logic or other more mature DAWs, Ohmstudio is really young, so some features are missing and there is still some bug to be solved, that's why I didn't give it full marks. However the development is being really fast. In three months I've seen many many new features added at a rate I have never seen in other daws.

And even if Ohmstudio doesn't meet the power of other more mature DAW, you can build a track from the ground up to the finished version all inside Ohmstudio. What's more, here is

what sets Ohmstudio apart from other DAWS is, in my opinion:

1. THE FUN! Sitting in front of your computer screen all alone to make a track cannot be compared to sharing your track with two or more musicians around the world and chatting while recording, editing, sharing your ideas! Your music will benefit from it. Once I read in a magazine: "So you have composed the song, you have played the bass, the synths, the drums, the keyboards, you have sung ...... so you won't be surprised if you are the only one who will like it". In Ohmstudio ideas are always shared and can really flourish to something good.

2. SUPPORT : Inside Ohmstudio there's a "general chat" where you can almost everytime find some Ohmforce guy online that helps you to solve your problems... or, at least, takes note of your problem. Sometimes this is vital, expecially when a bug is really difficult to describe with words.

3. COHMUNITY After three months of using Ohmstudio I can say that Ohmstudio is like a pub where I go almost each evening to play music with collaborators from all over the world (but now I find it appropriate to call them friends)

4. COLLABORATIVE EVENTS These are pure fun! Each week OhmForce team calls the users for a collaboration event in which you will meet other Ohmstudio users to build a track compliant to some kind of restriction they have announced before (there can be restrictions on the key, on the tempo, on the overall mood......). These are a great way to know other musicians you can invite to your own creations.

4. MUSIC I have never composed so much music! Collaboration enhances creativity! The collaborative character makes you produce more. When I am writing a track, I feel thrilled thinking that I will share it with talented musicians that can give me feedback, ideas and record their contribution having fun with it! I've never composed so much music as I've done with Ohmstudio.

Obviously you have the choice to keep your projects private (only you may open and even see them), share them with trusted collaborators only, or make them public, so that everyone can join.

One suggestion for all: Try it till it's free!

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Reviewed By foosnark
November 19th, 2007

For the kind of music I find myself making now, distortion is a crucial element. It has to be dirty in a clean way if you know what I mean -- it has to be controllable. And to be worth buying, it has to be versatile and powerful.

Ohmicide is all those things.

It's more than distortion. It doesn't *have* to be radical and demonic; you can simply use it as a sort of four-band EQ if you like, or as a multiband noise gate and/or dynamics processor. Or you can use it to warm things up a little bit. Or you can melt faces.

UI: A few minor nitpicks. Some of the controls feel a little small to me (particularly the mode selector scrollbar/buttons). The popups on some knobs seem to get in the way, necessitating occasional extra mouse clicks to get rid of them. The dialog box for loading a preset bank is a bit annoying since it doesn't remember where your presets are stored.

The Melohman technology is a bit confusing at first, and chances are if you don't skim the manual before messing around, you WILL lose some of your tweaks. But once you've figured it out you'll see that it's quite a powerful feature.

SOUND: I've never owned distortion hardware that cost more than $15, so comparing it to boutique stomp boxes or overdriven tube amps isn't something I can do. However, it definitely is capable of distorting your sound in musically useful ways. Also some very ugly, harsh ways when that's what you need. Or howling feedback from multiple channels that beautifully interact. :) It's not an amp/cabinet sim, but it doesn't need to be.

FEATURES: Extremely versatile; does distortion well and more besides that. The one feature I could think of to ask for would be individual post-distortion filter or EQ for each band; however you can usually get all the control you need without that anyway.

DOCUMENTATION: Website-based, so you need to be online to read it. Clear and well written, though my browser had a problem rendering the description of the various distortion algorithms.

PRESETS: There are lots of them. I'm not sure they can be judged as "good" or "bad" because it really varies with the source material and what kind of sound you're looking for. I don't find them particularly useful; even when evaluating the demo I didn't fall in love until I tweaked it myself for a while. I almost always start with a blank preset and cook up what I need from there.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: The only downside I can think of here is unwillingness to allow license transfers -- but I know I will never want to sell mine anyway. :)

VFM: Strong. The 79 Euro pricetag was a little scary to me at first, but this is absolutely the most satisfying plugin purchase I've ever made. Well worth it.

STABILITY: In some projects it works beautifully with no trouble at all. In another couple of projects it tended to crash FLStudio after tweaking a newly added instance. Other plugins have given me similar trouble, so I always save before I add new plugins to a track anyway.

Overall I'd give this plugin 9.9 out of 10.
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Reviewed By Jace-BeOS
December 26th, 2005

Frohmage is definitely one of the "must have" free VST effects. i have used it countless times to brighten, colorize, dirty or whatever sounds that were too clean, too dull or whatever. Frohmage kicks ass. The funky GUI may take you a bit to figure out, but after i did, i decided that the funky UI is part of my love of Frohmage.

Frohmage has enabled me to maintain cheesy tracker module instrumentation ported to Sonar by giving them a sparkle (or a grunge) that they lack (module trackers never give the sample back to you as you put it in, i don't know why).

My only negative comment is that it is a mono-effect and therefore you will lose any stereo imaging passed through it. This doesn't matter most of the time (like when i Frohmaged the cheesy guitar licks in an old module), but if you want to maintain the stereo image... i guess you have to go buy QuadFrohmage (which i am seriously considering at this moment, myself).

Frohmage has been FUN and i plan to have more fun with it in future.
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Quad Frohmage
Reviewed By dreammaka
January 28th, 2005

This is the most interesting filter I ever used.

I have PSP nitro, Ohmforce QF and few other free or reaktor filters.
but this thing just stands out from crowd.

user interface is great. for every ohmforce products there is
standard(classic) skin and Funky skin.
I usually start with classic skin because all the parameter is
layed out clearly.
after I get used to classic skin then I move to funky skin.
I love funky skin. it just make plug-in joy to use.
more I look at the plug-in, more I want to use it, and also
it gives me more creative ideas :-)

QuadFrohmage has 4 filters. and each filter has good number of
mode like LP,HP,BP,BR,Moog LP etc.

and as for almost every ohmforce, you can have independent
LFO and Env for every parameter.
it just makes everything so much easier than having few
set of modulation matrix source and target.

so you can do almost everything you can imagine with filter FX with

but what's with all this amazing GUI and features if it doesn't
sound good.

well it does sound GOOD, very good.
by comparing to other filters, QF usually sound dirty and aggressive.
which mean you can make soft mellow lead sound really
distorted and make it scream.

but it can do simple soft LP filtering too.
it's just that I like it to sound aggressive.

Ohmforce provides really good docuement with QF.
also, they have tutorial for Quad Frohmage.
I've read all of there documents and it gives me
clear idea of what it can do and shows me all the
parameters that I need to know.

I don't use any of supplied presets but I did auditioned many of
presets and they were excellent. I just don't use them becuase I
like to make my own presets or make setting as I make music.

some people might think this plug-in is quite expensive but
with all these features it's worth the money.
it's just the best filter you can buy with money.
I recommand all of Ohmforce's plug-ins.

oh it never crashed on me :-)

so I give this plug-in 10/10.
good job Ohmforce!
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Reviewed By suthnear
January 22nd, 2005

Let me count the ways I love Symptohm:
(1) It takes a static picture of a sound and breathes life into it. You can twist and pull and wrench and turn that sound over and under, backwards and forwards. The results are full and rich *and* clear and penetrating, and, most of all, musical. It does bread and btter with the same ease as deep fried peyote muffins.
(2) It introduces both a new form of synthesis and the Melohman technology. So it's innovative, too, something that immediately differentiates it from 99% of the plug-ins out there. And these innovations aren't just of the madly experimental sort, but are highly useable. Melohman, particularly, is aimed at players, not just tweakers, although it's a tweaker's delight, too. There's no other synth out there that can do these things: reason enough to buy it.
(3) It has, in the funky skin, the nicest GUI I have ever seen. I love the fact that ohmforce covered it in strange drawings and weird victorian decoration. And more mad apes than you can shake a stick at.
(4)Artistic merits aside, it's a clear and logical design: the signal flow is mapped onto the GUI itself. Which is handy given all the routing configurations. And as already mentioned, those knobs just ooze quality.
(5) There's more modulations per square centimetre than any other synth I have ever used. Virtually every parameter can have it's own envelope and its own lfo. Adding modulations doesn't thin the sound out the way it does in so many plugins.
(6) The filters sound really, really good. The quadfromage concept fits perfectly here.
(7) Metapatches are also an excellent solution to a perennial problem: you create an excellent patch but you have to tweak it slightly for different tracks. So you end up saving the same named preset all over the place. Metapatches centralise this and allwo you to switch easily between variations.
(8) Ohmforce support is among the best in the business.

What don't I like, then? To be honest, not too much. The are elements on the GUI that could be easier to read (a few too many shades of grey in places) but once you know what they do it doesn't matter. The multiple levels of modulation and routing could be confusing for a newcomer, but then you don't have to use these features to their fullest: Symptohm functions very well as a rwo oscillator single filter synth. Mising features? I'd like to be able to modulate the modulators, and modulate the filters using the oscillators as well. The documentation is clear if a bit on the brief side. A tutorial would be helpful for the less experienced user, particularly regarding routing.

Reading over this review, it sounds more like a marketing release, but I am genuinely blown away. I don't work for ohmforce, nor do I have any affiliation with them. I just love their work. Symptohm has become my favourite synthesizer, hardware included, and the first thing I load when I start new projects.
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