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Panzertank PM4

Phase Modulation Synth Plugin by Land of Cockaigne
No Longer Available

Panzertank PM4 has an average user rating of 3.75 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Panzertank PM4

Panzertank PM4

Reviewed By The Chase [all]
June 6th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

This synth is ancient, but I haven't found a better one for learning FM (phase modulation and frequency modulation are identical with sinusoidal operators - the DX7 was phase modulation, marketed as FM because FM is conceptually easier to wrap your head around).

How to pickup FM is one of the most common questions among electronic production communities. Most people make it much too hard for themselves by watching confusticating tutorials and starting with fully featured synths like Dexed. All the tutorials, user manuals, wikipedia pages in the world don't hold a candle to simply locking yourself in a room with a simple synth like our guy Panzer here.

There are only 4 operators, each operator's parameters are vertically lined up (making it easier to visualize what's going on), and schematics for each algorithm (the different routing configurations between operators) are right on the panel for quick reference. You have no excuse for not having learned FM, and this is unbeatable for learning FM on.

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Panzertank PM4

Reviewed By ThunderDrums [all]
July 8th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

It is July 2008 and this lady from long ago is still residing in my "Go-to" section. What can i say, this thing is so beautifully emotional I barely believe how good it is for its age.

Hard, gritty, filthy, lush, sexy, the sound creation possibillities are boundless. It is better suited towards industrial noise type of sounds but equally on foot making 'different' bass and lead sounds. The envelope section on this beauty is not your everyday adsr fare but with added extra controls for sound mangling joy. The oscillators (3) have a wide range of octaves, detune, and tone controls to build with and different inner FM structures to choose as a basis for your sound design.

Not many presets to start with but this synth goes far beyond what the original patches show.

Like the dreaded panzers in the second great war, this thing is tough, noisy, and bound to frighten you with its presence and sound possibilities.

Customer support is nill as the creators personal life had him leave shortly after his advent into vstidom and now his creations have gained a cult status. And though they are old, they are as stable as can be on MOST modern PCs.
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Panzertank PM4

Reviewed By dburgan [all]
February 8th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

Nasty. That's the only word I can think of to describe this SynthEdit creation. Wait, here's another: weird. And another: wicked.

This is one of those FM synths that somehow manages to sound like an industrial plant gone haywire. For hard-edged techno, industrial, IDM, etc., this would be a must-have synth. Fortunately, the price is right (it's free)!

If you're looking for lush, cool DX7-style crystal or bell sounds, lush EP, or punchy FM bass, keep looking. This synth's forte is aggressive, wild sounds that you won't find anywhere else.
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Panzertank PM4

Reviewed By warbug [all]
December 2nd, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

probally one of my favorite synth edit creations and maybe one of the best FM like VSti's. i have used this in many songs and i own FM7! its not very full sounding but it can still stand with synths that cost money. this is very stable for a synth edit creation.

PM4 was used in cubase 5.0

P4@1.5GHz with 512Mb rambus

and a MOTU 828
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