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Comments & Discussion for Naughty Seal Audio Perfect Drums

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26 June 2020 at 9:11am

Yes, they sound good, but the genre they sound good on is pretty limited, so comparing them to EZ and SD is not really a correct thing to do. Only a porportion of SD and EZ is in the same area. With SD and EZ you get a far more sophisticted and deeper drum software, especially if you rely on pre made grooves. When it comes to sound Perfect D sound good, but IMHO SD sound AS good, so there is really no need to buy Perfect Drums in addition. I would then rather go for one of SD expansions. But if you only stay within the heavier part of rock music, and are able to play drums and full grooves on your keyboard/drum pad, then you might look into this one. I would however like to mention that when it comes to sound the EastWest drum software is hard to beat, however this is also more limited than EZ and SD. So if your are NOT a drummer, and need "help" building a credible groove, I still think EZ would be the best choise, especially cost wise.

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