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Naughty Seal Audio
+380 96 9991313 / info@naughtysealaudio.com

Perfect tools for your DAW.

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Perfect Drums
Reviewed By stareternal
June 24th, 2020

This plugin is amazing, the kits in this plugin sound so good. I was a long time EZD2 and superior Drummer user, but this plugin actually sounds better for anything I have used it for, out of the box. Crazy, I just wish more people used it because i would like to trade the kits and sounds the way the plugin was also designed to do. If you make metal, this is way better than EZD, or GGD imo, I have all 3 and this destroys the others. The rooms sound amazing.

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Perfect Drums
Reviewed By IanPB
June 9th, 2019

Unfortunately, Perfect Drums is, effectively, primarily for the 'Metal', and people wishing to use it for other musical genres may very feel frustrated when using this software. Consequently, all the supplied snare samples, all apparently with snare spring removed, sound very much the same as each other (like biscuit tins), as do the toms (all very clicky, with no tonal depth), the kick drums (also very clicky with no tonal depth), and the cymbals, which all sound thin and dark. Of course, you could add your own samples via the Sample Player section, but even doing this can take many hours of setting up, as well as learning how to do it properly.

As someone who dislikes the 'Metal' genre, and after devoting far too much time of my limited lifespan with 'Perfect Drums', I went back to Ezdrummer and Superior Drummer which has, at least, offers a wider variety of components and sounds, as well as a higher standard of audio fidelity. It was after returning to EZdrummer that I realised 'Perfect Drums' was making my mixes muddy.

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