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Comments & Discussion for Liqube Audio PluGView

Discussion: Active
7 December 2012 at 11:48am

The program doesn't work very well when adding folders, so it was very time-consuming to add all folders...

When I try to add more folders to check for plugins in, I can browse and find it, but often when I click OK to add the folder, the program locks up and displays an "access violation" message. I can see the folder I just chose in the folder list behind, but the program is locked and has to be closed from the activity handler.

Sometimes it's possible to add 3 or 4 folders before the lock-up, but it always crashes after a couple of added folders - and sometimes after only one...

Sometimes it seemed ok if I closed the Settings-window between each add, but sometimes there's a crash when I klick on Close instead.

The Add Special adds Cubase 5 vst3 and vstplugins folders, but the common steinberg\vstplugins in the x86 folder. Why the mix - they should be chosen in either x86 or 64-bit folders (or rather; in both 32- and 64-bit folders)...

Running Win 7 Pro 64-bit and I've tried to run the program normally and as administrator, in normal mode and in XP compatibility modes - but nothing helps against the folder adding problem.

Once all plugin folders have been added, it seems to work ok, but it takes time to get there and all the crashes on the way are very annoying...


7 December 2012 at 12:18pm

I haven't received any reports on this issue yet and also I cannot reproduce this issue myself, I have tried to provoke it, but no luck. Anyhow I'll look into it soon.

Meanwhile, if this problem persists, you could just open up plugview.xml with a regular text editor like Notepad and edit it by hand. Just add in extra folder sections.

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