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Exciter / Enhancer Plugin by SKnote

Roundtone has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed By jam92189 [all]
May 1st, 2012
Version reviewed: 2.0.1 on Windows

Subtitle is the key when it comes to real tape emulations like this one.

When you just insert it and fiddle around with it until you made a huge change on just one insert you might not like what you hear unless you want the extra harmonics that is. What I like to do with this is set the master bus as tape A and the rest are just connected to it that way I can change them up without effecting the others. Personally I like it on the first insert. with the setting almost not doing anything almost that is. when you do your whole mix with it thinking subtitle is the key you will find that over all the drums have a nice smooth punch but a clean round tone to em. the vocals are nice and dynamic but with a smooth control. Overall the mix has a nice clean glue to em dynamic but smooth and clean without getting out of control.

now when you turn off the global bypass you will really hear this baby in action. it dose more than smooth out the transients and cut some high and low end it really helps add a little extra harmonics and controls the mix without you noticing. even mixes that were done without roundtone sound nice when you just stick it in there and try to go for a smooth transparent effect.

overall i love this product, CPU is light and the effect can be subtle or extreme if you want it. Its not for beginners who want to hear a huge difference right way almost nothing sounds good when that happens the controls are easy to use and not hard to figure out. and when put everywhere on a mix there is a huge difference remember to level match so not to trick your ears. this overall gets full ten out of ten for me one of my favorite plugins and the customer service is top notch. I have not been disappointed with any sknote plugins and hope that you will give this a good thinking.

P.S. i am not paid to say anything about any developer, its just personal opinion so please don't start bashing. Things work for people who take there time to learn to use there tools if you cant use it maybe you did not give it a fair shot or maybe you wanted something else.

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Comments & Discussion for SKnote Roundtone

Discussion: Active
3 May 2012 at 7:13pm

+1 This plug is really worth the price, I tried the Master Tape by Waves and the Roundtone kicks its a** !! More tweakable than the Ferrick (I love the Ferrick) and for a very fair price, go ahead and get it if you're into tape saturation/emulation !! (I also recommend to check out the Toneboosters' Reelbus).

3 May 2012 at 7:55pm

I must agree with the toneboosters reelbus being a really nice plugin.

and yes this thing is really worth the price. its a anazing plugin

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