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Space Synthesizer / Effect

Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by MHC Synthesizers and Effects
No Longer Available

Space Synthesizer / Effect has an average user rating of 3.89 from 9 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Space Synthesizer / Effect

Reviewed By SyntheticAurality [read all by] on September 2nd, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.5b on Windows
SpaceSynthesizer, out of the box, has some excellent presets for (as you might guess) 'space' music - as well as good patches useful for mixing into the background of ambient tracks, and a few 'fx'-type goodies. But that's not *all* it's good at, with a little bit of work it makes an excellent pad machine and can produce excellent soundscapes! Programming isn't that complex, fiddle the knobs and you're off. Theres an Intelligent Patch Generator (IPG) and 64 extra patches that you get when you register, both of these are pretty useful.

The downside: some patches can get a little CPU-hungry, although V1.5b seems to be better about it. The GUI is not pretty, but it's functional. The built-in bank loader/saver is a *PAIN* as it doesn't use a standard Windows file-chooser dialog, you have to type the name in FIRST, then hit 'load' and hope you got the name right. I have also not been able to get really harsh sounds out of it, but it's a SPACE synthesizer so I should know better (lol).

An unusual VSTi and one of the top bits of kit in my arsenal, it seems to be relatively unknown for some reason.
Reviewed By Spe3D [read all by] on June 9th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows.
Last edited by Spe3D on 17th June 2003.
*****I decided to make an edit to this, well a complete rewrite due to the most recent update, ok Jzero it’s more than a one trick now. Also I forgot to mention the effects that come as a separate addition too, Cool*****


I am now reviewing version 1.5.

I was notified of the update through an email sent from the company with clear instructions on download. Complete with a list of fixed items and a link to a new bank of patches.

Also nice clear instructions on how to contact the company in case of any bugs or issues with the software.

The update was free and uninstalling and then installing the update went smoothly as with entering my s/number.

GUI to my eyes looks much clearer plus changing the wave shapes and patches went without a hitch.

Sound of the pads this synth can emit sound rich with a smooth and evolving glide, quite a pleasant experience.

This is very tweakable, plus has a custom patch generator; you will need to download it to see what I mean. It’s quite unique.

The cpu load has been improved but you will still need to watch your max polyphony.

So I can say this synth works as it should and sounds pretty good to me. Thanks for the update MHC, it’s a good one.

Give the demo a go, its fun.


Reviewed By Rabid [read all by] on May 17th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows
Of the three synths in the MHC collection this is the one I use most. It’s name reflects the purpose, those spacy sounds you hear in old since fiction movies, and spacey pads from early electronic music. Jean Michel (or Michael) Jarre could have made several albums with this synth alone during the 80’s.

Space Synthesizer has a few twist. Evolving waveform, individual right and left delays, sequencer that can control the filter, resonator, ensemble control. This is not just another analog wannabe with the standard subtractive oscillator/filter format. And it is not a synth that will cover bass, leads and percussion. This synth has a purpose and the purpose of this synth is spacey pads. Because it is so focused on one type of sound you get a unique but capable VSTi. A very nice addition to any collection because it is not really like any other synth. I must say the patch programming is also excellent. CPU usage is standard and this synth does not seem to suffer the occasional CPU spikes that the other MHC synths have.

So what is bad? There is not much bottom on this synth. This could be considered good for sitting in the mix, but don’t expect those low grumbling notes for songs that start with big pads. Also, the interface looks simple to use but the knobs are difficult to control. I occasionally suffer a problem when switching patches. Sometimes the sound process seems to go crazy and you get a very loud grumble or screech. This is not often, but when demoing patches I suggest keeping the amp turned down low, or maybe putting a limiter after this synth. Hopefully the developer will insert a bit of code that will mute current sound when the previous/next patch select buttons are activated.

Otherwise, this is a very nice synth and a very good buy. To anyone who plans to buy this synth, take a close look at the full package. It seems to be a much better deal when you grab all three synths and the effects collection but test the other synths first as they seem to have CPU problems that are not evident in this VSTi.

Reviewed By geeseaplenty [read all by] on April 17th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.4? on Windows.
Last edited by geeseaplenty on 23rd April 2003.
This is a really nice synth and a great value if you buy the MHC package (three synths and loads of FX in one money-saving deal). I love it because it has a really distinctive sound. I find that I'm using it more in my compositions. Don't be fooled by the name; this isn't an a-tonal, special FX synth. It's very musical and useful for a variety of contemporary genres. And I love the simple, attractive GUI. Well worth the money if you want something different and not your average Moog/ARP/Oberheim emulator.

[this is an amendment to my earlier review. since it's original posting, i've experienced serious instability with all my MHC synths. i say buy these synths at your own risk, or wait for any serious update news from MHC. all my other plug-ins are performing well, so I know it isn't my system.]
Reviewed By x_bruce [read all by] on December 30th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.x on Windows
Space Synth is somewhat of a one trick pony but it's trick is substantial. The main timbres produced by Space Synth are ambient, spacy sounds that fill sonic spaces quite nicely.

If you enjoy old school electronic/space music you will find Space Synth to be much your cup of tea. The interface is a bit difficult to get around and much of the sounds depend on the onboard effects, a lush chorus and delay.

The basic timbres are not terribly warm but work in a PPG Wave kind of cold way. As a synth the feature set is limited but not to the point of frustrating.

Bundled with the spate of effects the $39 cost is minimal and well worth the purchase.
Reviewed By waran [read all by] on October 1st, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.2d on Windows
Tired of handling all those VSTi monsters that still do not produce the sounds you want them to?
Travelling through the nebulas without the fitting sound?
Need some pretty soundscapes or ever evolving and rotating sounds to let you reach for outer space?
Here you are!

SpaceSynth offers a huge amount of pretty swirling soundscapes you need for your pads.
It has a double stereo delay line and a 16-step-sequencer that let you create complex evolving sounds within a few moments. Nevertheless it's user interface remains easy to handle and leads you to usable results in a short time.

For those who do not even want to spend some moments on programming sounds SpaceSynth provides an intelligent patch generator that builds soundbanks of 64 sound just the way you want them to sound.

Last not least Mikael Hillborgs customer support ist absolutely first class.
I startet using SpaceSynth quite early in beta-testing when it still was not stable and producing all sorts of hissing, crackles etc. But it only took an eMail to get get immediate help and response - and now version 1.2d is absolutely stable on my system and produces exactly the sounds I expected from a thing called "SpaceSynth".
A lot of stars for your money - have a try!
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on September 9th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.2c on Windows
With this synth you can produce a nearly infinite number of evolving and static pads and "spacey" or ambient sounds, which mostly sound very interesting and good. You are helped by the included automated patch creator, which makes it very easy to create new sounds - a great idea, which works very fine. But also the included 64 presets are sounding very interesting.

I had a problem with Logic 4.8 and Mikael Hillborg gave me best support (and it´s fixed now).

The manual is very clear and understandable.

Some Problems?
Sometimes the sounds are not stable.
The GUI: It is a little bit difficult to read because of the somewhat low-contrast.
And a minor patch list problem.
But I´m sure that Mikael will fix these things in the next versions.

The VFM is extremely good, not only as you get some extra effects and the patch creator in addition.
For me this is absolutely the best synth in this field.
Reviewed By PA [read all by] on September 3rd, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows
Space Synth does just what it says. Complex slowly changing spacey textures. It is probably best suitable with ambient tracks, background textures for any kind of music and sound design.

It is in fact much more than a VST synth since you get a bundle with Space Synth, Space Effect(the synth w/o oscillators, and the five individual individual fx as separate plugs. The most interesting effect is the Resonator.
A not so commonly found feature is a sequencer which can affect most of the Synth or Effect parameters.
Most section in the Synth or Effect can be sync’ed with the host tempo.
V1.2 comes also with no less than 26 waveforms ! including an “mute” one (read the manual) . A very clever Intelligent Patch Generator (IPG) is provided as a small separate tool. I have seen nothing like it elsewhere. Included are also 64 stunning patches.

When it was first released earlier this year I was more impressed by Space Effect than Space Synth. V1.2 has changed that and the synth is now a very unusual and rich instrument.

All in all for 39 $ this is quite a good deal (I think).

The GUI is clear and makes patch tuning pretty straightforward, thought the graphics themselves could be more sophisticated. The only limitation is that sliders and knobs are sometimes not so easy to set precisely to a given level.

The user manual is short (which I like) and at the same time very helpful to understand all supplied features.

I found no problem with stability. The main limitation is probably the relative burden on the CPU. With a 700 Mhz Pentium and 128 Mb of RAM I was often between 20 and 50% of CPU usage. Because of the very nature of the sounds I think it is probably easy to stream the Synth output to wave and include it as a sample in your host. Space Effect is much more easy with the CPU.

At last but not least Mikael’s support is very good.

The demo version is fully functional only limited to 30 days. Try it I hope you will share my enthusiasm.
Reviewed By womble42 [read all by] on September 2nd, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows.
Last edited by womble42 on 3rd September 2002.
This was one of the first soft sytnhs I purchased and boy is it a powerful beast. In some ways that is it's strengths and weaknesses as I find that some of the sounds just completely overpower and fill up the mix. Having said that, these can be tweaked and other fx can fix this. There are lots of filters/oscilators etc.....too tweak and for lazy people like me, the presets are excellent. This synth from initial impressions is good for inicidental fx/fills/and spot sounds to help embelish a song rather than actually create a song but - like I said before, I am a "preset editing type person" and I am sure that with careful programming there is a lot more to this baby.

One thing though - This works fine in Fruity Loops - but does nothing in Acid 4.0 but, too be fair, the program has just been released so I would hope that this will be fixed. I am emailing the software people now and will update on my response.

Overall - good synth, maybe to be overpowering but - a great synth at a great price.

I have just had several emails from the author of the program,confirming 1) That he will check the Acid 4.0 problem 2) That he is fixing it 3) That he has now posted an update!!!!

fantastic support, thanks for all your help......please buy this synth!

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