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Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on September 22nd, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
If you like spacey/ambient/pad sounds, then M42 Nebula is the instrument to do this. You can produce a wide range of evolving and rhythmic sounds. The presets are showing this very good.

User Interface is nice but a little bit confusing, but the manual is describing all in a good manner.

Customer Support and Value For Money are outstanding and this synth never crashed on my machine.

I really have no serious complaints about this synth.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on November 28th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 28th November 2003.
Slayer 1 really impressed me very much when it came out. Now with v.2 I´m a bit disappointed.

Sure, it has more effects and a bit better sound quality.

But the CPU load is far too high, mainly if no notes are played at all.

Some of the presets aren´t very convincing and there are too few of them.

Nevertheless, the small upgrade price has justified the upgrade for me. But I´m not sure if I would have bought it for the normal price.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on August 18th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.21 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 18th August 2003.
No review / rating yet - unbelievable.

One of the best things of EXT is if someone has a wish for an additional feature, it will be implemented sooner or later because Jorgen is one of most activ developers - his support is fabulous. For me the quintessence for that wonderful and extremely versatile plugin / standalone host is: Excellent value for money. I was rarely so impressed by a plugin / host.

Sorry for the short review, but I´m no mega-poster.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on March 12th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.11 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 12th March 2003.
In my opinion Revitar is the best acoustic guitar simulation VSTi (physical modelling).

Sound, Features, pdf Manual, Customer Support, Value For Money, Stability are very good, so I have no critics about that.

User Interface could be a bit more guitar like, the Presets could be some more (the existing are good). The CPU load is a bit high, but that´s because of the really good modelled sound quality.

For that price you can´t do something wrong to buy it.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on February 26th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 20th March 2003.
Nearly all is said before, but I´m not as impressed by Sonic Synth as most other people because of the following reasons: The GUI is horrible and SS sometimes crashes the sequencer (I know, IK is not guilty for both because it´s the Sampletank engine).

But the worst for me is the VFM: Compared to the price of the Jeskola XS-1 SF2-Sampler (50 $) and the many many free soundfonts (and some of them are really excellent) the price for Sonic Synth is very high.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on January 13th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.43 on Windows
Only the second review for such a good FREE instrument?

This thing is really sounding like the 60´s organs (Keith Emmerson and the Nice, Gary Brooker and Procol Harum, Deep Purple, Doors, Steppenwolf, ...) - phantastic and the presets are nice.

Customer support is outstanding because within two days there were three new versions with fixed bugs and some new features.

I´m very impressed of that instrument except for the somewhat high CPU consumption (but it´s a SE synth).
The absence of a documentation isn´t a problem, I think, because that organ isn´t really difficult to program.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on November 25th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 25th November 2002.
I own all tape banks for the M-Tron, but I´m surprised that the strings of MelloSound are sounding different than all the strings- and violin-sounds of the M-Tron. They are more soft and dreamy than the M-Tron sounds, what I personally like very much. Also the samples are looped very good, so there is no limitation to a 8 seconds sound.

It´s a very nice instrument for free.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on November 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: 3.0 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 6th November 2002.
I own the M-Tron now for a year and also all banks, but haven´t made a review yet, that´s nonexcusable.

I always loved the sounds (mainly the strings and violins) of that instrument since the late 60s, which was the first sampler ever built. And the M-Tron reproduces these sounds perfectly with a great veriety of sounds.

When I had questions, they quickly answered and helped me.

Compared to the prices of original Mellotrons, the VFM is very good.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on November 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.04 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 6th November 2002.
This is one of the best synths (free or commercial).

The sounds are great and most presets are fine. It has a great flexibility to produce most different sounds. And the included arpeggiator is phantastic.

It has a nice and clear GUI, which makes it easy to work with in a very short time.

The docs are only in Japanese, so I cannot say if they are good or not. But do one need them for that easy to handle synth? And as I have no problems with that synth, I didn´t need support yet.

I had no stability problems at all.

As it is free, the VFM is the best possible.
Reviewed By AndreasE [read all by] on October 25th, 2002
Version reviewed: R3 on Windows.
Last edited by AndreasEhrhardt on 11th April 2003.
Edited for R3!

First of all I have to say that XS-1 seems to be the best of all SF2-players/samplers for the present, but...

It has problems to reproduce exactly the sound of many soundfonds, because it seems to be difficult to program the filter- and many other parameter-settings of the Zone-, Instrument- and Preset-layers of a SF2. So, you often hear differences in the sound between a soundfont-program loaded in XS-1 and the same one loaded in the SBLive or Audigy. Also some presets of some soundfonts aren´t even loaded in XS-1, so they cannot be played.

The GUI is good and clearly constructed.

There can be layered up to 16 different SF-programs simultaneously and there are many parameters to influence the sound and some internal effects.

There are no docs, although not all is easily to understand.

On some bug reports I got a fast answer, on some I didn´t got anyone.

There are no presets, but it isn´t an instrument itself, so how should it be.

The VFM would be good if it really would fully support all features of soundfonts, as stated on their website.
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