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Mastering Plugin by Crysonic
No Longer Available

Comments & Discussion for Crysonic SPECTRA 'Q

Discussion: Active
19 February 2012 at 10:12am

I would like to hear some words from Crysonics about the release and support of their products. It appears they no longer respond to support emails, sales and responses. They were until recently sending out emails for upgrades at a discount...this started last August 2011, promised product back in December, since then all communications have gone quiet except for the odd spam mail from Crysonics. Send them an email and see if you get a response.
It may be plausible this company is no longer trading. Send them money and see if you receive the goods at your cost.
I would like KVR mods to review this product line and whether or not they should be supported by the KVR site.

13 December 2012 at 7:54pm

I know that's an old topic, stressed several times. I think the tenor was pretty negative. Overwhelmingly negative.

Why do I post here nonetheless? Now here comes the surprise: I -LOVE- their plugins. I bought their/his entire bundle. Not before trying them, of course. I think crysonic deserves a positive response. Here is the story:

I downloaded the demos. I tried them on:

Vocals: Made them sound more transparent (SpectraliveVision)

Snare: Made a dull recording bright and present, punchy (Nxtasy, Transiliate)

E-Guitars (rythm): again Spectralive: Made it sonically balanced (from boxy)

Master insert: C2-compressor: I was surprised how "analogue" that thing can sound. I have some hardware comps and I compared them. There was a certain analogue feel with the C2. SpectraQ: Did a good job when it was about shaping the entire mix.

What I don't like: The GUIs. they look like the latest toy'r'us crap, but after all it's about the sound. No real manuals. it's like Go and find out yourself.

Regarding authorization: I had n o troubles! Email the provided serial number and you get a response number back. Copy-paste into the authorization field and off you go. BUT! Sometimes you have to TYPE in the number to make it work!! I know this problem so I knew what to do when it refused to work on copy/paste. I guess that's the problem most users are complaining about (saying their serials didn't work). If you have problems with the authorization process try to do it manually.

By the way: the quality of NewB V3 blew me away. (sub bass enhancer)

and: I'm NOT Crysonic ;-)

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