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SPL Free Ranger

SPL Free Ranger has an average user rating of 2.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for SPL Free Ranger

SPL Free Ranger

Reviewed By RobertSchulz [all]
September 20th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.16 on Windows

Not as useful as I thought:

  1. The plugin offers only 4 adjustable bands (40hz, 150hz, 1.8k and 16k), not all of the 8 which are shown in the interface. Less bands are common to me as I use a lot of analog modelled plugins, but why even wasting the already barely given GUI space with 4 not usable sliders? This isn't even an updatable plugin, the free version is a standalone plugin. Just to make the user hungry for the paid version? No, not in this way.
  2. The sliders can be adjusted only by horizontal dragging (which is a little incomfortable) or by hovering over and using your mousewheel, but is problematic due to point 3.
  3. The GUI is very small and sliders are hard to pinpoint if you want to adjust the frequencies. Not sufficient enough for modern desktops.
    The interface should have been updated a long while ago to be resizable.
  4. Also for being a passive EQ, it actually introduces a gain change by boosting a frequency. So no really a change to an active EQ here.
  5. Sliders do not reset at double click - only at Ctrl/CMD + click. - Yes, it's nitpicky, but if you try to use the plugin frequently, you will have a problem with this.
  6. No Mute, no solo for band nor do the bands even show values or can be adjusted to a certain value.
  7. Last but not least: No coloration or anything special to the sound. :P.

Only cool feature I like is that you can have 4 preset states for the sliders and even automate between them, but that doesn't equalize the disadvantages with this one.

Resume: Even as free plugin, this thing isn't worth to download and authorize it. Hugely Overrated plugin.

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Discussion: Active
14 November 2014 at 10:33am

1.8 kHz band is not operating at that frequency, spectrum analyzer shows 900 Hz. Please correct that.

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