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Strobe (DCAM: Synth Squad)

Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by FXpansion
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No download links have been added for Strobe (DCAM: Synth Squad) - the best place to look is the FXpansion home page: fxpansion.com

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Pandashake\'s Junoish
for Strobe (DCAM: Synth Squad) [Show all for]
by pandashake [Show all by] on 27 November 2011
Downloaded: 350 times
A few starter presets for chasing a Juno-60ish sound via Strobe. To add \"chorus,\" increase the \"Stack\" control or garnish with a good dose of Tal Chorus-60 (50/50 mix, type II sounds best to me).
IW 65 Strobe patches 28.9.09
for Strobe (DCAM: Synth Squad) [Show all for]
by Ingonator [Show all by] on 29 September 2009
Downloaded: 800 times
Update: 65 patches for the Strobe synth (from DCAM Synth Squad). Pads, Strings, synth brass and lead sounds. Most of them use aftertouch and modwheel modulation.

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