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TB DeEsser v3

No Longer Available

TB DeEsser v3 has an average user rating of 4.00 from 2 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for TB DeEsser v3

TB DeEsser v3

Reviewed By Brother Charles [all]
June 6th, 2012
Version reviewed: Win7 x64 on Windows

Like the original review post by jam92189 states, I too have recently purchased the Track Essentials suite of plugins. I had TB ReelBus and TB Barricade already, and since the quality of the ToneBoosters plugins that I already owned is so good, I bought the Track Essentials suite with confidence. Right off the bat I'll state that the pricing structure of Waves plugins, and similar, were out of reach for me at this time. I have not been disappointed with TB DeEsser as an affordable alternative.

I was "getting by" with the wonderful (FREE) SpitFish as my VST DeEssing plugin of choice. I will always have respect for Digital PhishPhones plugins, but I did need something a little cleaner sounding and a little more professional-grade. TB DeEsser easily hit the mark and has yielded very good results. The quality is very, very good and the fact that the plugin bundle is so affordable is a serious bonus. I've become an ardent admirer and supporter of ToneBooster plugins.

It's easy to dial in the correct "de essing" settings while retaining a clean, natural-sounding vocal track. The (2 band) setting really helps to take care of the sibilance and also the lower frequency "FF's" and "TEEs".


1.) Very high quality

2.) Very reasonable to Low CPU consumption

3.) Attractive, well laid-out GUI

4.) Affordable

5.) Regularly updated and well-maintained

6.) Easy to register and no "commercial" protection mechanisms (iLok, anyone?)

7.) Honest, and high integrity developer

As a summary, suffice it to say that ToneBoosters products are exceptional value for both aspiring home recording enthusiasts and also semi-professional home recording engineers.

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TB DeEsser v3

Reviewed By jam92189 [all]
June 3rd, 2012
Version reviewed: 2.6.2 on Windows

I bought this bundle and the reelbus tape plugin when reelbus came out.

So far the whole bundle has surprised me the quality is really high they are all stable and low CPU hit. Now with this thing I would say its not the best DeEsser around but it works great and sounds very natural. basically you have sensitivity and how much you remove those are the only controls that really matter. You pyt to listen and sweep away find whats going wrong usually the 50 50 setting they are at sound just fine. the thing is I don't own A million plugins. I like going for minimum and at the time i thought well its a huge bundle for cheep I can use this. I am very happy with it but wish for maybe a larger spectrum of frequencies that it can sweep.

Over all not really any down sides its a DeEsser and its cheep and you get a great bundle of core plugins that anyone would love to have. I already have a great eq and tape delay but the delay I still use alot. adn everything else is very usable I might get the loudness meter If they make is to I can see the dynamic range on it like that free one from that site (I forgot what its called brainworks makes one like it) Overall thought Stable low CPU hit great quality and cheep.

the only real down is it does not have as large a spectrum as some other DeEssers its not that its small its just some times there is some noise I'm to lazy to eq out XD

I would say buy the darn thing if you need a great little bundle of bread and butter plugins for cheep. Just remember they are quality so you wont be sad after you spend the small amount of money

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Discussion: Active
8 June 2012 at 10:47pm

I just want to say I love toneboosters stuff haha

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