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TB Flowtones
Reviewed By blatanville
January 13th, 2022

Just a short review:
This synth is bangin'. Really, really great sounding. The bass notes can vibrate the walls and floor with impunity. The variety of oscillators and fact that you get four of them in two-by-two-pairs means you can sculpt a variety of great subtractive sounds. And the inclusion of a Formant filter along with the typical on-board FX (chorus, delay, reverb, distortion & bitcrush) adds some spice to the mix.
For the price, and the promise of free upgrades through v2, you can do a lot worse than this synth.
Did I mention it sounds great?

(for those who test drove it under a previous version, I recommend trying it again: the UI changed dramatically from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3 (at least in Windows), and it improved things a lot. I expect to see further refinements and changes as the synth develops.).

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TB Equalizer v4
Reviewed By antoniusguntoro
October 21st, 2021

I just wanna say thank you for this, very versatile plugin. Many TB products are top quality on the market. Big 5 stars for Tonebooster.

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TB Equalizer v4
Reviewed By digitalboytn
August 21st, 2021

I agree with J1000 that this is a great plugin and one of the most useful tools that you can have in your audio toolbox...

As an EQ it is complete, but when you add a touch of compression at the frequencies where it is needed, this dynamic EQ becomes a one stop solution so much of the time...

It's not the only game in town, but it has become indispensable in my workflow along with most of the other audio tools from Toneboosters...

EQ4 is highly recommended and it's a 5 star winner in my world...

Thanks Jeroen...

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TB Flowtones
Reviewed By simmo75
August 20th, 2021

Sounds ok, looks like an iOS app and is horrible to navigate, a regretful impulse buy without demoing.

Definitely demo this as the GUI is bad and may not suit your workflow. It's a shame, I love TB's other plugins.

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TB Equalizer v4
Reviewed By J1000
August 18th, 2021

This is not only my favorite EQ plugin, but also overall the most pleasant (effect) plugin to work with that I ever had. Latest version added the only thing that I've been missing (wasn't anything significant), now is as close to perfect as possible. Only EQ that I use, period.

I recommend this plugin over ANY OTHER equalizer, without a hint of hesitation.

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TB Flowtones
Reviewed By BerryLaCroix
August 15th, 2021

One of the best synths on iOS; I purchased the desktop version as well so I can swap patches. Effects are top notch (what else did we expect from TB) and the formant filter is the best I've heard since I got rid of my good old Yamaha FS1R.

This synth doesn't have a huge page with too many sliders like some others do; the tabs are quite well designed and allow me to focus on specific tasks without distraction. The popup modulation windows are also a welcome change compared to other synths with large, cluttering modulation matrices which typically hurt my eyes. Well done TB for a first synth.

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TB Enhancer v1
Reviewed By obx777
March 8th, 2020

So I am just now loading up the demo version of this. I am a long time Ozone user. I had to seek out somewhere to scream from the mountain top so I cam here to KVR.

This is SO EZ to use!! The presets are there for all your basics, I put in on drums, guitar, bass stems and boom! DONE.

With Ozone too many presets that don't work.

Maybe due to the Headphone EQ flattening software this person has done (which is amazing!!) they gets that idea that if your going to make a preset, zero it in, get it right.

The mastering tools in the as well seem to be SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.

Did not want to part with any cash today, but I am going to have to register this suite of tools.

I was not compensated for this review. While this may not be the tools for every pro studio out there. If your a home studio person with limited time and want results, check out the demos.

Thank you to the author of this s/w! Good job!.

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TB ReelBus v4
Reviewed By sramsay
October 10th, 2018

Here are the tape emulators currently in my plugins folder:

CRTIV Tape Bus (Voxengo)
ReelBus 4 (Toneboosters)
Tape (Softube)
ReeLight (Beatskillz)
TCS-68 (Fuse Audio Labs)
Tapedesk (Overloud)
Satin (U-he)
Oxide (UAD)
Ampex ATR-102 (UAD)
Studer A800 (UAD)
J37 Tape (Waves)
Kramer Master Tape (Waves).

Dopamine (Overloud)
TypeA (AudioThing).

And that's not including stuff like RC-20 Retro Color (XLN) that can do some tape stuff, and the tape plugin that comes with Ozone. (Noticeably absent, here, is Slate Digital's Virtual Tape Machines. I've tried it; it's great. Just haven't pulled the trigger on it).

So, yes. I am a man obsessed.

These all have different sounds and different levels of tweakability. Some are more-or-less "set it and forget it" (Softube Tape), some are painstaking recreations of particular tape machines (the Studer and Ampex from UAD are the pinnacle of that category), and some are more like "tape toolkits" for getting tape effects more generally (Satin is the probably the deepest tool if you want to go that way).

Reelbus 4 is solidly in that "toolkit" category, and so probably bears the closest relationship to Satin.

But honestly, as awesome as Satin is (and it really is), Reelbus is damn close. And it's noticeably easier to use. There's very little skeuomorphism in the interface; it's basically a set of sliders that let you play around with various elements of the "tape sound" (including such arcana as hysteresis and asperity). And it sounds great. The presets, while not extensive, are really good at hitting the fundamental tape sound categories, so you can just use it straight.

If you already own something more in the "set-it-and-forget-it" category (whether it's a straight emulation or not), and would like to go deeper into the weeds of what tape machines can do, this is absolutely your best bet. It's super cheap, but incredibly deep and sophisticated. And it might be the best way to learn how to tweak the tape sound, because the interface is so clear. You can really go bonkers with it. and that's a good thing to do when you're trying to learn how to play around with tape. Once you get your head around this, you'll have a much easier time popping the lid on, say, the Ampex from UAD or the service panel in Satin.

And even though I own tape plugins that cost nearly six times as much (man, those UAD plugs hurt), Reelbus 4 is perilously close in sound quality to some of those fancier plugs. If you're into tape -- or thing you might like to be -- this is really a must buy.

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