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TH-U RockGuy

Guitar FX Plugin by Overloud

TH-U RockGuy has an average user rating of 3.60 from 5 reviews

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TH-U RockGuy

Reviewed By MattiaSanti [all]
January 20th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Good morning guys, .

It seems that the Overloud Audio tools team released a new plug-in called TH-U ROCKGUY based on the legendary.

Rockman Sustainor and Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay by Tom Scholz.

This new plug-in has a lot of interesting features that allow us to get the best of those 80s sounds.

Learn more at: https://overloud.com/products/th-u-rockguy


The Overloud audio tools team has develop a new plug-in called TH-U ROCKGUY.

This new plug-in includes the rockman sustainor and the rockman stereo chorus/delay, .

one of the most famous choruses of the 80s and 90s.

the details and functionalities of this new plug-in allow us to have two legendary pieces in our studio.


Right from the start I was particularly impressed by the graphic fidelity of these two rack effects.

Compared to the real deal, the Overloud team didn't miss a single detail, replicating these two effects more than accurately.

I immediately noticed that the pre-amplifier allows me to work easily with different parameters and combining the chorus is simple to reach.

those golden sounds of the 80s.







These stages allow us to work on every aspect of the sound we want to achieve.

The longer sustain we find in the preamp/compressor stage, for example, allows us to control compression and feedback.

The second stage, called GATE, allows us to control the sensitivity of the noise gate, and by activating the high cut, the LED allows us to see when the noise gate cuts the frequencies.

The third stage called DISTORTION/FILTERS for example allows us to work on the dynamics of response using the SEC switch, on the drive and levels using BOOST and AUC.

The last stage called output has other parameters such as FREQ, TREB BOOST.


-drive level.

-Mode select.

-output section.

The input Drive level optimises the internal circuit level to minimise distortion and background noise, .

the TH-U rockguy stereo chorus/delay offers several possibilities:

The input Drive level optimises the internal circuit level to minimise distortion and background noise, .

The two effects, Chorus and Delay, can be used separately or combined via the MODE SELECT switch.

The Output mix allows us to manage two separate mixes (MIX A - Chorus, MIX B Delay).

The chorus is controlled by the sweep speed which allows us to control the intensity of the effect. We also have two modes called LONG and NORM which allow us to have a standard chorus or a doubler effect.


These two rack effects allow me in the most complete way to obtain those 80's sounds in the style of Boston, Deff Leppard and many others.

Combining these two units you can achieve results that I thought impossible in terms of fidelity allowing the user to have in a few minutes the golden-tone at home.


If you are a guitarist, producer, keyboardist or singer, this plug-in allows you to have the 80s in your studio.

As a guitarist, I would say that if you are looking for the sound of the 80s and 90s, you can't miss this plug-in in your TH-U.

I'ill share you a video cover done all with the ROCKGUY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br7_fT5pOUw

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