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TH-U RockGuy

Guitar FX Plugin by Overloud
TH-U RockGuy
TH-U RockGuy by Overloud is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin and a Software Application for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, an AAX Plugin and a Standalone Application.
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TH-U RockGuy is the most complete and realistic software emulation of two legendary guitar processors: the Rockman Sustainor and its Chorus/Delay unit. This preamp delivered the distinctive guitar tones of many 80s and 90s bands like Def Leppard, Boston and Kiss as well as artists like Joe Satriani.

The pack includes the following models:

  • The RockGuy Sustain preamp unit.
  • The RockGuy Chorus/Delay unit.
  • Seven pedal and rack effects (see the full list below).
  • 26 patches recreating the guitar tone of the most iconic artists using this processor.

TH-U from Overloud sets the standard for guitar amp modeling, and their Premium version contains the world's largest collection of guitar amplifiers, cabinets, microphone and stompbox models in a single software. With the release of TH-U RockGuy, TH-U continues to set the standard in DSP engineering and software modeling designed for the professional studio guitarist or gigging musician.

Standalone and Expansion Pack

TH-U RockGuy is both a TH-U expansion pack and a Standalone plugin, meaning that it can expand the model list of an existing TH-U installation, or it can also be purchased as a self-contained pack that includes all of the TH-U editing features, including the Rig Player, the Amp Tweaks, the Tuner and the Looper, with no need to have a pre-existing TH-U license.

The RockGuy Sustain combines a dynamic processor with a distortion unit and a cabinet simulator to deliver a unique tone, which cannot be obtained by any other guitar amplifier.

It offers four different voicings and three modifier switches:

  • CLEAN 2 has a very bright tone, perfect for rhythmic parts.
  • CLEAN has a tighter high end and more presence on the mids.
  • EDGE is a crunch sound with harmonically rich rhythm tones.
  • DIST is similar to Edge with more gain.

The Chorus/Delay unit combines an analog modulator with a bucket brigade delay unit delivering a very distinctive tone. Unlike the real unit where you can use only one effect at a time, in the RockGuy emulation it is possible to enable both the Chorus and the Delay effects in parallel. The stereo widening switches let you create very open tones while keeping the analog vibe of this unit.

What You Get In The Pack

In addition to the RockGuy Sustain and Chorus/Delay unit you'll get:

  • One Parametric EQ.
  • One rack compressor.
  • Five pedals including a Tremolo, a Chorus, a Reverb, a Delay and an Overdrive pedal.

Check out the video: {See video at top of page}

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 3.60 from 5 reviews
TH-U RockGuy

Reviewed By MRT [all]
March 20th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.4.19 on Windows

The RockGuy sounds good, and I feel it's a pretty faithful emulation of the hardware. I've rated lower based on my impression of the TH-U interface. RockGuy GUI is harder to read at 200% than it is at 100. I find the scroll box cumbersome and fiddly to work with.

On the upside, they give you a fair amount of amps and effects to assemble a decent sound.

Probably a buy if you're already in the TH-Universe, I suggest the demo first if you're not.

I would like to see RockGuy as VST free of the TH-U shell.

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TH-U RockGuy

Reviewed By carsonics [all]
March 11th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

The small number of mediocre guitar presets is a letdown. But I suppose the programming potential brings better results.

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TH-U RockGuy

Reviewed By G.Quagmire [all]
January 27th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

I don't love it, I don't hate it, and I'm glad I got it on sale. For the price, even at full price, you really can't go wrong though. I never had actual Rockman hardware unit to compare it to, so I can't say how it compares to the real thing.

In general, the presets are few and they didn't blow me away. But there *were* a couple of good clean sounds. The good news is, I think if you spend some time tweaking it, you can get some good sounds, and there aren't thousands of options for reverb, delay, etc. that could confound you with option paralysis.

There's a trial. I recommend it before buying anything.

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TH-U RockGuy

Reviewed By Faydit [all]
January 22nd, 2022
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

In the 1980's I had been one owner of the original "Rockman" headphone amp, but - to be honest - it did not really convince me sonically very much. Much less in direct comparison to my Vox and Marshall amps at this time.

I never owned the Sustainor, but still remember the very positive reviews, it got at this time. So I tested the Overloud version and was very positively surprised. Due to the much better, more flexible options this unit really gives you very nice, good sounding tones, which sound much more convincing to me than the ones, which I got out of my "Rockman". My favorite sound is Edge in combination with Auto Clean and only little compression.

Adjustable Treble Trim, Phase Notch and Treble Boost allow very good fine-tuning. (If you manage to find the original manual somewhere in the internet, to know, what all the different switches and controls really are good for. Unfortunately the plugin does not seem to have a manual included, which would be very helpful, as not all switches and controls are really self explanatory in this case. I would have given 5 stars for the quality of the plugin, but I reduce one because of the missing manual and description of all the functions. Also the Push-Pull-button/switch visualization is made bad in my opinion, at first you do not really know or see, if you have activated or deactivated a function.).

The Chorus/Delay section also sounds nice, especially the Chorus, while the 200ms maximum time of the delay are a little too short for my taste, but it also has a very special tone and works good. But I anyway prefer using the Sustainor alone.

The original gear - if it is available somewhere - is not really cheap, and at least some decades old, so also not always in the best condition, therefore - in comparison - this plugin is a much cheaper and always flawlessly working option, to get exactly these tones and a lot more than only 80's tones as well.

A really well made simulation of some nice, good sounding non-tube units.

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TH-U RockGuy

Reviewed By MattiaSanti [all]
January 20th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Good morning guys, .

It seems that the Overloud Audio tools team released a new plug-in called TH-U ROCKGUY based on the legendary.

Rockman Sustainor and Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay by Tom Scholz.

This new plug-in has a lot of interesting features that allow us to get the best of those 80s sounds.

Learn more at: https://overloud.com/products/th-u-rockguy


The Overloud audio tools team has develop a new plug-in called TH-U ROCKGUY.

This new plug-in includes the rockman sustainor and the rockman stereo chorus/delay, .

one of the most famous choruses of the 80s and 90s.

the details and functionalities of this new plug-in allow us to have two legendary pieces in our studio.


Right from the start I was particularly impressed by the graphic fidelity of these two rack effects.

Compared to the real deal, the Overloud team didn't miss a single detail, replicating these two effects more than accurately.

I immediately noticed that the pre-amplifier allows me to work easily with different parameters and combining the chorus is simple to reach.

those golden sounds of the 80s.







These stages allow us to work on every aspect of the sound we want to achieve.

The longer sustain we find in the preamp/compressor stage, for example, allows us to control compression and feedback.

The second stage, called GATE, allows us to control the sensitivity of the noise gate, and by activating the high cut, the LED allows us to see when the noise gate cuts the frequencies.

The third stage called DISTORTION/FILTERS for example allows us to work on the dynamics of response using the SEC switch, on the drive and levels using BOOST and AUC.

The last stage called output has other parameters such as FREQ, TREB BOOST.


-drive level.

-Mode select.

-output section.

The input Drive level optimises the internal circuit level to minimise distortion and background noise, .

the TH-U rockguy stereo chorus/delay offers several possibilities:

The input Drive level optimises the internal circuit level to minimise distortion and background noise, .

The two effects, Chorus and Delay, can be used separately or combined via the MODE SELECT switch.

The Output mix allows us to manage two separate mixes (MIX A - Chorus, MIX B Delay).

The chorus is controlled by the sweep speed which allows us to control the intensity of the effect. We also have two modes called LONG and NORM which allow us to have a standard chorus or a doubler effect.


These two rack effects allow me in the most complete way to obtain those 80's sounds in the style of Boston, Deff Leppard and many others.

Combining these two units you can achieve results that I thought impossible in terms of fidelity allowing the user to have in a few minutes the golden-tone at home.


If you are a guitarist, producer, keyboardist or singer, this plug-in allows you to have the 80s in your studio.

As a guitarist, I would say that if you are looking for the sound of the 80s and 90s, you can't miss this plug-in in your TH-U.

I'ill share you a video cover done all with the ROCKGUY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br7_fT5pOUw

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