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TONEX Standard

Guitar Amp and FX Modeling Plugin by IK Multimedia
TONEX Standard TONEX Standard TONEX Standard TONEX Standard
TONEX Standard by IK Multimedia is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin and a Software Application for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin, an AAX Plugin and a Standalone Application.
Windows 10 + GPU NVidia
Requires an ASIO compatible sound card.
Requires an OpenGL 2 compatible graphics adapter.

Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Internet connection is required as all of the Custom Shop operations are web based.
Mac Big Sur (M1 or newer CPU recommended)
Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): Audio Units, VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Internet connection is required as all of the Custom Shop operations are web based.
Copy Protection
Online Activation (Challenge / Response)
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TONEX Standard:

  • 400 included Tone Models.
  • 40 Amps / 20 Pedals.
  • Unlimited Tone Model creation.
  • Unlimited User Tone Model downloads.

AI Machine Modeled tone creator, player, browser

Standalone application and plug-in to create, play and share Tone Models.

Model amps, cabinets, combos and pedals (distortion, overdrive, fuzz, EQ or boost) using regular studio gear in as little as 5 minutes per model.

Browse, search, demo thousands of Tone Models covering a massive range of sought-after gear on ToneNET.

Upload your own Tone Models on ToneNET to share with other TONEX users for free.

Use Tone Models to practice, jam or record inside your favorite DAW, or use them on your mobile device with TONEX App.

Experience hyper-realistic Tone Models

A revolutionary concept in rig modeling, and the core of the TONEX ecosystem, TONEX software uses breakthrough AI Machine Modeling technology to let you model the sound of any amp, cabinet, combo or pedal, and turn it into a plug-in, all with a sonic accuracy that's virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. You can instantly play up to 1,000+ Tone Models already available plus browse, demo and download the growing number of Tone Models available on TONEX in ToneNET.

From rare one-of-a-kind vintage amps to modern rigs, TONEX makes it possible and affordable to own the most sought-after gear in the world.

TONEX Tone Modeling features:

  • Model amps, cabinets, combos and pedals (like distortion, overdrive, fuzz, EQ or boost) in any combination, from single element to complex rig.
  • Built-in assistant guides you through each step from hardware connection to complete modeling.
  • Assign custom skins to your modeled gear and open them as a plug-in or standalone inside the TONEX software and app, or AmpliTube 5 for Mac/PC.
  • Create Tone Models in minutes (as fast as 5 minutes on modern computers*) using AI Machine Modeling technology with selectable levels of accuracy.
  • Ultra-precise reproduction of high-frequency content with no aliasing whatsoever.
  • Works also as an IR creator or you can use the built-in VIR cabinets with multiple IRs per cabinet.


Harness the power of IK's advanced AI Machine Modeling technology to turn your rig into virtual models of amps, cabs and pedals (distortion, overdrive, fuzz, EQ and boost) or entire rigs, in any combination.

TONEX uses a specially prepared audio file of actual guitar and bass signals, not just test tones, to capture your rig in true-to-life detail. Then TONEX's neural network computes the machine modeled tone in minutes. The result is a virtual model that sounds indistinguishable from the real rig, to be used in TONEX software and app.

Add your custom skin and keywords to your Tone Models, then upload and share them with other TONEX users in ToneNET with just one click.

Select your instrument.


Standalone and plug-in.

TONEX Player offers an intuitive, easy-to-use workflow to keep you in your creative zone. Play, practice and record as a standalone or plug-in inside your favorite DAW, or directly inside AmpliTube 5. Always have the best possible tones right at your fingertips.

Looking for more inspiration? Use the advanced search feature to browse through a massive library of the most sought-after amps, pedals and rigs, including one-of-a-kind models that will elevate your tone to the next level.

TONEX in AmpliTube 5

TONEX works seamlessly inside AmpliTube 5 adding a multitude of ways to further customize your tone for recording and live performance.

Tone Models function just like other AmpliTube amplifiers, cabs or pedals. They can be used alongside any gear models you own to build custom signal chains and save as presets for easy recall and sharing on ToneNET.

The combination of TONEX and AmpliTube 5 represents the most advanced tone powerhouse on the planet today.


Thousands of Tone Models are available in the new TONEX section in ToneNET, IK's online tone-sharing platform for AmpliTube.

These Tone Models can be accessed directly from TONEX software where you can instantly search, filter, demo and download user Tone Models - or explore them via your regular web browser.

Online you can explore user Tone Models and select the ones you like, so the next time you open TONEX software they'll be available for instant download on your computer. New Tone Models are posted continuously by IK and TONEX users, and are immediately listed on the TONEX section of ToneNET making it an ever-expanding, limitless repository of the world's best tones.

Tone Models

TONEX includes two types of Tone Models: Premium and user-generated.
All downloaded Tone Models are yours to keep forever.

1. Premium: Tone Models that come with your TONEX version.

2. User: Tone Models created and shared by TONEX users.

TONEX Versions

To start experiencing the power of TONEX, just download the free CS version of the software. This includes 20 must-have Tone Models and your choice of 20 user-created Tone Models.

You'll have immediate access to the number of Premium Tone Models included in your version. You will also be able to download unlimited Tone Models created and shared by other users. Once you download Tone Models, whether Premium or user, they're yours forever.

There has never been a more convenient and intelligent way to experience the world's most incredible
tones than with TONEX.

{See video at top of page}

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review
TONEX Standard

Reviewed By Faydit [all]
October 5th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

After some more days of testing, another review here, as I cannot write much more under ToneX Max.

In principle ToneX and Capture works well, if properly adjusted and if you have some experience how to adjust everything properly and if if you use the right cables at the correct places (instrument and audio cables).

I have meanwhile managed to create some exellently sounding models, but most of them not with the first capture.

Nevertheless I am disappointed from most of the results from other users, but also from most of the Premium models.

Meanwhile there are a lot of models available, really good sounding and usable I personally find about 1 to 2 % of them, about 5% of the Premium models, which - in my opinion - are surprisingly few.

Nevertheless ToneX allows to create excellently sounding models, but not without some experience and proper adjustment, which also means, that your favorite live amp settings will not necessarily give you exactly the results, which you expect.

In my opinion one weakpoint of ToneX at the moment is a sometimes strange the bass reproduction.

I have not been so convinced of the cabinet capture first, but after some weeks of use I must admit, that you can get - comparably easy - very good results with little effort.

I have tried some captures with a simple SM57, some results sounded good, others not, especially smaller speakers (8" or 10") may need some post-eq-ing, while 12" speakers seem to sound really good and also more vivid, dimensional and authentically than eg. an analog speaker simulation or some - even really good - IR's via a hardware IR loader.

First I had been very pleased from the results of my speaker emulator, but after I had learned how to capture my favorite 112 cabinet properly, the real cabinet/speaker proved to be a different league sonically.

I also found that I could even improve the final result by using an additional (tube) preamp/eq for the microphone for fine-tuning. Also speaker capturing at room level works and sounds fine.

One still annoying aspect for me is, that meanwhile a lot, if not most of the user models on ToneX are no real, self-made captures, but captures from already existing third-party plugins or models, which are available as different software/hardware solutions like Fractal, Helix, Kemper, UAD and some others. Makes no sense to me, to create a(nother) model from an already existing digital plugin or model and not from real gear. (Quite apart from a lot of copyright and licensing problems, I think.). They also of course do not cover the dynamic range and the quality of a well made capture of a real, well adjusted amp.

ToneX has a lot of potential and I am really happy with some of my own captures / models meanwhile, but still could need some improvements in my opinion.

Still not perfect, but nicely innovative and hopefully - very soon - on the way to even more perfection.

Time will tell....

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