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Equalizer Plugin by A.O.M.
¥ 13,200

tranQuilizr has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed By Wishoff [all]
April 29th, 2013
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows

As a huge fan of the A.O.M. plugins, especially the Limiter, I was very happy to discover a new plugin from them, and downloaded it ASAP.

The first look of tranQuilizr gives you a good feeling as the graphics are very clean and nice, with an excellent coloring of bands and stylish overall looks, much better then previous plugins by A.O.M. and mingles with the top used EQs out there, in the cause of appearance. one thing missing could be a visual presentation of the incoming and out going wave, like many other good ones have and something i think many of us love.

Using the tranQuilizr is as smooth as the looks, you get your way around fast, and soon discover that a lot of attention to other high quality EQs in means of usability have been taken notice of, with ctrl, shift, left and right click combinations to do work fast and easy, A.O.M also made a little helper in the top to get quick view of the shortcuts, which is very helpful. Everything is moving and changing in a pleasant pace, making extreme fine tuning a bliss.

Feature wise the EQ have a lot of gadgets that are both useful and genius, like band m/s mode, type of EQ, band Solo, very low to very high slopes on cuts and master monitor modes with inverter etc. It is just an EQ, but the team behind this managed to do little extra here, which at this point in time is very essential in my opinion. The channel modes on bands and master and the selection of all this spectrum madness really is the most genius part of the features.

Yes, at last, the quality, it's amazing, it's.. out of words. I have never heard a better sound coming out of an EQ than this monster! I don't know how they did it, but it feels like magic? I want to be constructive and professional about his, but? it is just amazing.

On the easy quality steps, the sound is still clean and musical enough for your all around tasks, and on the top quality setting the sound is perfect for mastering, and i really mean perfect as in perfect top notch. This is one of those plug it in and make my music sound great kinda plugins.

The price is more than fair, as it is an EQ you can use everywhere, and if it only just was a mastering plugin, the price would still be fair and a must buy.

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Brother Charles
Brother Charles
4 May 2013 at 2:53am

Thanks for a nice little review, wishoff.I take it that you like this EQ, huh? Seriously, I appreciate your taking the time to write your findings for us. I'm looking forward to bench-testing this one myself.

5 June 2013 at 8:23pm

Yes, i seriously love this EQ, after some time i have not changed my opinion on it. Did you get a chance to try it out for yourself ?

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