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Triangle I

Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by rgc:audio
Newer Version:
Triangle II

Triangle I has an average user rating of 4.38 from 13 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Triangle I

Triangle I

Reviewed By Scot Solida [all]
February 16th, 2002
Version reviewed: current on Windows

Holy cow! How many superlatives am I allowed to describe this absolute stunner of a synth? This thing fulfills the promise made by so many other analog emulators. Quite frankly, I had grown bored with that particular trend, but the Triangle 1 has shaken me out of my ennui. After plonking down HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dollars on merely "good" sounding analog plug-ins, here is a freebie that'll get a lot more use than any of 'em. I'm an aging analog synth hack, and I've owned most of the names you'd recognise, and a lot you wouldn't. I still have a room full of the wood and metal beasties, but they, too, will be used less often than Triangle 1. It sounds AMAZING! As good as my NORD. A lot of people don't like the interface, it seems, but I think it's marvellous. Everything is where it oughta be, and follows a logical path from the oscillators straight through to the much-appreciated DDL. Speaking of which, the delay is a nice touch, and gives an "instant-Klaus-Schulze" gratification, without depriving the synth of it's presence. Three LFOs!!! Okay, so it's monphonic, but that doesn't deflate the price of a used Minimoog. The presets are superb and inspiring. Documentation? It's an ANALOG SYNTH, you fool! You don't need documentation! As for customer support, they give a free synth, fer criminysake! I call that support. Stable? So far, and that's through DirectiXer, so pretty good, there. Oh, and it'd be a value at a hundred bucks. I'm definately ordering up the Pentagon when I have the dough!
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Comments & Discussion for rgc:audio Triangle I

Discussion: Active
1 October 2013 at 7:35pm

Who said Triangle is no longer available !?!?

Triangle in its second version (Triangle II) is freely downloadable directly on the website of Cakewalk .


15 February 2014 at 8:11pm

...but Triangle I is a bit of a different animal... I'm glad I have it and I wish rgc:audio wuz still doin' it to the vsti and mini-host world. Does anyone know if they're developing under a new handle??

15 February 2014 at 10:54pm

No. All this series (Triangle, Square, and even Pentagone) is being totally abandoned for years and years.

Like you I have all the versions of all these wonderful synths, and yes they were a bit different in their results from versions to version... But apart very few exceptions I always use the last version of these old excellent synths created by René G. Ceballos (rgcaudio, rgc was the three initials of his name).

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