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 Waveform 10 by Tracktion Software is an Audio Plugin Host. It can host VST Plugins, Audio Units Plugins and VST 3 Plugins. It supports ReWire.
Product Waveform 10
Developer Tracktion Software
Price (MSRP)
Type / Tags Sequencer / MultitrackDAWMIDIMPE
Plug-in, App & Soundware Format(s)
Can Host
Can Host
ReWire Mixer Application
Operating System Availability
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System Requirements
macOS 10.9 or later
Downloads Released
System Requirements
Windows 7, 8, 10
Downloads Released
System Requirements
Ubuntu 16.04 or later
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Tracktion was designed to be as transparent and intuitive to the user as possible. Track object controls and parameters are context-sensitive; effects, MIDI instruments and other software objects can be added to tracks or even applied directly to individual audio and MIDI clips using a drag-and-drop system of filters. Complex chains of filters can be created, stored and recalled for later use as rack effects, which can be thought of as analogous to a saved channel strip setting in a traditional DAW/sequencer.

Tracktion represents a move away from the modal dialog boxes, multiple menus and cluttered windows common to most legacy MIDI sequencers and Digital Audio Workstations, in favour of a streamlined, single-screen approach that presents the user only with the options they need for the task they are currently doing, such as editing audio, adjusting MIDI automation parameters, effects settings, etc. Both also are notable for the use of a more abstract visual style that does not attempt to visually replicate "real world" recording equipment or effects boxes.

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Latest User Reviews Average user rating of 4.50 from 2 reviews

Reviewed By spoontechnique
August 16, 2018

Admiral Bumblebee already did a comprehensive review of Waveform 9 here. His review in part convinced me to buy Waveform.

Short review: Waveform is well worth the money I paid and the time I've invested in it.

Long review:

Context: Previously, I used Ableton. I wanted a DAW to bounce my stems to and mix in. I generally prefer using third party plugins and was satisfied with the plugins I had, so I went with the basic option of Waveform and won't evaluate the stock content. With an EDU discount, I paid 55 dollars. At first, I only mixed in Waveform. After a couple projects, I felt almost as comfortable in Waveform as in Ableton, despite having years more experience in Ableton. I now primarily use Waveform for all tasks. I've used Waveform for 3 months and spent ~150 hours in it. I'm a hobbyist producer making hard dance music with minimal recording.

Unique Features: 1. The signal flow is intuitive. Input > clips > plugins > output. 2. Racks let you set up complex FX chains with any routing you like. I haven't scratched the surface of racks. I love the stack editor for creating kick chains. 3. The Return/Send system is god tier in terms of flexibility. 4. Clips have a lot of great options, like clip FX, Step/Edit clips, and saving clip presets. 5. Automation, macros, and modulators are flexible and work well together. They are confusing at first, though.

Weak Features: 1. MIDI editing is 90% there. With MIDI clips, the selection of tools and options is comprehensive, but they aren't fun to use. There's no specific problem (sometimes scrolling horizontally jumps too far, replaying the current clip requires setup, triplets have to be clicked as a global option rather than within the clip, etc.). Step clips have the opposite problem: they're fun and easy to use, but they lack features. 2. The pattern generator has major potential, no pun intended, but it's clunky. It requires you to follow a certain sequence. If you decide to change a chord, for example, all your later changes are undone. I'd use it more if it was more flexible. 3. Submixes are strange. They mess up some things, such as rendering, sends and returns, and they cause crashes sometimes. In general, there are a lot of odd situations that cause unexpected crashes for me. Seemingly random crashes make me very anxious, and I've set autosave to happen each minute. But I get fewer crashes with each update.

Overall, Waveform is extremely flexible, between clip FX, racks, the aux system, automation, macros, and modulators. It's intuitive, well-designed, and fun to use. It's packed with small conveniences and bonuses that make life easier. Always check the control menu! There's always a dozen extra options down there to help you out. Waveform is a great DAW, and I'm satisfied with using it as my main DAW.

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Reviewed By mvfc14
March 21, 2017

Tracktion is fairly easy to use. I switched to this from Cubase 8LE. It's much easier to use for begginers. I am haveing some issues with VST's though. Most VST's do not load or aren't recognized. This is rather annoying because what is available is limited. Can anyone help with this?

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Discussion: Active
1 February 2012 at 2:38pm

Hi there! I wanna start a recording hobby, i bought mackie profx 8 mixer together with tracktion 3 basic bundles. im using windows 7 and the program was installed successfully, but the problem is when i'll start recording a track after I have imported an instrumental wav file (track 1), whenever I arm the track (track 2) where I will record my vocals, and then I'll press record, the instrumental on track 1 is also recorded in the track 2 where Im recording the vocals. Can anyone help me please? Thanks!

1 February 2013 at 12:46am

DO you have the monitors speaker on and registering on you mike?

If you want to hear the instrument an sing at the same time you need to have earphones and the output to the monitors off .


21 March 2017 at 8:41pm

Many x64 plugs aren't supported on Tracktion x64, but their x32 versions work fine on Tracktion x32 -- Ignite's The Anvil and TSE's x50 come to my mind immediately. ISTR it's something about the plug devs fudging the spec a bit. Maybe it's this issue. To tell, go for an x32/x32 system -- if said plugs work, it's said bug rearing its ugly head. (Maybe heads; it's more hydra than dragon!)

Most of us either stick with x32, find alternate plugs or load the x32 plugs in a bridge. A lot of people seem to like jBridge, but its (admittedly miniscule) cost exceeds my means, so I wouldn't know.

the Small One
the Small One
21 June 2018 at 12:40am

Hey All, .

ok, I have searched for an answer but I haven't found one so .... Using Waveform 9 in DEMO mode (want to try it out) and I am trying to find out why it is not loading any of my plugins. They are all in 64-bit (Maschine, Addictive Keys, NI Komplete 11 Selective, Positive Grid Bias Amp, Melodyne 4, Izotope (a stack of them) and more)., it sees them and says that they won't load. Any suggestions (besides I might be an idiot.... :-)) ????

Oh windows 10 64-bit, i5 (4 core 6th gen), 6 GB RAM. I have recently updated Maschine to Maschine 2 and have update all programs. It works fine in Tracktion 6 but .... ??


22 June 2018 at 9:54pm

Can i extract groove/swing from audio?

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Waveform 10

Average user rating of 4.50 from 2 reviews

Tracktion Software
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