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Synth (Additive) Plugin by White Noise Audio
No Longer Available

WNAdditive has an average user rating of 4.50 from 6 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for WNAdditive

Reviewed By Spe3D [read all by] on January 22nd, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Spe3D on 22nd January 2004.
Hi! White Noise Additive synth is just the ticket to make some really far out and groovy pads and for adding strange evolving texture to your (mine) musical experience.

I personally enjoy this synth because it's an additive that is focusing on the use of image import for both of its OSC and filters. Each OSC (there are two) can import a 128x128 pixle 8-bit greyscale image or (in my case I prefer) a colour uncompressed 128x128 pixle 24-bit image. Now once the image is in the OSC window there is a heap of interesting things that can be done with it (for one the user can use the paint tools in Additive to fine tune a picture by painting directly on the image in the OSC window), time line can be run from left to right (and back) at any speed the user wants = the facitlity to make very smooth long evolving pads or as choppy as hell speedy hits.

The very lower part of the image is the lowest of the tone so having images in the OSC windows there make for a nice base to work with if you are looking for rich deep sounds, the higher up the image you go the more high the sound will become. It's easy to merge the two OSC windows together via the mod matrix or by using the mix slider plus detuning the OSC is a breeze.

There are a ton of features on this synth all of which play an important part for programming if you wish to obtain the best this synth can offer – you are going to need to learn about their features and experiment to see what each section does either by importing one of the many many images that are available already for it or by dissecting one of the many patches (and they just keep getting more) at the time of writing there are 250 presets available to registered users demonstrating well what this synth can do and close to a 1000 images in bmp format that I know of. Also it can import .raw files and these come with the synth following various shapes and sounds. Currently the banks only hold 16 presets at a time (it’s easy to load patch banks though) – this is something that will be addressed for the next update.

It has a unison mode – fm – rm and its additive – something to keep in mind with ‘unison mode enabled (above one)’ is the cpu will go up if you put too many (2+ depending on the other effects and polyphony) - but the overall cpu use with one unison enabled is surprisingly good, this is a 128 partial additive (per OSC) I am using FL Studio with 2.6gig AMD – 512 MB ram and Windows 2000 SP4 and I can easily add more than one instance of Additive to my projects and still have CPU resources left for other stuff.

Actually I could write about this for hours so all I can say is try the demo and experiment – if you are looking to make some new and evolving different sounds this is just the ticket for you – its fun – stable – well supported by its developer both here on the forums and by email – evolving in development – cost effective for what it offers and I recommend you try it.

Have fun, Spe3d :O)

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