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Distortion [read all reviews]
Reviewed By rcrath [read all by] on 5th October 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by rcrath on 5th October 2018.
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Here is a video walkthrough for guitarists, "Five Minutes with Distortion by Mathieu Carre."


* WaveShaper CM by CableGuys
(free with Subscription).

* MWaveShaper from Melda
(free with a nag).

* iZotope Trash ($$$).

For those of you who took (very) basic calculus, the X-axis is volume and the Y axis is f(x).

Raising the Y-Axis on the left makes quiet parts loud, and on the right, lowering it makesloud parts quiet.


1. Lots of room on the GUI. Add a wet dry knob for those who need an insert effect.

2. LP filter seems to be on a linear scale. Log would be more usable. Q would be nice too as filter seems to be a pretty low Q as is.