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Reviewed By JamieSkeen [read all by] on November 14th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.5.6 on Windows
In one word WOW!! I have owned DFH 2(east west) for all most 2 years and have put off getting superior for one reason or another, but i wish i would have got this much, much sooner. For real acoustic drum sounds I don't think you can do any better than this.I have heard alot of other drum samplers and some have cool features but in terms of sound and control this is the best I have ever heard. The level of realism is unmatched, this is the way drums are meant to sound. All of the snares are incredible, even the room ambience sounds great and the hi-hats have so many variations you can always get the attack you need. My only gripe is the construction area is too specific, for example you have like 6 ride cymbal slots and only certain ride cymbals can be in certain slots personally i never use more than two at a time. Some times sampled drums even though sounding great don't always set in the mix well the drums in this collection are very easy to mix and the room mic almost erases the need for reverb for most tracks.Pick this up, you will be happy you did
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