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Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on May 13th, 2018
Version reviewed: 2018 422 on Windows.
Last edited by dune_rave on 13th May 2018.

This is a cool librarian software, in my experience on win10 64-bit with Reaper, it works well.

Synth1 was always the best freeware alternative for synth plugins, .

but I stopped using it years ago, just because i missed a great preset browser inside it.

Now with this librarian, Synth1 is in my plugin folder again.

In the past I also did some Synth1 trick (e.g created an Excel macro, to generate random patches for ten banks).

With this librarian, I'm able to find the right presets among thousands of presets.

For example I liked the distorted guitar sounds of ReFX Slayer (yeah, I could use it from FLStudio), .

and now I can click on "guitar" in this librarian, and easily find some brutal distorted guitar sounds among the Synth1 presets.

The other freeware synth I use is Dexed. also have a "limited" patch manager - I only wish there were some simlar librarian to that.

This is a super cool addition to the already legendary Synth1, and if you also like it, please consider a donation of your choice.

Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on December 10th, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.4.1 on Windows.
Last edited by dune_rave on 10th December 2017.

Ok, This will be a review in 2017 of this great FM8 synth.

I'm a long time user, like this synth from the beginning when it was called Fm7.

First things first, I cannot hide my bad feelings about the existing bugs NI don't repair.

FM8 should deserve some little development to complete the almost perfect realization of a modern FM synth.

Here's the "bad" list - critical things need to be fixed :





Here's the "Nice to have" list of things that are not critical like the things above:


- FM7 colorful look disappeared with the new version. FM8 should look not white imho - it should be just as colorful like a JUPITER synth. In FM8 you can find great piano sounds, great guitar sounds, great synth sounds - so many different instrument and how does the software look like? It's white - nonsense.

- GUI resizing, or option of change between different sizes. A feature we can see in many synth, even those that considered being "old". If we can see a resizable Sylenth1, or change the size of the ImpOSCar gui, why can't we do the same in FM8? If Arturia can update their synths to modern GUIs, why can't NI?

- Skinning possibilities. Think of it like outsourcing : the plugin developer only need to create the possibility of skinning, and from that point, any gui designer can create nice skins to that plugin. I'd like to see this in fm8.

Show-stopper list : FM8 is just one fm synths, many great are existing - maybe the newest you can find is from Arturia.

So if fm8 won't be developed, people will start to buy more modern synth like the one from Arturia, or perhaps a synth that is just partly fm, like Zebra or Bazille. So this list is about real new functionality:


- Layering & defining keyboard range: FM8 is on the list of synths that can use very small amount of CPU. So why can't we use it in 4 or more layers defining the key range of each layer (with overlapping)? Like the zone editor in Avenger.

- Locking : if you lock some part of a preset, after changing to another preset the locked parts remain the same. Locking arpeggiator, locking effects, etc.

....... I could sit here and write many things, but won't. To sum up things, FM8 is quite good synth, with some annoying silly things (this is why my rating is only 7). It has a great "fanbase" (like Massive), and therefore I don't see why NI don't publish the "roadmap" for its development. Maybe NI will handle FM8 and Massive like they did with Pro-53 and B4 and Kore.

Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on June 10th, 2017
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows

This is a great drummachine. I like the euclidean beats sequencer the most. Plus there are many sections to tweak, many special drum sounds to use. You can drag MIDI out to the daw also. The beat shifter is also interesting conception, some may call this generative music... There's a freeze button in the beat shifter that stops patterns from changing/shifting. I also like the focus map feature on the starting page. So there are many cool functions to create the rhythms you like. I don't write more bout it, this have to be heard.

Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on May 11th, 2017
Version reviewed: demo on Windows.
Last edited by dune_rave on 11th May 2017.

I review Avenger based on its demo. It's quite easy to install it, though has more than 4Gig factory content, but it's OK for me. One word from the the developer : Vengeance Sound means quality, and browsing the forums I have never read any bad about their stuff.

The factory sounds are good, but for me, something is missing (maybe I should demo it more). Similar hybrid monster synths like Zebra or Blue II contain more presets I like. I think my problem with the sound is that VSP Avenger mainly offers sounds for the todays' producer, and don't contain "oldschool" sounds in its factory set, Sure it can sound many different ways.

Anyway, the GUI is interesting with lots of visual feedback and animation, so a great fun factor, but on the other hand is quite a mess. There are some parts that are small despite of their role, for example the modulation matrix should be bigger% from the whole gui. I think Avenger gui problem is that they want to put many things in one screen, where some parts should deserve a second screen alone.

I Quite like the Arpeggiator, and the Zone screen where you can layer sounds. I only tried some of the effects, and filters. That was really interesting to see a "tape stop" kind of fx in the effects rack.

So currently I have mixed feelings with Avenger. The main reason of this is I mainly like synths that are made for one specific goal, and Avenger is not this kind. It is made for covering many synthesis types, and the question is if it can sound wicked enough...

Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on February 15th, 2017
Version reviewed: 3.024 on Windows

I have bought the previous version of Sylenth1 years ago here at the KVR Marketplace - it was a great second-hand buy. Sylenth1 is a unique and fantastic synth, with many inspiring sounds. I'm sure Lennardigital was among the first developers who realized how important is the quality of the factory presets. And if you want more presets there are plenty of free and commercial on the net. About the GUI: even the previous version was OK, but this new version (v2) with the scalable GUI is awesome (+ new skins are planed and coming soon). You don't need a multicore CPU to run this, Sylenth1 uses VERY LITTLE CPU.

V2 uses a new authorization, so it's not simple serial anymore - but it's ok for me. It's interesting, that other developers create "similar" synths, like U-he Hive, or Synthmaster One, but Sylenth1 one remains an alltime classic. I just call these kind of synths v2 synths, that become even better with the new version, so I only can compare Sylenth1 to synths like ImpOSCar 2, FM8, Z3ta+ 2, Blue II, Predator2 ...

And what about a future v3 - who knows?

Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on February 14th, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0 5332 on Windows.
Last edited by dune_rave on 15th February 2017.

This synth is great as a u-he synth, but it's the first u-he synth that closely emulates one specific hardware. The Repro-1 sounds are vivid and live, similar to the superb sounds of Diva. As an emulation, I could compare it to ImpOSCar or rather Monark, regarding how cool the result is. The Gui is also great, those who owned NI Pro-53 surely agree. I don't know how a real Pro-1 sounds, but this software is kickass. The factory sounds are cool, and if you want even new sounds, you go into deeper to the tweaks page and modify the special settings of the synth. The sequencer page is also powerful, has a dual sequencer like the one in Predator2.

For me Repro-1 is not a CPU killer (I use it on a strong PC) and the ZZZ button force it to use even less cpu. It's monophonic, but no one can force you to use only one at a time.

Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on January 10th, 2016
Version reviewed: 5 on Windows

For long time, my main DAW is Reaper. Its lightweight, fast, and customizable. Doesn't come with 1000's of samples and unneeded material. Yes - this is for those, who already have their VSTs and VSTIs and don't want the DAW to include those. No problem of installing, reinstalling, updating at all, you can even use it for free, or buy a license just for 60 bucks. You may think it lacks features, but it has really everything for creating music. You can't find any other DAW whose value/price is better than Reaper. Recording, automating, mixing anything with anything, placing MIDI and/or audio into tracks are simple and clever.

Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on July 12th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1.10 on Windows
Alchemy is one of the most powerful "hybrid" synths at the moment: It's a bit Absynth-like, but can load SFZ and has several synthesis methods and a very easy-to-use modulation system. All knowledge of Camel-Audio has been put into this software: It can do everything, that Cameleon5000 did (the previous flagship synth of Camel-Audio), and has much more : several effects from camelphat and camelspace plugins plus some new. However, currently it is not possible to load cameleon5000 presets into Alchemy, but it's on the wish-list, and this feature will be achieved in the future updates. Advertised as "the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer" I think they made a little mistake: they don't highlight the importance of the different synthesis methods - Alchemy can perform very vell without samples...
The Graphical interface is clear and now exists in different colors (for me the original fits best). Alchemy has a detailed manual that even describes how to program things that worked in cameleon5000. The software comes with 2GB factory sound content - It is really cool that Camel-Audio did keep this "factory size" not too large, I think it's horrible, when you have to install a huge software from several dvds. There's no annoying protection or validation, installing is easy. One last word about the presets: each of them can contain 8 version thanx to the "remix pad". With this 1.10 version come several bonus presets - Camel-Audio listened to the voice of the users saying they need some other presets beyond the existing ones. The product support is professional, I mean C.A. does several things online and users can participate in the development of the software.
Reviewed By dune_rave [read all by] on May 20th, 2007
Version reviewed: 1.7 on Windows
Cameleon5000 is a synth with Huge abilities but this means, you have to use several of its special functions, and this could be a little complicated. Additive synthesis is hard to program and this is why Cam5000 has a special GUI (I really like this animal drawing on it) with pages named A / B / C / D / MOD / MORPH / EASY , which helps users with its simplicity - to perform those "out of this world" sounds that sells this synth worldwide. Its structure is simple, stands on four legs, and these are the 4 voice programs, and they can contain "multisamples" - so each voice program can contain 8 voice programs inside itself. CAMELEON is not a sampler and is behaving a much more special way - it can import wav files, analyze it and build the voice program from the properties and spectrum of that imported sample.
Several Times I tried to import all kind of samples, but the result was far from what I wanted. Then I read the manual about the importing rules you have to follow, and it started to work. For immediate result, you have to import 'one-shot' sounds without any effect. However, trying other sounds can lead to surprising results (try to import pure singing or voice sounds!) Apart from these, cam5000 can import standard bmp-files too, and this is another pioneer sound design tool. At this part, you have to follow some image editing rule, the well written manual covers these too. I used the synth in hosts like Acid and Fruityloops and in the free tracker - Jeskola Buzz and I don't remember a single crash, this is a stable plugin. Presets are good, but there are several similar factory pres. so I gave the rating only 9. Some presets are really gorgeous, but you can program sounds that are better and dozens of user presets can be found on the net. In my opinion cam5000 is for those musicians, who are to design their own sounds, and not afraid of a little programming to achieve great and unique output (in this view, it's a bit absynth-like). If you're tired of trying to produce some new, just push random and you will get a new bass / lead or just that sound, in which category you are. With its morph square and morph timeline it does a trick you can find in WNA Zerovector(that has a morph triangle ..) and there are further morph settings in cam5000 - morphing through only the harmonics part / or the noise part / or morph all sound parameters - you decide. More Pros: several Morph settings, randomizing, sophisticated settings handling (almost every module have their own preset so you can save voice programs, harmonic or noise parts, full instrument settings, morph settings, formant filter settings - yes, it has one!) Last but not least, some words about the price: It has a fair price for a great synth with so many features, I gave VFM only 8 because comparing it to other nice-sounding products which are cheaper, Anyway, just nowadays, Camel Audio made a massive discount, so don't let it expire if you planned to get a strong additive synth. Customer support are quite good, the website has a well designed members area.