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Reviewed By Igro [all]
April 12th, 2024
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows

I love compressors. Not that I have tons of bus compressors, but there are quite a few sitting in my VST folder, which are considered as one of the best by many many users. But Density mkIII is my favorite one. There are many reasons for that. First of all, for a compressor, that doesn't have any latency and look-ahead, it extremely fast in catching transients without any distortion (here I am talking about LIM mode, which is actually not a limiter, but just a very fast compressor with attack starting with 0.1 ms.). The "glue" factor is astonishing. I see that a lot of work and passion was given to this baby. There is no 'Ratio' control, the compressor does it automatically and does It well. It is versatile enough to handle any bus duties - drum bus, master bus. It sounds clean, but alive. You can add some mojo with the dedicated 'Color' control. I do mostly electronic music and it shines there perfectly. And It is free. Thank you Variety of Sound for such a gift.

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Trash 2

Reviewed By Igro [all]
September 1st, 2020
Version reviewed: 2.05 on Windows

Still one of the best distortion effects. But distortion is not the only function where it excels. Its compressor is a top notch. It is transparent and very effective on any source. I have sold other compressors that I had, becuase there was no point to keep dozens of comps for electronic music. In most cases I don't need a coloration on my audio. The color is added before the compression. Trash 2 can be bought very cheap, but its compressor can rival a more expensive alternativies with ease and also easily beats my DAW stock comps. Recommended.

The only issue with the Trash 2 is that it cannot save its own Quality settings, aka oversampling. Each time I load the same project, the settings are reset.

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